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How To State Objective On Resume

Medical Resume Objective Examples

This Resume Objective Example Can SAVE Your Resume!

Nurse Resume Objective

Recent RN graduate seeking to help Hospital XYZ provide an excellent level of patient care. Experienced in working in high-stress environments. An excellent team-player who thrives under pressure. Passionate about helping people and making an impact.

Click here for a complete nurse resume example.

Medical Assistant Resume Objective

Certified, energetic medical assistant with volunteering experience for XYZ Hospital looking for a position as a Medical Assistant at ABC Clinic. Dedicated team player with the ability to work both day and night shifts.

Click here for a complete medical assistant resume example.

Dental Assistant Resume Objective

Licensed and enthusiastic dental practitioner with 1+ years of experience working at a private Dental Practice ABC seeking a Dental Assistant position at XYZ Dental Inc. Highly meticulous at carrying out dental procedures and assisting during surgeries.

Banking Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

Energetic individual looking to showcase excellent presentation skills and transform theoretical knowledge of banking principles into practical applications of current and saving Account Opening, Wealth Management, and Forex Transactions.

Example 2:

8 years of experience in the banking sector. Seeking a Relationship Manager position with a reputed bank to showcase my excellent interpersonal and communication skills for making new clients, maintaining relations with existing clients, and increasing business revenue.

Example 3:

An enthusiastic individual seeking a mid-level position in a banking firm where I can use my negotiation and communication skills to achieve sales target. An MBA in Finance from Xyz University.

Sales Resume Objective Example

As an accomplished sales person who has generated over $2M in sales for businesses I worked with I know firsthand the importance of empathy and attentiveness required to close a deal. Looking for a sales role where I can continue to foster and grow those traits to grow within an accomplished sales organization.

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Using General Resume Objective Examples

When applying to jobs, it’s important to tailor your resume to a particular position. This way, you can show employers that you have the qualifications and skills to be a top candidate. One way candidates do this is by including a resume objective that briefly explains their short-term professional goals and intentions for applying to their job posting. Here we share 25 general resume objective examples you can use as inspiration.

Lead With Your Strengths

Dispatcher Resume Objective

How many resume summaries have you read, or possibly written, that began with motivated team player? Avoid clichés like this that apply to most people, and lead with your strengths. This can take some soul searching. Sometimes, we more easily recognize the assets of others than our own. Also, many job descriptions compound the problem by posting a tough wish list of qualifications. If you dont meet them all, which strengths should you include?

First, ditch the broad descriptions such as motivated team player and “hard worker.” Most roles require you to get along with others, so you can assume its a given. Managers also expect you will be motivated to work hard in exchange for a paycheck.

Second, know your strengths. It may help to write them down and to ask a trusted friend or coworker for their input.

Third, think about the open position and which qualities would make a person successful at it. Write them down.

Fourth, compare the two lists. Can you identify the overlap between your skills and the work requirements? These common strengths are your sweet spot and the ones to highlight. You offer more than being a motivated team player, so tell potential employers.

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Heres Another Good Resume Objective For A Career Path Change:

Objective: To leverage my 5+ years of client-facing experience, public speaking skills, and expertise in the health care industry into a public relations role with Happy Tree Educational Animations.

Again, short, sweet and to the point. This individual outlines their past in the health care industry and manages to make their skills and experience relate to animation!

Programmer Resume Objective Examples

Graduate of computer science with experience working across the full-stack of software development. Ive built projects on small teams and Im looking for a role where I can grow and continue to learn from other experienced team members.

Experienced Python developer with extensive Django experience looking to continue to develop my skill set on the back-end at a mission driven company.

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Office / Administrative Jobs Resume Objective Examples

Office Manager Resume Objective

Experienced office manager seeking to help XYZ Inc. provide a stellar customer experience & take the Portsmouth branch to the next level. Experienced in managing teams of 15+ in several different restaurants, such as Restaurant A and Restaurant B. Handled every aspect of the business, from hiring new staff to managing marketing initiatives.

Click here for a complete office manager resume example.

Executive Assistant Resume Objective

Freelance VA looking to transition to the position of an Executive Assistant. Worked with 5+ online businesses, helping with everything from data entry to customer support. Excellent attention to detail & organizational skills. Proficient in Excel, Photoshop. Intermediate copywriting skills.

Click here for a complete executive assistant resume example.

Receptionist Resume Objective

3rd-year Medical Student looking for a summer job as a receptionist at XYZ Inc. Experience in working face-to-face with customers, having worked part-time jobs as cashier and waitress. Social, positive, and hard-working.

Click here for a complete receptionist resume example.

Secretary Resume Objective

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

Click here for a complete administrative assistant resume example.

