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How To List Certifications On Resume Sample

Certifications In A Dedicated Section On Your Resume

12 Online Certifications to Boost Your Resume & Career | Indeed Career Tips

For listing more than two certifications, we recommend creating a dedicated section on your resume. A resume format with a dedicated section works great for listing all relevant certificates – required, recommended, and optional.

We recommend taking advantage of this especially if youâre a licensed lawyer, doctor, accountant, or a student seeking an entry-level position!

Be sure to list certificates in its own section in reverse-chronological order. To improve chances of appearing after an ATS scan, place the dedicated sections right underneath the experiences section.

This works wonders for candidates applying to industries such as Information Technology. Take a look at how this IT Specialist resume example lists certifications in an easily noticeable dedicated section.

Where To Look For Certifications To Include On Your Resume

As with most skills on your resume, the best place to start looking is the job description itself. If you have any of the qualifications mentioned, list them clearly and prominently.

Our comprehensive database of skills and keywords allows you to search for a specific job and instantly pull up the skills you should be listing on your resume, including common certifications.

Network! The most reliable source of information is usually other people working in the industry. If youre new to the field or changing careers, this step is extra important our tips on how to ask for an informational interview will help you get started.

Why Are Certifications Important On Your Resume

Dissimilar than honours and awards, certifications may have to be too incorporated on your resume, depending on the industry youre applying to. Hiring managers regularly use Applicant Tracking Systems to clean out resumes and slight the pool of applicants. Therefore, certifications may be the solution to beat ATS systems and make your resume more eye-catching than the struggle.

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How To Find Relevant Resume Certifications For Your Candidacy

This absolute guide would be a bookmark-worth article as this contains relevant certifications for many professions.

Before starting working on any certification course, create a list of at least 5 prestigious certifications and professional licenses that would amaze the hiring managers it would depend on your career objectives and the jobs youre planning to apply for.

In addition, you can check with your local professional bodies for relevant certifications and licenses for your profession along with the procedure to acquire them. They would provide you with information about the online certification programs, new certification courses, and Continuing Professional Development Certifications for the earlier acquired certifications.

Another great source would be what the recruiter is looking for they would mention the mandatory licenses and certifications required for you to perform the job and the certifications that would put you at an advantage. The same information would be available in the relevant job description.

Make a list of them and try to acquire a couple of important certifications before applying for jobs. You can put it in your resume as soon as you do the official registration. If the certification program is not completed, mention it as In progress.

What Are Job Certifications

certifications on resume 20 free Cliparts

Put simply, a job certification is a specialized credential that demonstrates your extensive skills or knowledge in a particular field. These fields can range from specific jobs or proficiencies with particular pieces of technology.

Job certifications are typically earned from professional organizations or companies that are well-respected and successful within their field. For example, Microsoft is essentially the top player in the computing industry, and they offer a variety of certifications that are useful for just about any company.

To obtain a certification, you typically have to pass an exam. If youre a career expert in your field, who never got formally certified, taking a simple exam could give you an edge. If you feel the exam may be challenging, you may want to complete training first. You can find training courses through the organization that offers the certification or find training from third-party sources.

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To Show Additional Skills

Depending on the position, you may include certifications that aren’t listed in the job description but would benefit the role. These certifications show that you are capable of doing more than the job requires and demonstrates initiative and the desire to take part in professional development. For example, if you are applying for an administrative assistant position, you can include computer software or customer management certificates you’ve earned to highlight your additional skills. Several examples of these certifications include being a Microsoft Office Specialist , a Dynamics 365 Certified Associate, or having a computer software CompTIA A+ certificate.

Save Resume Space For The Most Important Information

Listing online courses doesnât take up valuable space on your resume that could instead be filled with actual relevant experience. Letâs get to that in a bit.

Online courses, such as those taken on Coursera or Udemy, should be carefully assessed using the above checklist. In addition, itâs more important to surface the backing institution than the actual platform the course was taken on .

Taking an online course that doesnât necessarily yield official certifications may still be useful for advancing your career. Although not required, taking courses can show interest in a particular field. This can be especially useful to candidates targeting a job that requires skills not highlighted by the rest of your resume.

Some online courses only help demonstrate part of the required proficiency. These can be left out of your resume along with any others that arenât taught by a well known institution. Lessons taught by the less official online courses can still be useful. For example, they would be great talking points with prospective employers. Save the valuable space on your resume!

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Best Certifications To Have On A Resume

Not all certifications will be relevant to every job prospect you come across. Like everything else on your resume, the included content must be specifically related to the position youre applying for. For example, a teaching certification wouldnt help you all that much if youre looking to get hired as an office administrator.

There are a handful of common certifications that are widely applicable and sometimes necessary for a variety of jobs.

