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How To Describe Waitress On Resume

How To Play Up Being A Waiter On Your Resume

How To Write A Cover Letter For A Waitress Job? | Example


If you are transitioning from a job in food service to a different field, you may be wondering how to incorporate that job experience into your resume. Being a waiter or waitress is an occupation that requires multiple skill sets and customer service abilities. Proudly list all the talents you developed as a food server and describe how they will apply to your new line of work.

Put Testimonials On Your Resume

Another way to stand out is to ask your previous managers for testimonials.

You can then embed these testimonials on your resume. Either a testimonial per job entry or a section dedicated to testimonials. Either way will work.

Most people are not doing this, but it’s a great way to stand out in a crowded field.

Waiter Or Waitress Job Description Template

This Waiter or Waitress job description template includes the list of most important Waiter or Waitress’s duties and responsibilities. This Waiter or Waitress job description template is customizable and ready to post to job boards. Feel free to use This Waiter or Waitress job description template! It will help you to save time, attract qualified candidates and hire best employees.

Before the waitress job description, check out our Guide for Recruiting Professionals in Tourism and Hospitality!

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Add A Job Description To The Top Half Of The First Page On Your Resume

Many hiring managers see the potential employees description of previous work experiences as the primary source of possible indications that they have the necessary skills to succeed. For this reason, this section should be easily accessible, as it is typically the first place hiring managers look in a resume. Consider adding this section before others like skills or education to ensure the person reading your resume sees exactly why you are qualified.

Image description

  • Optional

  • Using Upscale Descriptive Language

    Waitress Resume Check more at https://cleverhippo.org ...

    Use creative wording to describe your restaurant work. It will demonstrate that you took pride in the services you provided and that you took your roles and responsibilities seriously. Examples:

    • Provided exceptional care
    • Catered to a high-end clientele
    • Provided exemplary service
    • Delivered home-style service

    Restaurant: Eatery/Pub/Cafe/Bistro

    Server:Waitstaff/Table Service

    Not only will word-smithing give your resume a touch of panache, it will help you differentiate between other restaurant-resume entries so that it appears you’ve had a wide and varied range of experience.

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    What Is The Best Format For Waitress Resume

    The correct resume format is essential for any waitress resume as it presents your skills and experience in a professional manner. If you dont know how to write a professional resume, you can check a waitress resume example or use a resume builder. You can check out our resume examples which will help you write a waitress resume that allows you to land an interview.

    The best format for your waitress resume is the reverse-chronological resume which lists your most recent job first, then the previous jobs follow. This format works best for people with experience.

    If you are starting as a waitress and dont have much experience under your belt, the functional resume works better. This resume allows you to talk more about your skills instead of your experience.

    Waiter Resume: Professional Experience

    Your professional experience section is a major feature on your resume for waiter as it covers all your past work records which can determine your level of expertise in your job profile.

    This section needs to highlight all the initial and prime experience of your past career endeavors so that the recruiters can recognize your efficiency.

    Let us discuss the three main factors that can help you frame your perfect waiter resume with a professional approach:

    • STAR Format
    • Bucketing & Bolding

    STAR Format

    The STAR format is an important factor that helps you create a cause-effect relation in your waiter resume.

    Always try to provide a figure of numbers to specify your achievements and contributions in an organization.

    STAR simply stands for:

    • S: To describe the situation you found yourself in at a workplace
    • T: To describe the task that you were assigned as per the situation
    • A: To describe the action that you took up to perform a given task
    • R: To describe the result or the outcome of your action

    Framing Points

    Let us look at the following examples to compare and analyze how framing points are important to enhance your professional section:

    Example 1:

    Example 2:

    Framing Points: Analysis

    From the two given examples, we can see that framing points are more readable than bulky paragraphs .

    Both the examples are stating the same things but by framing points , you can avoid writing vague words and avoid bulky paragraphs .

    Bucketing & Bolding

    Example 1:

    Example 2:

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    Use A Waitress Resume Template

    A waitress resume template helps you include all the essential information in your resume. You can consider it a writing guide since it helps you put everything in the appropriate place in your waitress resume. A resume template allows you to update your information quickly, making it easy for you to tailor the resume to many different jobs.

    A resume template also helps you to prioritize the most critical sections of a resume. Most jobs are different, and each potential employer wants something different from the candidates. The right resume template helps you prioritize these needs and ensure they are clear in your waitress resume. Check out our resume templates.

    Group Your Waitressing Jobs

    What are the duties and responsibilities if you work as a waiter/waitress?

    If you had multiple waitressing jobs, especially jobs you held for small amounts of time, you can group them together.

    This is also a perfect resume format for those who want to pivot their careers away from waitressing:


    Sweet Desserts, Austin, Texas Pancake Factory, NYC, New York Burger King, NYC, New York 5 years of experience working as a waitress, providing exceptional customer service and helping business run smoothly.

