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How To List Babysitting On Resume

Common Resume Mistakes That Babysitters Make

Nanny Resume – Five Tips to Help You Stand Out – Nanny Tips

Not keeping it professional. Your resume should be as professional as any other persons, even if you’re only applying for another babysitting job. Don’t try to make your resume overly-cute by using brightly-colored paper, glitter, markers, images, or cutesy language and slang. There are subtle ways that you can inject your personality into your resume, but going over-the-top will most likely just get your resume tossed into the recycling bin.

Including irrelevant information. You should edit each resume you send out to align it with the requirements of the job you’re applying for. If you’re applying for another childcare position, saying that you know how to change diapers is an awesome skill to have on your resume, but if you’re applying to work in an office environment, it’s a really strange tidbit about yourself to include.

Including a photograph. Including a photo of yourself is the standard for a few professions like acting and modeling. You might have good intentions by including a photo of yourself with your resume, thinking that it will help show that you’re a responsible and intelligent-looking person. But the vast majority of companies frown upon this. Having photos of candidates on resumes is a bit of an HR nightmare.

What Skills I Should Include In My Babysitting Resume

Your resume should highlight skills that parents want to see on your resume. For a personalized understanding of each family, you should refer to the job posting and find out if the family needs someone with experience with two or more children, dual households or special needs children. Heres a list of general skills that can serve you well.

  • Time management
  • Tutor and after school activity planning
  • Strong communication skills with children, parents and teachers
  • Organizational skills

What’s Another Word For Babysitting

You just got out of high school or college, and now you’re ready to find a more stable, full-time office job or some other work besides babysitting.

Perhaps the only work you did as a teen was babysitting. It can definitely provide enough of a steady income for a teenager that there’s no need to look for other jobs!

But now that you’re putting your resume together, you may feel like you’re a bit short on work experience. And you worry that a prospective employer may judge you for it, or overlook you for the job entirely!

Not to worry. There are some other professional words for babysitting that you can put on your resume instead!

You also shouldn’t be ashamed to simply list babysitting on your resume either. No matter what title you give yourself, chances are good that you’ve got some excellent skills and credentials. You supervised children, kept them safe, managed a household while parents were away, and lots more.

Still, a catchy job title on your resume can really make you stand out. So here are some other words for babysitting to consider using instead.

Are you creating your first resume? My article How to Add Babysitting to Your Resume will help to walk you through the process.

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Include All Needed Information For That Position

Write your job title, the dates during which you held the babysitting position, and the location .

Rather than using babysitter, consider a more professional-sounding title, such as, child care provider.

Make your position seem professional as best as you can with descriptive working and all needed information for that experience.

  • For example: Child Care Worker: May 2010 – July 2010, Chicago, IL.

How To List Babysitting On A Resume

Sample Resume Babysitter Job Description

These are the top 20 resources and video content I found about how to list babysitting on a resume. I’ve created this page to highlight the most recently updated resources for “how to list babysitting on a resume”. This guide was updated: 2022-06-25. If you are searching for a job, good luck on the hunt!

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What Is A Babysitter Resume

Babysitter is a person who takes care of the babies when their parents are not around.

Babysitting can be done for a few hours as well as for a whole day.

A babysitting job description can include duties like cleaning the floor if the baby has spilled his/her juice.

The duty of babysitting can vary from watching the sleeping child to changing diapers, playing games and preparing meals.

No matter what the circumstances are, it is the responsibility of the babysitter to safe-guard the baby as long as the baby is under her care.

Depending from family to family, a babysitter might also have to perform some additional tasks.

For this job, the timings are never fixed. You might have to come early and leave late at night. One of the reasons why people hire babysitters is because they can’t be there for the baby most of the time.

In matters regarding the child’s health, the babysitter has to partner with the guardians of the baby.

Being a babysitter requires the expertise in changing diapers, first aid and its appropriate usage, and child’s safety.

Include Relevant Skills In Your Job Description

When it comes to designing your resume, your description about each job role is even more important than what title you give yourself.

One person could list “babysitter” on their resume, but give a really impressive explanation of the duties they performed. Another person may write “daycare provider”instead but provide a boring, generic overview of the job.

Which one is more likely to impress a potential employer? The first one, of course!

An employer is almost always looking for specific qualities in a person that make them the right candidate for the job. Try to find those qualities in the job posting, and then customize your resume to address what they’re looking for.

You need to target your resume specifically for each employer. But remember, keep it honest! You don’t want to lie or exaggerate on what you’ve actually done.

Try to add as many action verbs like organized, maintained, etc to your job description as possible.