Career Objective Example In A Manager Resume

Resume Tips- Objective Statement A Must
  • To proceed with my career with an association that will use my , , and aptitudes to profit common development and achievement.
  • Secure a difficult initiative situation by applying and abilities with a developing organization to accomplish ideal use of its assets and augment benefits.
  • My target is to use my experience while proceeding to be tested. I have 20 years experience working for conveying . My experience in different areas like Technical process management, account management, project management will work as an asset for the company.
  • To offer my skill, experience and knowledge for the growth of the company and try to work with full dedication and with my complete potential.
  • I am seeking after a profession as an with constrained medium-term travel. I am trying to share my exploration, explanatory, and introduction abilities to profit your organizations , , , and .

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Read The Job Description

First review the job description to gain a clear understanding of what the employer is seeking from candidates so you can tailor your objective to the role. To catch potential the employer’s attention, use the same or similar language and keywords in your objective. While your work history might look different from that of the other candidates, these details prove you have relevant experience.

Retail Customer Service Representative

Dependable customer service representative with a long history of department store experience. Committed to resolving customer complaints, reducing turnaround time and proactively addressing complaints. Searching for a position to utilize previous experiences in creating customer email and voice message contact lists to improve client communication.

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Product Owner Resume Objective Examples

Product owner seeking to leverage my experience in Agile development in education to contribute to the Coursera mission of making learning accessible for everyone in the world.

Product owner transitioning from a career in engineering looking to leverage my technical background to create products that make it easier for non-coders to build businesses.

Engineering Career Objective Examples

Best Resume Objective Statements 2021

Example 1

BSc in Mechanical Engineering from XYZ University with 2 years of professional experience at ABC company. Willing to find a relevant opportunity at a reputed automobile startup. Possess excellent research and data assimilation skills.

Example 2:

Detail-oriented Civil Engineer with 5+ years of experience in managing different phases of engineering operations, looking for a managerial position at ABC Company. Capable of handling multiple projects at a time with minimum supervision. Motivated to offer the highest quality of services with a complete focus on safety, environmental, and health issues.

Example 3:

Desirous of the position of Senior Executive Support IT Engineer to provide base level support for handling word processing, hardware, printing, software installation, email, and operating system related issues within strict deadlines.

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Accounting Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

Detail-oriented accountant seeks a similar position at ABC Company to further enhance my knowledge of tax and accounting software, computation, problem-solving, and analytical skills.

Example 2:

Seeking a position of accountant in your organization to utilize my educational qualification, bookkeeping, and analytical skills for mutual growth and success.

Get An Objective Review

Writing an eye-catching career summary can be difficult for entry-level job seekers, but highlighting your educational achievements, skills relevant to the position, and positive attitude can help your resume stand out from the crowd. Want to make sure you’re on the right track? Get a free resume evaluation today from the experts at Monster’s Resume Writing Service. You’ll get detailed feedback in two business days, including a review of your resume’s appearance and content, and a prediction of a recruiter’s first impression. Start off your career strong!

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Here Is A Good Sample For Someone Who Is In The Middle Of A Career Change:

This is a good example because it hits on everything we discussed above. Its specific. We know exactly who this person is , what company theyre applying to , both how they benefit the company and what value they bring and best of all, its short and to the point.

In just a few words this individual has taken what might seem like a totally unrelated field and shown how the skills and experiences they have directly translate to the job theyre applying for. Brilliant!

General Career Objective Examples

Resume Tips – Objective Statement – A MUST

Take help from these examples to write a strong resume objective:

  • To secure a challenging position in a reputable organization to expand my learnings, knowledge, and skills.
  • Secure a responsible career opportunity to fully utilize my training and skills, while making a significant contribution to the success of the company.
  • Seeking an entry-level position to begin my career in a high-level professional environment.
  • To secure employment with a reputable company, where I can utilize my skills and business studies background to the maximum.
  • Seeking a challenging career with an MNC.
  • A highly organized and hard-working individual looking for a responsible position to gain practical experience.
  • To make use of my interpersonal skills to achieve goals of a company that focuses on customer satisfaction and customer experience.
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    The Pros And Cons Using Resume Objectives

    As we mentioned briefly above, including a resume objective at the top of your resume is optional. Hence why, when deciding whether to include an objective statement, you have to weigh the pros and cons of your specific case.

    If you think the hiring manager will benefit from reading your career goals and aspirations, then include a resume objective. But lets go through the full list of pros and cons.

    Career Objective Example In A Teacher Resume

    • To consolidation my eagerness and the ability for learning and instructing with understudies to create proficient aptitudes and frames of mind.
    • Obtain a situation as an that will use my solid commitment to youngsters advancement and to their instructive needs.
    • As an , I might want to use my exuberant and lively demeanour in showing understudies with extraordinary eagerness.
    • To form a long haul Job as an with open doors for profession development and to stay aware of front line educating innovations.

