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How To Make A Line In Word For Resume

Take Advantage Of Line Breaks

Inserting a line into a resume

Use line breaks to create an alignment effect between each section of your resume. You can do this by hitting “enter” on your keyboard twice to insert a blank line between sections, or you can insert a horizontal line through your word processor’s functions. Line breaks help each section flow into the next, while highlighting each aspect of your qualifications for the job.

Draw A Line In Your Word Document

Horizontal lines are more obvious and common. But adding vertical lines at the right place can boost the visual appeal of your content. Lines aren’t mere decorations… they can lead your eye to the most important part of a document when used with subtlety.

Think about lines and use these methods the next time you sit down to write a professional report with Microsoft Word.

Use Shapes To Insert A Horizontal Or Vertical Line In Word

The Shapes menu contains several line options. These line shapes come with one important difference—you can draw them at different angles. Then, after you draw the line, you can customize the color and appearance to make decorative horizontal or vertical lines even in the middle of a Word document.

1. Position the cursor where you want to insert a line.

2. Go to Insert > Illustrations group > Shapes dropdown arrow.

3. In the Lines group, choose the shape of the line.

4. Click and drag across the document with the mouse pressed till the endpoint.

5. Keep the line selected to customize the appearance of the line with the Shape Format tab on the Ribbon.

6. Go to the Shape Styles tab and change the color, use a different line style, or apply effects.

7. You can also right-click on the line and choose Format Shape from the context menu to open more options for changing the look.

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These 5 Microsoft Word Tweaks That Will Make Your Resume Shine

A good resume is your foot in the door at the best companies. Even if you have a solid background filled with relevant jobs that make you an ideal candidate, you still need your resumes formatting to sing. Your number one goal is to make it easier and faster for recruiters to read your resume. Remember, you likely have only a quick glance of a few seconds to make a first impressionanything sloppy, out of place, or distracting might send you right into the reject pile before a recruiter has even read one word.

Read on for the basic checklist you should use to make sure everything is clean and professional in MS Word before you attach and send away.

1. Show/Hide formatting and fix sloppiness.

Utilize the Show/Hide feature to see if everything is laid out neatly by clicking the button that looks like a backwards P on your Home toolbar or clicking Ctrl+8 or command+8. Now, you can see all the paragraphs youve made and your use of spacebar vs. tabs. Using the now-visible marks, standardize all spaces and delete any that dont belong. This is your chance to clean up all the messy bits of DIY formatting you did that might not translate well across computers.

2. Insert a header and footer.

3. Go bold and use bullets.

4. Prioritize.

Put your best and most relevant experience and skills at the top, moving all the rest to lower sections. The recruiters eye reads the top few lines first . Make sure your best stuff is most easy to find.

5. Convert to PDF.

Write Away Right Away

So fügen Sie eine Zeile in Word ein  Datei Wiki

Ok! So the resume is done! Can I send it?

Hang on! Formally speaking, you should never send a resume without a cover letter. Your resume is your personal brochure, but your cover letter is your introduction it states who you are and what you want. Like the resume, it should be tailored to the specific application you are writing, and the two documents should work hand-in-hand. Check the next article for a walkthrough on cover letters.

Also, dont forget to check the article on application emails to fine-tune the actual message you use when you send your resume to that dream company!

Want the template document developed throughout this article? Check at the end of the page.

Did you find this helpful? Check us out at! Ediket is an online proofreading / copy editing platform that connects qualified English editors to people who need help with their writing. You write, we complete!

Ediket only costs $5 per page and takes around 30 minutes, so your writing can be perfect, even on a budget or with a deadline.

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Resume Borders: How To Use Margins On Your Resume

When you create or edit your resume, it is essential to think about ways that you can make yours stand out. You should strive to have your resume look its best beyond its readability and efficiency. One of these key elements to making your resume look professional is margins. In this article, we discuss what resume margins are, explain when to adjust margins on your resume and guide you through the step-by-step process of applying and formatting margins on your resume.

Save A Resume As A Text File

In some cases, employers may request a plain text version of your resume. Heres how to save it.

Copy your resume into a plain text editor like Notepad, which should be available on your computer , or use an online tool to convert to plain text.

  • Change any bullets to asterisks add a space after the asterisk.
  • Check for other leftover formatting marks and edit them.
  • Change your headings to all capital letters, so they stand out. For example, PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE.
  • Add spacing between sections for readability.