Time management is a good skill to highlight. As a babysitter, there are a lot of ways that you’ve managed your time successfully. You schedule appointments and show up on time. You prepare meals at the appropriate times. You plan activities for kids. And if you’re out at the playground, you make sure to get back home before the parents arrive.

Time management is a highly valued skill that shows employers you have a lot of independence and reliability.

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Example Babysitter Job Description

Our family is seeking a skilled, responsible and caring babysitter with a flexible schedule to supervise our children during weekday afternoons along with some evening and weekend hours. The ideal candidate will be friendly and communicative, be trained in CPR and first aid and have experience providing ongoing care for elementary-aged children.


  • Supervise our two children for up to 20 hours per week
  • Pick up our children from school each weekday and drive them to our home or any pre-scheduled appointments
  • Prepare the childrens afternoon snacks
  • Ensure the children start any homework and tutor or help them as needed
  • Engage the children in fun, stimulating and age-appropriate activities
  • Enforce the provided household rules
  • Immediately communicate any issues with the children or our home
  • Maintain household cleanliness and orderliness


  • High school diploma degree in early childhood education preferred
  • 2-3 years of babysitting or child care experience with children aged 6-10
  • Strong verbal communication skills

Have You Had Other Volunteer Experience

How To Make a Resume For a Babysitter Position | Resume Example Nanny

Place your volunteer babysitting experience in your Work Experience section if it’s the only volunteer experience you’re including on your resume. If you’re listing other volunteer positions, create a separate Volunteer Experience section.

In this section, you can include volunteering positions from your school, community outreach, church, or other personal experience.

Whether you were paid for this position or not can determine if you want to place this position under work or volunteering. When including other volunteering experience, it’s best to include them all in one section on your resume for clear design and inclusion.

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Choosing The Best Resume Format For A Babysitter

The best resume format for a babysitter is usually Reverse Chronological order, in which you list your last job first and your first job last. But depending on your career path, a functional formator a combination of the two approaches may also be appropriate.

One thing might lead to another. The vast majority of parents 88 percent say they find their babysitter through recommendations from family and friends, according to a study by

Determine Your Resume Formatting

An effective and professional-looking resume maintains a sense of consistency throughout the document. Keep the document to one page, allowing the reader to review it quickly. As you prepare your resume, establish what font type to use and its sizing. You may vary the sizing between headings and body text, and you can also choose an accent color to incorporate some aesthetic interest. Make sure to choose a plain, easy-to-read font such as Times New Roman or Arial. Other formatting details include setting one-inch margins and using one or 1.5 spacing.

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What’s An Objective Statement On A Resume And What Should Mine Be For A Babysitting Job

An objective statement on a resume briefly explains your goals and intentions to a prospective employer at a glance. It lets you explain yourself and what you’re all about in just 1-3 sentences.

It’s important to have a good objective statement, whether you’re looking for a babysitting job or any other type of job. Recruiters only spend an average of about 6 seconds looking at resumes the first time through, so it’s important to sell yourself right from the start!

If you’re a babysitter applying for a job, your objective statement might be something like:

“To obtain a part-time babysitting position with the Smith Family”

“A babysitter with 4+ years experience seeking a summer position with a family and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their children.”

“Seeking babysitting position to gain experience with children, as preparation for a future career as an elementary school teacher.”

Instead of an objective statement, you may instead choose to include a professional summary that highlights your qualifications and strengths, like:

“Highly adaptable and dependable babysitter. Excellent record of both parent and child satisfaction. Available all days evenings and some weekends for flexible scheduling and availability. Capable of quickly and creatively responding to challenging childcare situations.”

What Skills Can You Include When Listing Nannying Experience On A Resume

Babysitter Resume Example &  Writing Guide

When listing nannying experience in the experience section, there are many different skills you can highlight. Typical tasks include childcare, cooking, cleaning, and task management, however being a nanny means you might complete several more tasks than can fit in one section.

Choose the tasks which are most relevant to your desired job, as you want to tailor each experience to fit each new employers needs. Lets look at a list of some skills which might come from a nannying job:

  • Childcare

Many of these skills are self-taught skills!

Including these skills as a part of the experience in the experience section is a great way to make a nannying experience relevant, even if the desired job is outside of the childcare industry.

If you have many other relevant jobs which you feel are a better representation of your skillset for a desired job, you may choose to leave the nannying job out of the experience section.

You may still wish to include certain skills gained from this job, however, so you may list this experience in the skills section.