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    Resume Objective Vs Resume Summary Statement

    As resume introductory statements go, the resume objective isnt as valuable as the modern resume summary statement.

    One significant difference is that the summary statement highlights hard skills and accomplishments in the active voice rather than passive voice, making the job seeker sound more capable and assertive.

    For example, I achieved 25% sales growth is active voice, while 25% sales growth was achieved is passive voice.

    Overall, a resume summary statement is more assertive in tone. It uses quantitative results to offer the hiring manager proof about the job seekers abilities and what they will continue to achieve if hired.

    Here are a few examples of traditional objective statements compared to resume summary statements:

    Career Objective Example In A General Resume

    23 Statement Of Faith Example for Resume in 2020
    • To tie down a moving situation in a respectable association to extend my learnings, information, and aptitudes.
    • Secure a mindful Job chance to completely use my preparation and abilities, while making a huge commitment to the achievement of the organization.
    • Looking for a section level situation to start my Job in an elevated level proficient condition.
    • To protect work with a legitimate organization, where I can use my aptitudes and business considers foundation to the most extreme.
    • Looking for a challenging post with an MNC.
    • A profoundly sorted out and dedicated individual searching for a dependable situation to increase commonsense experience.
    • To utilize my relational abilities to accomplish objectives of an organization that spotlights on consumer loyalty and client experience.

    Now I hope you have understood the basic concept of writing career objective in any resume. Career objective or resume objective is a basic building block of your resume from which recruiter gets the essence of your skills and expertise. It should be in any kind of resume to show your mindset, goals and your objectives towards the job.

    If you are an experienced person then it is not mandatory because in this situation your past job experience is enough to show your attitude. However, if you are a fresher then you have to include a career objective in your resume.

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    Then Focus On What You Can Bring To The Table

    A common mistake many candidates make when writing their career objective is that they focus on what they want, rather than the value they can bring to the role.

    Of course, thats understandable. After all, its a statement about career objectives so it makes sense to talk about you!

    However, when recruiters have hundreds of applications to read, they have very little time to plot your career path to see how well this role would fit you. Spell it out clearly for them by focusing on how you can contribute.

    For example: As a senior accountant with experience in both the public and private sectors, I successfully deliver growth to diverse markets across the Asia-Pacific region. Winner of the Thought Leader of the Year Award at the Australian Accounting Awards in 2019, I am perfectly positioned to lead sustainable change at your company.

    This objective example is strong because it calls out a major accomplishment in the candidates career, and how this relates to the potential employer.

    Data Scientist Resume Objective Examples

    Results-focused data scientist with a background in combining disparate datasets and building production-level models to extract real value. Looking for a role where I can utilize my technical experience in Python and SQL alongside my business knowledge to expedite the growth of a startup.

    Data in isolation is useless. Only in the context of a business question can data be leveraged to drive meaningful value. I have extensive experience building relationships with business leaders to understand their needs then using my technical background to deliver data products that address those needs at scale.

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    If Youre In High School Or Have No Relevant Experience

    If you dont have professional experience or a college degree, youll need to emphasize general traits about your character, personality, and work ethic in your resume objective any detail highlighting why youd be a good employee if hired.

    Write an effective objective for your resume by splitting it into these three sentences:

    • First sentence: Self introduction where you mention your strongest traits
    • Second sentence: How dependable you are, and that you have the companys goals in mind
    • Third sentence: Which role you want to fill, and the skills you can apply to that role

    Resume objective sample

    Heres an example of a career objective for a high-school student resume.

    Hard-working student with proven leadership and organizational skills, and minute attention to detail. Dedicated team player who can be relied upon to help achieve its goals. Seeking to apply my abilities to fill the internship role listed on your website.

    This student claims to have leadership and organizational skills as their main traits, and then includes a high GPA.

    Just remember that these claims must be proven later. Perhaps this student was an elected class official, or helped organize school dances. Such information should be included elsewhere in a resume if mentioned in the career objective.

    Heres a short list of school activities and their associated character traits to come up with some ideas for your own resume objective:

    School Activity
    Analytical, Hard Working, Fast Learner

    Clarify The Type Of Job You Are Seeking

    3 Tips: How To Write A Resume Objective That Sells

    The purpose of a resume objective is to convey the type of job you are you are trying to get. It should be as specific as possible. If an interviewer is hiring for an HR assistant job, for example, and your resume objective indicates that you are seeking an office assistant role, there’s a good chance that your resume won’t make the cut. Even if your education or work history indicates experience in HR, the way your objective is worded will make it seem like you are looking to transition to a more general administrative support role.

    • Don’t: Seeking a position using administrative skills in an office environment
    • Do: Seeking an office manager role overseeing administrative functions in a law firm

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