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How To Ask A Recruiter To Look At Your Resume

Second Read The Recruiters Message Carefully

Ask a recruiter: How to create a good resume

Before getting excited about a new job, you should always read an incoming email from a recruiter carefully.

Consider various factors, for example:

  • Does the message seem tailored to you?
  • Does the position steer you in a direction you want to go?
  • Does the company interest you?

If you answer no to any of these questions, you should respond politely and professionally to turn down the offer. In the case of a message that reads like it was sent as a mass email, you may choose not to respond at all.

Of course, if the position and company do interest you, and you believe that the recruiter is truly targeting the message towards your skills and interests, you can create a unique response that will express your excitement and qualifications.

Scripted Guide For Calling A Recruiter About An Advertised Vacancy

Hi ,

My name is . I am interested in applying for the advertised role of that I saw on .

. Im confident I match the requirements for the role, but Im hoping you can provide some clarity on a few things before I submit my application so I can make sure Im addressing everything the employer seeks. Could you please tell me:

Choose relevant questions from this selection:

Q: What are the biggest challenges faced by the person in this role?

Q: What would the employer like the next person in the role to do differently?

Q: What are the three key things the employer is looking for?

Q: Is there anything else you can tell me about the role, for example, is location or proximity to work important for the employer?

Q: Why is the position vacant? Is someone already in the role, or acting in the role? How long have been doing that role?

Q: When do applications close?

Q: How many applicants will you be putting forward to the organisation?

Q: What is the interview process?

Q: What are the three key things the employer is looking for?

Q: Is there anything else you can tell me about the role, for example, is location or proximity to work important for the employer?

Q: What are your expectations as to my resume? e.g. 2-3 pages, would you like copies of my credentials attached? Thanks thats really helpful I would like to submit my application.

Q: Should I send it direct to you? .


Questions About Remote Work Opportunities

If youre looking for a position that allows you to work remotely, or at least gives you some flexibility about when and how you go into the office, youre not alone. The best way to find out if it this is possible is to ask directly.

Is it possible to work remotely, and is this likely to change?

A lot of companies are currently allowing remote work, so theres a decent chance employers may be willing to consider work from home or flexible work arrangements. If this is a dealbreaker for you, make sure youre confident that this isnt likely to change once things to back to normal, and get it in writing if you can.

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You Never Had A Chance After That Bad First Impression

Your mother was right: first impressions are everything. And according to Molad, few recruiters can get past a bad first impression. Unreturned phone calls, poor manners and clumsy interviews will all hurt your chances of moving on to the next round. Hiring managers and recruiters will bite their tongues, fighting back the desire to say, âWe just donât like you,â says Molad. However, take it from us: You must really dazzle if youâd like to make up for a rocky first impression.

âInterviewers often care more about the likability of entry-level candidates than whether or not theyâre actually qualified for the job,â says career coach Peter Yang. âThis is because the person interviewing you will often also be your future boss and mentor, so it makes perfect sense that they would want to hire someone whom they personally like and want to work with. A strong interview performance means establishing a strong connection with your interviewer. Try to show off your personality instead of just answering questions robotically. You can even get a bit personal if youâd like to.â

Providing Feedback Has Legal And Liability Implications

Recruiter Resume Example

While it would certainly be beneficial for a candidate to get feedback from potential employers, its rare for someone being interviewed to receive specific feedback on how they did because of the legal implications involved and the potential liability the person sharing the information might incur.

Hiring managers may want to provide more information, but their hands are tied. This is often one of the leading reasons why employers dont respond to job applications.

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We Could Have Gone Higher If You Had Negotiated

Salary negotiations are like a game of poker â both job seekers and recruiters are trying to maintain control and win the hand. âVery few recruiters will be so bold as to say âwe took advantage of you and we donât value you highly,ââ says Molad. In fact, there is often a salary band or range that recruiters have for each role. Their initial salary offer is very rarely at the top of their salary band, so base pay â as well as benefits like vacation days, work hours, etc. â can usually be negotiated.

What To Ask A Recruiter

Yes, you must be proactive in your job search. That extra 1% on your effort might help you land a successful interview and that includes reaching out to the recruiters every opportunity you can get. Here, we have listed a few questions to ask a recruiter before submitting your resume:

  • What qualities are you looking for in a candidate?
  • Ask the recruiter to describe the company’s ideal candidate. Is there anything else they can tell you about the role, for example, the day to day duties and underlying responsibilities associated with the job? Knowing the important skills needed for the job can also help you tailored your resume and cover letter accordingly.