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Use Program Tools To Set Your Line Spacing

Manually change your line spacing in your program tools. This should be within the page setup function, where you can set the space between each line of text to the point you want. Typically, resumes stay within a single-spaced format up to 1.5-point spacing. You want enough space to keep your resume scannable without leaving too much white space between lines of text.

Using Times New Roman


Times New Roman is the most common typeface used on resumes and that is precisely why you should not use it. To stand out, use a less common typeface with an equally professional look and feel.

As alternatives, try Garamond, Georgia, Helvetica, Cambria, or Calibri. Garamond is a beautiful, timeless font that works particularly well if you are distributing your resume in print.;

Georgia is another professional font that is especially eye-catching on computer screens, making it perfect if you are submitting your resume online. Helvetica, Cambria, and Calibri are great all-around fonts that work well on resumes.

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How To Make A Solid Line In A Microsoft Word Document

When it comes to business documents, it’s not just the content that matters. Their layout and general appearance is also important, both to ensure they’re as clear as possible and to make them look polished, professional and attractive. Divider lines, in particular, make documents easier to quickly skim for relevant information, especially when paired with clearly marked section headings. Depending on your preferences and on the effect you want to get, you can insert a solid divider line using several different methods.

Use Borders To Add Horizontal And Vertical Lines

The Borders option in the Paragraph group also gives you another way to insert a top or bottom border that resembles a horizontal line in the document.

1. Click on the paragraph of text where you want the line to appear.

2. Got to Home and the Paragraph group. Click on the Border button. The Bottom border is usually the default. This places a line below the text you have selected on the page or the paragraph if you haven’t selected any text.

3. For other options , you can click on the tiny dropdown arrow on the Borders button to access a list of options.

4. To change the look of any border, click on Borders and Shading. Use the dialog to adjust the style, color, and width of the border.

5. Deleting this horizontal line in your Word document may not be obvious but it easy enough.

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And What Can I Do For You Today

Relevant to the company, that is. Telling the recruiter that the position is perfect for you is of limited use. You need to convince them that you are perfect for them. Relate every skill and experience to ways you can promote the company. Demonstrating your pro-active application of your abilities in this way will be far more persuasive than simply saying you are a hard worker or self-starter. Try always to show not tell by expressively phrasing your experiences rather than laundry-listing buzz words.

If you feel you gained dependability and multitasking competence from something like a serving job at a restaurant, dont write empty words. Give specifics and make connections between actions and values.

Server, Earlybird Diner Greeted, seated, served, and cashed out guests Maintained a full section of satisfied guests 6 days/week Built a positive rapport with guests, developing 4-5 regulars/week

First, you see above that the person took initiative for overseeing customer experience from start to finish , that they take some pride in competently handling a section at full capacity , and that they went beyond to address the human element of serving, actually gaining followers .

Likewise, if you had an office job, dont just jot down your duties, make them active responsibilities by briefly explaining your objectives. Compared to answered emails and recorded data, consider this:

How To Make A Resume In Word

How To Insert Horizontal Lines In Microsoft Word 2007 ...

At some point or another – meaning, before online resume builders made our lives easier – most of us have had to make a resume in Word.;

Now, making a resume in Word can be tiresome. Not being entirely optimized for the task, it can give you a hard time formatting and styling your resume to your needs – and this is just one of its disadvantages.;

That being said, the use of Word is unlikely to drop only because its impractical. This means that knowing how to make a resume in Word is still a good skill to have. And if youre sitting and thinking: well, this doesnt make matters any easier – we hear you.;

Thats exactly why this article is here – to teach you how to make a resume in Word, in just a few easy steps.;

Read on to learn:

  • Should You Make a Resume in Word?
  • How to Make a Resume in Word in 7 Easy Steps
  • How to Format your Resume – 3 Pro Formatting Tips

But before we dive into the nitty-gritty details of how to make a resume in Word, lets go through the downsides of using it to build your resume, and what other easier alternatives you might have in more detail.;

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Use Automatic Margins Or Set Custom Ones

Set your page’s margins to use all the space that’s available to you. Your word processor should have the option to set your own margins, or you can leave what the program sets automatically. Generally, the top and bottom margins of the page should be no more than 0.5 inches. The side margins should be no less than 0.75 inches. This will ensure you have enough room to set your page for single-spaced or 1.5-point line spacing, keeping your text united and balanced.

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Keep Your Resume Easily Scannable For Employers

The line spacing of your resume is essential for creating a text structure that is easily scannable for employers. Since many employers typically spend only seconds skimming through your credentials, it’s important to keep your line spacing unobstructed by letter and character elements. Additionally, keeping your resume scannable with appropriate line spacing will ensure employers quickly see what you’re saying.