The following are some of the best certifications to include for their relevant positions:

Workday Certified Engagement Managerresume Examples & Samples

How to write a good resume? | Certifications, Co-curricular, Awards, Community Work Section (2020)
  • Participates in gathering business requirements through a variety of techniques and prototyping business solutions
  • Analyzes requirements and develops high-level and detailed business process designs to the elementary business process level and derived logical process level
  • Supports gap analysis highlighting current state, future state, client needs, best practices and competition
  • Leads a team of 4-6 company resources, in area of expertise, to conclusion of a project phase
  • Understands client needs and matches them to relevant services or products manages client expectations
  • Understands and communicates goals and critical success factors for the project sells ideas persuasively and paces the communications properly
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in business, computer science or related field preferred
  • Five or more years of experience in business analysis and design, preferably within a consulting environment
  • Experience working with techniques, tools, and approaches for data cleansing and conversion
  • Ability to devise creative business solutions

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What Are Certifications

A certification is a standardized professional credentialthat is, everyone with a certification must meet the same requirementsissued by professional associations, organizations, or companies. You often need to pass exams and may need to meet certain education and experience requirements to obtain one. For example, a Project Management Professional certification is issued by the Product Management Institute, and in order to receive it you must have a minimum number of months of experience leading projects, complete a minimum number of hours of project management training or a lower-level certification from PMI, and pass the PMP exam.

A certification that checks all of these boxes but is issued by a government or regulatory body and/or is legally required in order to do a certain job is called a license, says Heather Yurovsky, Muse career coach and founder of Shatter & Shine. For example, to legally practice as a nurse in New York State you must have a NYS nursing license, which requires completing an approved nursing degree, undergoing background checks, and passing the NCLEX exam. Teachers, doctors, social workers and other mental health professionals, accountants, and lawyers are also among the professionals who often need licenses to practice. Licenses are also more likely to require ongoing education and training to stay current in your field and can expire if you dont keep them current, Yurovsky says.

As A Separate Section

If you decide to write them in a separate section you can include additional information, such as year taken and institution, if prestigious.

In this example, there is not a year written, however, there is the serial number of the certificate.

This way hes showing the Recruiter that his Certificate is issued by a competent organization, which he has mentioned below.

In this resume, the writer didnt include the serial number, but she made her certifications section easy to be spotted and there is no extra information to distract.

When wondering which certifications to choose, use the ones which actually taught you something. If you write the year you have taken them use reverse-chronological order.

That way the Recruiter will easily see which certificate is your latest achievement.

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Guide To Including Certifications On A Resume

There are numerous factors that can make a resume stand out, but one of the most effective additions is a section for certifications. Especially important in specialized competitive positions, your certifications can make all the difference for an employer comparing the resumes of their top candidates. Learn how you can list your certifications in a manner thats compelling and effective with this guide to including certifications on a resume.

What Is A Certification

How to List Certifications on a Resume (With Examples)

A certification is an official document that can be professional-, trade-, or industry-specific. These documents, often provided by accredited associations or boards, offer validation that you possess skills and qualifications to help you meet the demands of the position you seek. Providing impressive skills detailing your qualifications and certificates on your resume shows you are qualified for competitive positions. To obtain a certification, it is typically necessary to pay a service fee, complete courses or meet specified qualifications, and pass an assessment or examination.

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Certified Welderresume Examples & Samples

  • Pull order, review blue print, verify material, set up necessary fixtures and tack as appropriate to complete welding process
  • Brace and clamp parts as required to avoid distortion and for proper alignment
  • Regulate welding equipment current and voltage
  • Maintain proper weld penetration, quality fit and overall dimensions of parts and adjust to correct irregularities and deviations
  • Change wire spools and bottle gas for welding equipment
  • Perform quality inspection on 100% of work product by using appropriate measuring tools to ensure defined tolerances and measurement are accurate to Blue Print
  • Identify 100% of part produced by stamping with individual employee number
  • Maintain a neat and orderly work area complying with all 5S initiatives
  • Follow and comply with all safety and personal protective equipment requirements
  • Ability to input and scan work order data into MRP/JDE system using RF scanner, keyboard and mouse
  • Follow all procedures and processes in accordance to in order to build a defect-free product.Complete required in-process inspection, repair any defects found and document critical quality information as necessary
  • High School Diploma or equivalent is required with at least 6-12 months related work experience
  • Formal welding education or equivalent experience is necessary and ability to pass internal certification process
  • Be able to lift a maximum of 50 lbs
  • Ability to use pallet jack and overhead crane preferred

In A Certifications And Licenses Section

The first place you should highlight your certificate is in a dedicated certification section on your resume.