  • When does the application close?
  • Are internal applicants being considered for the position? And is an external candidate likely to be considered?
  • This question can save you a lot of time. Many government positions and large corporations recruit from within, however, discrimination laws require them to advertise a role externally, even if they do not intend upon offering an external applicant the position.

  • What’s the starting salary range?
  • If I am successful, who will be interviewing me? And can you tell me anything about what I might be asked in an interview?
  • How would you describe the company’s culture?
  • What challenges do you need this role to overcome?
  • Can you please tell me why the position is being advertised?
  • Should I send my resume directly to you, or would you prefer me to apply via the website or both?
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    What Should I Ask For When I Want Someone To Review My Resume

    Resume Review

    What should I ask for when I want someone to review my resume?

    Getting your student affairs resume reviewed can be tough. But this is often a task that thousands of student affairs professionals strive to do every year. There are many people out there who are qualified to review your resume and just as many out there who are not.

    Who should you ask to review your student affairs resume and what you should ask them?

    This article will go into detail regarding who you should ask to review your student affairs resume. It includes a list of people you should not ask those who you should and some considerations to take into account before you begin. This article ends with some specific questions you should ask your resume reviewer as well as what kind of feedback you should get in response.

    Who you SHOULD NOT ask

    There are generally two categories of people who you should not ask to review your resume. Not because they could potentially provide you a bad review but because their insights and information may not help you reach your target goals.

    You shouldnt ask your friends and family members . This is because their views of resumes, cover letters, and the general job search process may be biased by their work in their own respective fields. Leave the resume review work to the subject matter experts and out of friends and family members hands.

    Who you SHOULD ask

    What you should know beforehand

    Questions to ask

    -What on my resume impresses you the most?

    How Did You Survive Or Resolve A Workplace Conflict

    Amazon Recruiter Shares His 21 Resume Writing Tips and Advice | Amazon News

    No organization is perfect and, inevitably, there will be conflict among peopleespecially if they are passionate about their jobs, the company mission, and the higher purpose of the organization. Then there is the reality of whats needed when working with imperfect human beings who have frailties, which pretty much includes everyone. And gossip, resentment, favoritism, stereotypes, personal relationships, and much more often make their way onto the scene. These human habits make every organization prone to conflict at any given time.

    Employees who get riled up by arguments or participate in rebellions because of the slightest inconvenience are generally disliked. And your interview processin particular, this line of questioningshould be designed to uncover the extreme examples of people who wont be a good fit. If you prefer someone who can be diplomatic, objective, compassionate, and authoritative when the situation calls for it, ask hypothetical questions and assess their responses. They may be intelligent, but are they emotionally intelligent?

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    How Long Have You Worked With The Company

    Knowing the relationship the recruiter has with the company is helpful. The longer the recruiter has worked with the hiring manager the more insight they should have about them.

    They should hopefully have a good understanding of their management style, how they treat employees and the companys culture.

    If the recruiter has delivered top talent to the employer for many years they are more likely to trust their opinion. There is a good chance they will have some sway over which candidate is hired.

    How Does Our Resume Checker Work

    To create this product, we spent thousands of hours speaking with recruiters and hiring managers at top companies like Google and McKinsey. We’ve found out exactly what they look for when they review resumes. We then spent the next two years working with data scientists and software engineers to create this resume checker. It uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to scan your resume for the most important elements resume reviewers and hiring managers specifically keep an eye out for.

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    Whats A Typical Hiring Timeline In This Market

    Ask the recruiter for insight into current trends with hiring processes. How many interview rounds should you expect? And what is the average length of time from an initial interview to the job offer? If you have timing requirements for your search, be sure to share those details with the recruiter. Also, be upfront about whether youre already talking with hiring managers or interviewing with firms.

    Read Your Resume Out Loud

    Recruiter Resume Sample [Entry Level, IT, HR, Corporate]

    Who can you ask to proofread your resume? Proofreading is not all about the spelling and grammar it is also useful to check that the resume “sounds” like you. So, while a word buff would be useful to ask, it is also important that you ask someone who knows you well. A disconnect between how you have written your resume and how you tell your story at interview can cause a hiring manager to wonder about your authenticity.

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    What Do I Need To Know About The Interviewer

    Their name and position in the business are a must, of course. Importantly, ask your recruiter a bit more about the interviewer and their style.