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Common Babysitter Resume Mistakes To Avoid

Your resume is likely going to be your first introduction to a prospective employer and will determine your chances of landing that coveted initial interview. Its also probable that your resume will be used as a deciding factor between final candidates after interviews, so give your sitter resume the same professional treatment as you would any other job resume.

When it comes to building the very best resume, here are some common mistakes to avoid:

Employment History Resume Example: Reassure And Befriend

Previous experience gives a family a reason to trust you and let you into the most personal spheres of their life. Not only are the previous families youve worked for your proof that youre a capable babysitter, they are also your best source of new work. If youre well-liked by one family, chances are your name will come up when their friends are looking for a weekend sitter, too.

Describe your past employment using bullet points that state what you did at each job. If youre having trouble describing these details, try the STAR method: this stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. What situations were you placed in? What tasks did you face? What action/approach did you take to achieve the best result?Remember to stay brief in your descriptions, however.

Thats why its important to keep positive relationships with families youve worked for they serve as references and they help you fill out your employment history section. Here are some areas to consider when breaking down your previous role as a babysitter, nanny or childcare worker:

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Examples Of Skills And Abilities That Are Relevant To

How to describe babysitting duties on resume. Its easy to think that babysitting isnt a real job, but there are few things further from the truth. The most successful sample resumes for this role describe duties like preparing and giving meals, administering medicine, doing housework, driving children to and from activities, teaching good manners, and bathing and. So, to write a good babysitting resume, just follow the simple general resume writing and designing rules ill be showing you.

We have arranged a compilation of babysitter duties reflecting what most people hiring a babysitter would expect. The work of a babysitter involves looking after the food arrangements of. Their responsibilities include making sure the children are safe, feeding and bathing the children when necessary, and adhering to the parents standards of care.

Ill present more tips to. Aside from babysitting, you also include some household duties that you are capable of doing for some extra money. This following resume sample provides generic example of a resume for babysitting jobs including, occasional babysitter, childcare and nanny/babysitter.

Job adverts for babysitters usually indicate the following main responsibilities: How to put babysitting on a resumelist your experience. The exact number you should include on your resume will depend on how many youre able to come up with, and how much space you have.

23 Caregiver Job Description Resume in 2020 (With images

How To List Babysitting Jobs On Your Resume

Modernize Your Nanny Resume

When creating or updating a resume, some positions are more straightforward to include than others. Babysitting is often part-time and as-needed, which leaves multiple options for how to add it on a resume. You should use best practices when including babysitting on your resume to ensure you highlight your skills and maintain consistency. In this article, we explain the value of including your babysitting experience on your resume, describe when to incorporate it, list how to put babysitting on your resume and offer tips, a template and an example.

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Sample Babysitter Descriptions For Resume

Now lets take a look at how the above tips work in practice. Below is a sample babysitting on resume entry for a part-time nanny.

Babysitter, Columbus, Ohio.

Assisted a neighboring family with the care of two children, 3 and 5 years old, three times a week, plus on-demand during special occasions.

  • Regularly drove both kids to dance classes and helped them pack after classes
  • Cooked healthy gluten-free snacks
  • Taught social skills during playdates and provided emotional support at home
  • Communicated updates on the kids emotional state and overall development to parents

Babysitter, Top Nanny AgencyLos Angeles, California

One of the highest-rated private nanny agencies in LA with immaculate service standards. Ive had four ongoing babysitting placements via the agency with HNW families.

  • Ongoing housetraining lessons to two supervised tweens and post-activity entertainment.
  • On-call assistance for evening hours for one of the families.
  • Focus on creating a safe, welcoming, and fun atmosphere with all children under my care

Need more guidance? Check our detailed nanny resume example with extra writing tips next.

How To Include Nanny Experience On A Resume

As a nanny, you have the opportunity to enhance the lives of the children you care for. It can be a viable career for individuals who enjoy kids and desire to contribute to an environment that supports a childs creativity, learning and social, emotional and mental development. As with any job you apply for, its important to showcase your skills and experience relevant to the role.

In this article, we describe what nanny experience can entail, explain when you should consider putting your nanny experience on your resume, provide steps and tips for adding nanny experience to a resume and give some examples of resumes that include nanny experience.

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Make A List Of Your Babysitting Experience

Start by listing out all of your babysitting experience. Include start dates, end dates, average hours and locations of your babysitting jobs. Once it’s all compiled, create a master list itemizing the information. Rather than listing every babysitting job separately, you’ll list all of your babysitting experience under one heading. Make your master list entry with the start date as your first babysitting experience and the end date as “present” if you’re still babysitting regularly or the last day you babysat for any of your families.


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