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Examples Of Resume Templates

Add Hard Numbers To Your Work Experience Section

How to Write The BEST Resume in 2022 – NEW Template and Examples INCLUDED

Your work experience section is one of the most important parts of your resume. Its where youll show why your skill set and expertise makes you a strong candidate for your target position at Amazon.

But, simply listing your work history isnt enough. Instead, quantify your experience by adding hard numbers to make your resume bullet points more impactful. Adding numbers and percentages to your resume gives employers a better sense of the scope of your work and its impact.

Here are three examples of work experience bullets written by candidates with prior experience in different roles at Amazon:

Amazon tier 3 process assistant

  • Supervised and coached a team of 10 associates in workplace safety procedures

Amazon warehouse associate

  • Packed and prepared an average of 15 orders per hour

Amazon operations manager

How To Format Your Resume

In addition to choosing a type of resume, you will also need to select a font and font size and make style choices . Choose a font that’s easy to read and professional. Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, and Tahoma are all good choices for a font.

Keep the font size large enough to be legible. The body should be a 10-12 point font, but you can use a slightly larger font for headings.

Its also important to be consistent in your style choices. If you decide to bullet your experience, for example, do so throughout. Similarly, once you choose a font, stick with it for the whole resume.

Resumes For Executive And Management Positions

Management and executive resumes highlight supervisory experience and business management. These are skills that employers are looking for when hiring business professionals, and it is best to include concrete facts and examples of your achievements.

You might also consider developing a curriculum vitae and have that available as well. CVs offer a focus on awards, publications, teaching experience, and so on, which might be valuable during a job search in a creative field.

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How Do I List Skills On My Resume

We have two set of skills. Hard skills and soft skills. The hard skills are teachable abilities that you often learn in a classroom through training or reading. A typical hard skill is your proficiency in a foreign language, a specific certificate, a computer programming language or something similar. Hard skills are a short list of the relevant skills that you posses.

Soft skills are subjective skills. You could also call it “people skills” as soft skills relate to the way that you interact and relate to other people. Examples of soft skills are leadership, teamwork, work ethics, communication skills, or something similar. These skills are best incorporated to your resume by providing examples of where you have put them to use. You have to emphasize on both skill sets to give the hiring manager an overall idea of the person you are and the skills that you posses.

What Is A Resume

18 Best Banking Sample Resume Templates

A resume is a concise and often bulleted document that highlights your professional skills and work experience around a specific job description.

The purpose of the resume is to give a hiring manager an overview of how qualified you are, and how you best fit into the role of the job you are applying for.

Each job and job description are different, and by such you should also treat your resume the same way. Give your resume attention by slightly adjusting around the description of the job.

With our resume builder you can easily duplicate any already created resume and tailor it around a new job.

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Nursing & Healthcare Sample Resumes

Social Work

When youre part of an industry where other peoples lives are in your hands, you definitely need to show that you know what youre doing.

When a hiring manager is trying to find the next health professional to add to his or her team, they are looking for a resume that showcases the applicants skills, experience, and education, with special emphasis on a responsible nature and ability to work under pressure.

If you need some ideas on how to craft the best healthcare resume for your particular field, check out our samples and the accompanying writing guides.

What Are The Differences Between A Cv And A Resume

  • Resumes contain brief descriptions of an individuals skills and experience, whereas a CV is an overview of an individuals work experiences and can stretch up to two-three pages.
  • The information added in resumes is subject to shuffling to suit the applicant. A CV lists the whole career in chronological order.
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    Spick And Span Resume Template

    Download this template here.

    There isn’t a better name for the template below. The Spick and Span resume might be the cleanest-looking sheet on this list.

    It uses boldface, all-caps, and gray typeface to structure various headers of the document differently and maximize the hiring manager’s reading experience. And all that minimalism makes the professional headshot at the top pop off the page.

    Recommended For: Creatives, Designers, and Developers

    Resumes that look like this can be the work sample. If you have a background in illustration or design, making your resume stand out will be a great nod to your future employer. Get creative with your resumes design if you want to work in an illustrative industry.

    Whats The Best Resume Format

    How To Write An INCREDIBLE Resume: 2022 TEMPLATE INCLUDED!