    For example, they might be quite serious in nature and require a very professional interview due to the role being quite high-level. Or they might be described as friendly and will want to get to know more about you from a personality perspective because culture fit is important to the business.

    It will help put some nerves at ease too knowing a bit about your interviewer before you officially meet.

    Designed By Hiring Managers

    Our online resume grader provides better resume feedback than most so-called ‘professional’ reviewers out there, who often give outdated, wrong or non-actionable advice and charge hundreds of dollars. The feedback in your resume review has been curated by current hiring managers and recruiters at companies like Google, McKinsey and Goldman Sachs. We know this works.

  • Our resume grader checks your resume for things resume reviewers and recruiters are looking for
  • Get sample resume examples, resume phrases and resume bullet points to accompany your resume score
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    How To Respond To A Recruiter Phone Interview Request

    If youve applied for a job and a recruiter responds, its likely to schedule a phone screening. Replying to these messages can be nerve-racking for job seekers who suddenly see their dream job within reach. The key to these interactions is responsiveness.

    When I email a candidate to schedule a phone screen, what I mostly care about is, Are they being a pain to schedule?’ said Karpiak.

    We look for clear and professional responses, but we really look for responsiveness in general, said Harmon. That dictates how smoothly our process of working with them will go and how invested they are in their job search at this point.

    The real tests come during the phone call.

    How To Ask Your Entire Network For A Job Or Referral


    Sometimes you just want people to help you get a job, but you don’t have a target company in mind.

    You can leverage your entire social network to help you get a job. Here’s how to do it:

    Hi there! Over the last 2 years, I’ve been a social media marketer at ABC Corp, but I’m currently looking for a new challenge.

    I’d like to embrace a manager position at a marketing company, ideally in the NYC area. I believe my last job has given me the experience and skills I need to make the jump.

    If you know of a company that’s hiring for a manager position then please reply to this email.

    My previous experience:

    • ABC Corp – 2 years as a social media marketer
    • Acme Inc – 3 years working as a copywriter and blogger
    • Growth Ltd – 1 year managing Facebook and Google ads

    Thanks in advance,

    Messaging your entire audience is a “shotgun” approach to getting a job. But it can work very well.

    Sometimes, all you need to change the trajectory of your career is a referral from an acquaintance.

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    Ask A Recruiter: 5 Steps To A Competitive Resume

    If you ask 10 different people how to create a compelling resume, youre likely to get 10 completely different answers and at least a few of them will contradict one another. As a talent acquisition professional with experience in HR and recruiting across multiple cut-throat industries, heres what I really look for in a resume.

    In this modern market, your resume has to do some serious heavy lifting. Gone are the days of walking your resume in to a prospective employer and delivering it with your signature, award-winning smile and charm. Shoot, gone are the days of printing your resume at all! Your resume is the last frontier of first impressions, and it can make the difference between landing your dream job and landing in the unemployment office.

    Take it from somebody who has spent years wading through piles upon piles of resumes and applications: There is no silver bullet when it comes to condensing your entire professional life into one page , but below are some suggestions for making your resume more competitive.

  • The Very Beginning:
  • The very beginning, as Julie Andrews says in The Sound of Music, is a very good place to start. Your resume header should be clear, compelling, and clutter-free consider this section your virtual handshake. As a recruiter, the information Im looking to gain from your header is your name, email address, location and a tagline of sorts.

  • Tell Your Story:
  • Take some time off to travel? Say so! Explain the employment gap.

    Insightful Questions To Ask A Recruiter

    Rather than ignoring the next email or call you get from a recruiter, think of it as a learning opportunity even if you arent seriously considering leaving your current position. In most cases, the experience will help you learn about yourself as a job prospect and give you a sense of what employers are looking for insights that can be invaluable when it is time to make a move.

    Time and again, Ive seen job candidates who werent even beginning to think about a career move completely change their perspective and strategy when presented with a compelling opportunity.

    So, if you are contacted by a recruiter, consider asking the following:

    Why is the position open? Find out whether its a newly-created role or an existing position that has become vacant. If the latter, ask why the person who occupied the position previously left and how long the position has been open.

    What are the skills and experiences the hiring manager is prioritizing? Ask the recruiter to list the desired skills and experiences for the position. Having such a list will make it a lot easier for you to compare the employers requirements to your own skillset and decide whether it is worth pursuing the opportunity.

    Originally published on PND blog.

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