This section can be added either under the âeducationâ section or the âskillsâ section of your resume, depending on how it is formatted. A common name for this section is âcertifications and licensesâ but you can also simply call it âcertificationsâ or âlicensesâ depending on the qualifications you possess.

In this section, make sure to only add certifications and licenses relevant to the position, so hiring managers can easily find them. While you might possess numerous qualifications from numerous fields, the most important certifications are the certifications relevant to the job. This may require tailoring your resume for each job application.

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Certified Sterile Processing Technicianresume Examples & Samples

  • Maintains a clean and safe environment by adhering to Standard Precautions and Infection Control practices. Staff will don proper Personnel Protective equipment , follows protocols for decontamination process referencing Instructions for Use supplied by the manufacturers
  • Identifies instruments for all specialties and assures proper function. Follows protocol for repair or replacement of instruments that are not functioning properly. Assembles and packages all instrumentation and sets according to dept. protocol. Utilizes equipment according to the manufacturers recommendations and hospital policy
  • Operates steam autoclaves, ETO and Gas Plasma sterilizers. Maintains appropriate logs and records relating to the sterilization process, including the Ethylene Oxide Aeration Records, Sterilizer Load Records, and Biological Monitoring Records
  • Responds to problem calls from the Operating Room and performs preliminary investigation. Determines priority level of instrumentation and equipment requests and other hospital needs. Directs services in a competent and professional manner while assuring OR priorities are completed in a timely manner

In The Contact Information Section

MicroNugget: How to Gain Certification and Improve Your Resume

The contact information section includes your name, address, phone number and email. You may include your certifications in this section, along with your name. This is especially suitable for listing essential certifications that are required for the job. For example, certifications like Certified Public Accountant , Project Management Professional , Accredited Legal Professional , and Certified Nurse Assistant may be listed in the contact information section to let the employers know that you have the required certification.

You may list an acronym if it is commonly used and understood in the industry. However, if you feel that the hiring manager may not recognize the certification by acronym, you should list the complete certification.

  • Example 1:
  • Aaron Vasiliev, Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Phone: 555-555-5555
  • Sometimes, certifications become a part of your professional identity. Including such certifications as part of your email username often helps you get instant visibility. For instance, you may add certifications like CPA, PMP, CNA, etc. toward the end of your email username. However, you should use this as an additional measure to listing your certification.

    • Example:

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    Archer Certified Developerresume Examples & Samples

    • Any combination of a related Associate’s or Bachelors degree, certification or 5 years of related experience
    • Archer eGRC experience is required
    • Expertise with the eGRC Archer Application suite of Policy, Risk, Enterprise and Compliance Management, Vendor and compliance management
    • Financial Services industry experience

    How To Put Certifications On Resume

    Once youve defined what type of certifications to specify in your resume in order to stand out, its important to stick to a certain format and specify the following information:

    • Name of Certification
    • Name of Certifying Center or Authority
    • Date of Obtainment

    Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 Certification, Adobe, 2017

    Bad example:

    Adobe Illustrator Certification

    Remember, if you took any additional courses related to the position youre applying for its always a big plus, however professional certification is more valuable than, for example, Lynda certificate.

    Despite that, a resume with certifications shows a recruiter that its owner is constantly striving for improvement and self-development, which are considered to be the key soft skills for any position. Plus, additional education is a heavy reason for an employment gap or a great benefit if youre applying for an entry level position and submitting a resume with no work experience.

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    Bls Certification On Resume

    The Americal Red Cross offers a Basic Life Support or BLS certification to the candidates. This certification teaches candidates the technics of basic life-saving measures.

    This certification addresses that you are a responsible citizen and willing to help people.

    Here is a BLS certification on resume example:

    CertificationAmerical Red Cross, April 2020- February 2022

    If You Have Limited Experience

    Example Of Resume With Certification

    If you have the skills and knowledge to qualify for your chosen job but not enough practical experience, certifications can help boost your credibility. In situations where you are unable to demonstrate proven work experience, listing a certificate can show employers your motivation to learn, take on challenges and advance in your profession. Consider including relevant certifications if you have limited experience to highlight your ability to self-evaluate and achieve your career goals.

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    When Is It Acceptable To Have A Three

    Although recruiters prefer a brief resume, your three- or more-page resume may be acceptable in certain fields where you require extensive work experiences. The perfect length for a resume depends on the field in which you’re applying for a job. While recruiters in some fields require that you present a concise resume, others expect you to submit a comprehensive resume listing your relevant skills. Fields that require a comprehensive resume include the science industry, engineering sector, medical field, and academic institutions. Here are situations when recruiters may accept a multi-page resume include:

    • when you have more than 10 years of experience in the area

    • when you’re a senior or intermediate employee

    • when the job you’re applying for requires vast experience


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