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Summarize Your Work Experience

Your work experience section is the core of your resume, as it proves that you have the qualifications and skills to do the job. It will also take up the bulk of your resume.

To start, click on the section of your Microsoft Word document labelled Experience:

Then, list your work experience in reverse chronological order, meaning that your most recent job title is placed at the top of the experience section. Remember to only include experience that is relevant to the job that youre applying for.

For each job you list, provide the following basic information:

  • Job title
  • Company address
  • Dates of employment

You should also write 3-5 bullet points describing your duties and achievements under each job title. Remember to use strong action verbs to show off your skills and accomplishments.

If your work experience is too thin to create a reverse-chronological resume, use a different format. For instance, you can emphasize your relevant skills with a functional resume or combination resume.

Heres an example that you can follow to write your own work experience section:

Why Is Line Spacing On A Resume Important

How to Make an Easy Resume in Microsoft Word (2020)

The line spacing on your resume can mean the difference between clearly legible print and coherent resume sections and unclear spacing and an disorganized appearance. The amount of space you leave between headings, sentences and the sections of your resume can have an impact on how likely it is an employer will continue reading your resume after skimming through.

To add to that, many employers use applicant tracking systems and usually spend no more than a few seconds scanning a single resume. That said, your resume line spacing can be advantageous in making your key skills and qualifications stand out right away. For instance, proper spacing between the bullet points you include in your work experience section will make each of your past responsibilities stand out more clearly and legibly and will be easily scannable by both an employer and ATS software.

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Using Default Menu Option

The last option to insert;divider on a Word document is using horizontal line menu option available under Paragraph group under Home tab. However, this option varies in Word 2016 onwards and earlier versions.

Word 2010 or Earlier

  • If you want to insert a fancy divider, choose the menu option click on the Horizontal Line button. On the popup box, select the divider style you want to insert.

Word 2016 or Later

  • If you use Word 2016 or later versions, click on the Border icon under Home tab Paragraph group.
  • Choose Horizontal Line option to insert a grey color divider line.
  • Double click on the divider to open the Format Horizontal Line pop-up.
  • Choose the color, alignment, width and height for your divider.
  • Unlike dividers inserted with shortcuts, you can move the horizontal lines by dragging.

How To Insert A Horizontal Line In Google Docs

Its useful to learn how to insert a line in Google Docs for several reasons. Horizontal lines are useful for dividing your document into different sections, especially if its lengthy. They improve the layout of your text, making it more readable. For example, you can use horizontal lines to create an organized and neat-looking resume.;

Note that adding a horizontal line in Google Docs is different from adding one in MS Word.

The main difference is that you can add a horizontal line using keyboard shortcuts in MS Word, but this option is not available in Google Docs. The closest alternative is underlining your text using the Control + U option.

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Is Zety Resume Builder Free

Zety resume builder is free to create a resume. The app follows the try before you buy credoyou pay once youre satisfied with the results. Downloading a printable resume as a pdf or MS Word .doc file from Zety costs just 2.99 USD for two week access. Pricing may vary depending on the plan and subscription.

Should You Include Resume Lines

"How to Make A Resume With Microsoft Word 2010"

While you don’t have to include lines on your resume, you can use them to divide the different sections of your resume, therefore, making it easier for recruiters to read your qualifications and information. For example, if you have a text-heavy resume, a few horizontal lines can add some separation and space between the different sections of your resume. If you have a two- or three-column resume, using vertical lines can help you separate these columned sections. You can also add a horizontal line below your contact information to separate it from the rest of your resume.

Clearly defining the different sections of your resume helps improve its overall readability and improves the chances of the recruiter reading the entirety of your resume.

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How To Insert Straight Horizontal Lines In Ms Word

Hello friends, you know very well about the Microsoft Word. It is powerful word processing application software which is used to provide error free document, which is generally used to create letters, handouts, notes, email mail messages, envelope, labels, book and many more with different character and paragraph formatting. ;During preparing any document or application form you must face problem to insert a horizontal straight single or double link in your active document. After reading this article you would be able to easily insert straight horizontal lines in MS Word either single line or double line in the;active document as per your need.

There are two ways from which you can easily insert a horizontal line in active document of Microsoft Word. Either you can use line tool from the shape box which is available in the Insert tab or you can directly type horizontal line from keyboard, as per your convenient.

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