    There is no such thing as the best resume format. The type of resume you choose should be based on your work history, work experience, skills, and qualifications. Here are examples of the formats you can use, and who should use them:

  • Chronological resumes best for mid-level professionals with consistent work history, or inexperienced job seekers who are able to swap out work experience with relevant coursework, volunteer work, or internships.
  • Functional resumes best for career changers, or people who have gaps in their work history.
  • Combination resumes best for experienced professionals who have a wide range of skills and qualifications for jobs in their industry.
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    Should You Use A Pdf Or A Doc Resume Template

    PDF is the best resume format to use for your job application. This file format ensures that your resume will stay intact across all devices and operating systems it will be viewed on.

    Keep in mind that some employers may require you to send a resume in DOC/Word format as well. Its rare, but it may happen. If thats the case, resume templates in our builder are available for you to download both as PDF or DOC files. You can check out these resume templates for MS Word here or, as an alternative, consider . But bear in mind that some GDocs resume designs are considered by recruiters as too fancy.

    Key Takeaways For A Cfo Resume

  • The role of the chief financial officer has grown to encompass a lot more than accounting and bottom line finance.
  • CFOs are in great demand, with a lot of movement in the field. The title also comes with a hefty salary.
  • Be bold in your summary if you want to lead a companys financial future you must exude confidence.
  • The online resume builder makes it easy to develop a document that will grab the attention of recruiters.
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    Select From 50000+ Professional Resume Examples

    When youre pursuing a new job, its not enough to make your resume just okay. Your resume must stand out from all the other resumes that may look very similar to it. After all, most hiring managers are making a choice whether to bring you in for an interview based on a few seconds worth of reading.

    This is why a professional resume sample can help so much. Our examples will give you what you need to catch your hiring managers eye. With our resume examples, you can see what will put you at the top of the list, creating a good resume from a single glance.

    Should I Give My Resume To A Recruiter

    Resume Examples &  Guides for Any Job [50+ Examples]

    Yes, you should give your resume to a recruiter. Recruiters can help you find jobs that arent posted, and fast-track your application as well. However, you should consider the following before you give your resume to a recruiter:

    • If the recruiter works in-house for a company, find out what role youre being considered for so you can tailor your resume to the jobs requirements.
    • If the recruiter works for an agency, make sure they are reputable before you send any document that includes your personal information.

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    Customize Online And Download

    Our Free Printable Resume Templates give you excellent examples of professionally written, highly-noticeable resumes that hiring managers look for when choosing candidates for a job. With or without experience, how your resume is written and how you present it are some of the deciding factors that get you hired. Our resume samples come in blank, simple, creative, or modern examples in various formats that help you arrange your resume whether in chronological, targeted, functional, or combination format. All come with premade content you can use as your own or edit to your individual specifications. If you have your own ideas about how your resume should be written and arranged, pick a blank sample because our editor tool helps you choose the correct combination when you mix and match when picking out from our wide selection of design ideas for your resume. Choose from hundreds of fonts, headings, layouts, and content by using our drag and drop feature. Tweak any design elements to make your resume as eye-catching as possible. Save your choice and make as many versions and combinations as you can because your sample is yours forever to keep. Print your resume on any printing device, whether at home, in the office, or in any commercial printing center. Our templates are compatible with any printing device for your convenience.

    Is It Ok To Use The Same Resume Example For Every Application

    Sending the same generic resume to all companies is a huge no-no. Recruiters and hiring managers will spot it immediately, and it will significantly lower your chances of getting a job interview invite. We strongly recommend that you tailor your resume to every application. Note that in our online resume builder, you can easily duplicate your resumes, adjust them, and store them in the cloud for as long as you need.

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    Do You Also Have Cover Letter Examples

    Apart from sample resumes, at Zety you will find hundreds of free cover letter examples for all jobs and industries. Just like with our resumes, you can easily copy and adjust the cover letter samples to your needs. Covering letters significantly boost your chances of getting hired, and are always a great sign of your motivation for hiring managers . Check out the best cover letter format, as the rules are different from the resume formats.