    This prevents you from having to repeat yourself, as many waitressing jobs have similar responsibilities.

    Your bullets should be responsibilities and achievements that are generic enough they can fit all jobs you grouped.

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    What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of A Server

    Restaurant Server duties and responsibilities

    • Provide excellent customer services.
    • Greet customers and present menus.
    • Make suggestions based on their preferences.
    • Take and serve food/drinks orders.
    • Up-sell when appropriate.
    • Keep tables clean and tidy at all times.
    • Deliver checks and collect payments.

    Resume Review & Free Waiter Resume Word Template

    You can use Hiration’s Professional Resume Review Service for your waiter resume.

    Your resume will be reviewed by our professional industry experts who will comprehend the below-given parameters:

    • Compliance with industry norms
    • A sharable link
    • Live resume editor

    Here is your chance to create your perfect waiter resume. Click on the Hiration’s Online Resume Builder for your flawless resume.

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    Tailor Your Resume To Your Future Job

    As I wrote previously, you need to tailor your resume to the job you want to get. Want to get out of waitressing? Focus your resume on skills that are portable to other careers.

    For instance, if you want to get a call center job, mention how your customer service experience will make you the ideal candidate.

    If you want to keep working as a server, mention your practical waitressing skills every chance you get.

    Achievements For A Server Resume

    New Waitress Resume Examples Sample Waitress Resume ...

    Most people who write resumes think that they should be writing about their past duties as a Server, but in reality, they should be noting and quantifying their accomplishments!

    Good Examples of Achievements for a Server Resume

    • Boosted diners earnings by 20% as the designer of effective window displays
    • Attained Employee of the Month six times in one year
    • Trained 5 new staff members and created a new on-boarding process
    • Memorized 30 menu items and their ingredients and updated knowledge in the event of recipe changes


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    Work Experience Description Example

    This example is for a senior sales position. Use it as a guide when applying the steps outlined above to create an effective job description section on your resume:

    Related Experience:

    *Sales Manager, Green Oaks Apartment Complex, San Antonio, Texas*September 2016Present

    My role involves coordinating all sales representatives, developing sales strategies and making sure the organization meets its quarterly and annual sales goals.

    • Increased sales by an average of 12% each year by continually developing ways of reaching new potential customers

    • Reduced employee turnover by 23% by implementing new training techniques and creating a motivating bonus structure

    *Sales Representative, Green Oaks Apartment Complex, San Antonio, Texas*June 2009September 2016

    My role was to conduct the sales process according to the organizations strategies and procedures. This implied advertising the properties that were up for sale, presenting them to potential customers and finalizing the sales process.

    • Reached 96% of quarterly sales targets throughout my employment with constant promotion and professional property presentations

    • Trained a total of 36 junior sales representatives, with 21 of them still currently employed by the organization

    • Boosted sales by 9% by editing and revising work procedures with management

    *Junior Sales Representative, Rose Residential Project, Tyler, Texas*October 2005June 2009

    How Do You Describe Waitress Experience On A Resume

    Waitresses are employed by establishments serving food to customers and are responsible for ensuring an enjoyable dining experience. Average resume samples for Waitresses describe duties like providing menus, meeting special customer demands, taking orders, bring food to tables, refilling glasses, and cleaning tables.

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    Serve Up A Great Resume With These Writing Tips

    To be a successful candidate for waitress jobs, resume expert Kim Isaacs says it helps to have a resume that serves up your skill set with a side order of elbow grease. You need to show employers that what you bring to the table is exactly what they’re looking for. View the sample resume for a waitress that Isaacs created below, or download the waitress resume template in Word.

    Jobs for waitresses are projected to grow by 7% from 2016 through 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. You’ll find the highest level of employment for this job in the following states: California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania and in the following metropolitan areas: New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and Atlanta.

    According to Monster’s Salary Guide, waiter/waitress earn $11.24 per hour.

    Additionally, you can search for waitress jobs on Monster.

    Mention Your Waitressing Skills

    Waiter Job Description | Waitress Job Description | Waitress / Waiter Duties and Responsibilities

    When waitressing, you will build two types of skills: soft skills and hard skills.

    Your soft skills are things like your ability to communicate, attention to detail, social skills, hard work, or reliability.

    Your hard skills will be practical skills you learn on the job such as dealing with POS systems and cash registers, food regulations, or cooking ability.

    Whether you want to leave the industry or stay, both resumes should focus on your soft skills.

    Now it’s time to create a “Skills” section. Put your skills section right under your resume “Summary”:


    • Pays attention to details, excellent memory
    • Hardworking and reliable
    • Experience working with POS systems and cash registers
    • Good knowledge of restaurant and food handling regulations

    The first 5 bullets are all soft skills. These are great to have on your resume. The last 2 are serving related.