    Resumes With Headlines And Profiles

    How to Write a Resume Summary – Plus 5 Strong Examples | Indeed Career Tips

    Every job seeker’s experience and goals are different, and it’s important to add sections to your resume that highlight what makes you the best candidate. In these resumes, you will find examples of specific sections that can help you direct a hiring manager’s attention to what you feel is most important.

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    What Should A Resume Look Like In 2022

    Your resume has one goal: get you the job. Now. Resume writing has evolved a lot in the past few years, and some “best practices” of the past are now considered mistakes. You need to avoid typical resume-writing pitfalls, like too much text, irrelevant details, or crazy colors. Read more on what the best resume looks like in 2022 here to check how to make sure your resume boosts your employability. If you still dont know which resume template design is the best for you, check out all available resume styles here.

    Get The Most Out Of Our Resume Templates

    Here are a few short tips for using curriculum vitae templates, as they are also called, resourcefully. With these tips, you will get to your own and original resume in minutes:

    • Your touchJust because a template of resume example is set up a certain way, does not mean you have to keep it this way. Play by your own rules and give the document some of your creativity. For example, play with the font, add or remove a border. Divide sections of start combining them. By seeing more and more templates, you will get more ideas flowing through your brain.
    • Make your set-upMany people use the standard Microsoft Word templates, so to stand out you should use other templates . While you work your way through different ideas, you could take the best bits of all CV templates and combine them with your very own.
    • Use resume buildersJob boards generally offer their own resume generators as a service for its subscribers. For some instances, this might be a good way to go, as quite some job applications go through these platforms. However, a fair resume generator can build you a more than a decent resume that will also not lose its shape when rendered to different sites and employers.

    We crafted some basic and edgy templates for you to have a great starting point for your next dream job. The examples are all made in Word, so they are easily adjusted to your needs and information.

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    Monogram Header Resume Template

    Download this template here.

    We’ll start with a simple one. This is a HubSpot exclusive resume template that is simple and clean with attractive monogrammed headers to call out each section of the resume. The rest of the design relies on a simple serif font for easy reading, which is a good thing considering that hiring managers only take 7.4 seconds to evaluate a resume. You want your experience section to be easily scannable.

    Recommended For: Freelancers

    This resume template is best for freelancers. The project section is great for showcasing the skills that would be most applicable for the industry the applicant wants to enter.

    Are Zety Resume Templates Free

    Functional Resume Template

    All our resume templates are free-to-use, and entirely customizable online. You dont have to pay to create as many resumes as you want, until you are satisfied with the result. Zety follows the try before you buy rule, and will never make you pay before you are 100% certain your resume template is pixel-perfect and ready to be sent to employers.

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    Resume Examples By Profession

    Resume structure and content may depend on the field for which you are applying. For example, a professors resume will look completely different than a sales professionals resume. Some professions, like education, even require a CV instead of a resume. Find examples of other resumes in your field to research exactly what your resume should look like and include. Weve compiled a list of the best resume examples for common professions.

    Education Resume Examples

    Teachers and other education professionals will benefit from highlighting their experience, grade-specific teaching skills, education, and certifications.

    Resume Samples And Examples To Inspire Your Next Application

    Writing a great resume is a crucial step in your job search. If youre looking for a well-written example resume for inspiration, we have a selection of resume samples to get you started.

    Weve put together a collection of resume examples for a variety of industries and job titles with recommended skills and common certifications. Each sample resume is based on the most contacted Indeed Resumes for that specific job title. Weve also gathered the skills and certifications for each job title that appreared most often on resumes uploaded to Indeed.

    Find a resume example for the job youre applying for by browsing by industry below, or . You can also read more on the best way to use our resume samples here.

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    A Poor Resume Example

    At first glance, a poor resume hits all of the correct marks. It contains your name and contact information, a summary of your qualifications and previous job responsibilities and offers a brief timeline of your previous employment. But a poor resume doesnt make the most of the limited space you have and neglects to appeal to hiring managers.

    • Contact information includes outdated information like your complete mailing address but neglects to add modern information like an online work portfolio, professional websites or professional social networking information that can supplement your resume.
    • A light or non-existent professional summary misses the chance to appeal to hiring managers personally.
    • The work history is sparse. If theres no mention of data-backed accomplishments or technical skills, a hiring manager cannot gauge the job-seekers actual skills.


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