    You only want to focus on your practical waitressing skills if you want to get a job that makes use of those skills.

    If you want to pivot away from waitressing, focus on your soft skills, and use them as a trampoline to a different career.

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    Best Waitress Resume Examples

    Average Rating for this template


    Waitress jobs tend to be a favorite part-time or summer job for many, and restaurants tend to have many new employees due to that. You may need to check multiple waitress resume examples to write a resume that impresses the restaurant manager. This is especially necessary if you want to work at fine-dining restaurants that value customer satisfaction and need waitresses who act in a professional manner.

    Here are some tips to help you write a waitress resume that sets you apart from other job seekers.

    What Should Include In An Objective Statement Of A Beginner Waiter

    The objective statement is the best substitution for the resume summary which assists to show the value of entry-level waiters. However, the recruiters are fond of knowing how you can help to achieve the future goals of the restaurant by using your skills, talent, education, and training.

    Therefore write a simple paragraph by using action verbs, keywords, percentages, numbers, years, and amounts to showcase you are very unique.

    How about my future goals? May I add them here? You do not need to mention them in the resume. If you are selected for the interview they will definitely ask about your future plans. Create an impressive answer for that, but do not combine them with your objective statement.


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    How Much Can You Earn As A Waiter

    The waiter is able to earn an average income. As an amount, it is $21,689 per year. According to the type of restaurant and the facilities of the restaurant, the average monthly income may be slightly changed. However, the resume is not a fine place to mention your salary expectation. Therefore, Never mention your salary in your resume. But if the job advertisement requests you to mention your expected salary, mention a fair amount of salary in your resume after doing research on industry salaries.

    How To Put Skills On A Waitress Resume

    Cocktail Waitress Resume Samples

    Waiting on tables is not purely service. You will have to put on a salesmans hat and try to increase the sales of the restaurant. If you have been wondering what are the best skills to put on a waiter or waitress resume, here are some suggestions:

  • Education.In most restaurants, they will consider your application even if you have not finished high school. As long as you are of legal age or 18 years old, you can work in a restaurant.Casual and fine dining restaurants may have higher standards for education. This is because they prefer candidates with a background in the fundamentals of restaurant management.Can you find work in a casual or fine dining restaurant even if you only have a high school diploma? Of course! Sometimes the restaurant will be open to the idea of sponsoring your college education or Associate Degree if they see you have tremendous potential as a Waitress or Waiter.
  • Certifications.Unless specifically required by the restaurant, you do not have to be certified to become a waitress or a waiter.There are restaurants, particularly those in the casual and fine dining market, that want candidates with certifications in food handling and food safety. This is because they have a career path/succession plan in place and tend to move people laterally within the restaurant.
  • Physical Fitness

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    Knowledge Skills And Requirements For The Waiter/waitress Position

    When hiring a waiter or waitress, employers usually look for certain traits, skills, and knowledge from the applicants to be sure they will be efficient and effective on the job if hired.

    Below is a list of required traits, knowledge, abilities, and skills that waiters and waitress should possess that enhance job performance.

    • High School Diploma or GED
    • Ability to apply positive interpersonal skills to relate cordially with guests or customers and co-workers
    • Good physical strength to be able to move up and down, including going up and down staircases
    • Bilingual, with a good command of English
    • Strong knowledge of placing foods in its right category
    • Strong stamina to work long hours
    • Well motivated with ability to function effectively in a team
    • Well presentable with clean and friendly appearance
    • Ability to work under pressure without being stressed out.

    Other Ways A Waitress Can Boost Their Job Application

    Once your resume is clean, updated and ready to go, it’s time to start venturing out to restaurants, hotels and other establishments to get your resume in the right hands. Though people can apply for a waiter or waitress job online, it’s still commonplace for people to apply in person, which can actually help you land the job quicker. Generally, if the place is interested in you based on your resume, the hiring party will sit down with you and maybe put you to work for a test run.

    But, if the hiring party has received a lot of applications and you’re really keen on getting that specific job in spite of all the competition, there are a few things you can do to boost your job application.

    One, it’s always helpful to ask around for jobs through people you know. Secondly, consider gathering references from your past employers that you can provide for your prospective boss. Lastly, be open to taking other jobs as they come up, for instance, if a part-time waitress position or a hostess are the only positions available, it might be good to accept it just to get your foot in the door.

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    What Do Waitresses Do

    The duties of a waitress are manifold, and one things for sure, you are responsible for the quality of a customers dining experience no pressure! Your specific duties depend on where you work. In a casual setting, your main task is to provide fast and efficient service. In an upmarket establishment, youll need detailed knowledge of the menu, the wine list, and a whole lot more!


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