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How To Make A Resume On Windows 10

Give The File A Specific Name

How to resume Windows 10 installation (Mediacreation)

Avoid submitting your resume with a generic file name such as resume.doc. If you upload your resume to a job search site or to an employers application software with this title, it will get lost in the other applicants. Rename your file so its easy to identify. Your full name or first initial followed by your last name is a good option. For example, MatthewValdez.doc.

How To Save Your Resume

Remember, once youve finished personalizing your resume, youre not ready to submit an application yet. To ensure your resumes format stays the same for everyone who receives it, save the document as a PDF. Best case scenario? Even the hiring manager wont believe your resume came from Word.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in 2018 but was updated in May 2020 for comprehensiveness.

Why Shouldnt I Use A Resume Template

Some job seekers believe that employers frown upon the use of templates, but its not true. Resume templates are just an easy way to give your application an attractive design and help you organize your information.

However, many people still prefer not to use a template. If, for example, you have a knack for graphic design and want to create your own one-of-a-kind resume, then using a template isnt for you.

If thats the case, you can make a resume in Microsoft Word or Google Docs without a template. But to help you do this, we suggest learning how to write a resume properly first, and using a resume outline to help guide you through the process just so you make sure to include all the essential information.

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How To Resume A Failed Windows 10 Installation Media Creation

Gary Oldwood2 August 2015

If you belong to the category of users who tried to with the help of the Media Creation Tool, because you wanted to create a bootable USB drive for installing Windows 10 for example, then it’s not improbable that the creation of the installation media after the download fails. Perhaps a power failure occurs at some point, and it’s reasonable that you don’t want to download the whole thing again . So, what are you going to do if that happens? Will you have to download that giant file and wait for the installation media to be created all over from the beginning again? The answer is no.

Fortunately, the good developers at Microsoft have provided a somewhat hidden feature in the Media Creation Tool that allows resuming an unfinished creation of the installation media after the data has been downloaded. Note that this is different than resuming the download of Windows 10 via the Media Creation Tool read for more details.

Determine Your Section Organization


Once you have built the base format of your resume, itâs time to determine if your sections are in the optimal location.

For instance, if you are creating a Reverse-Chronological style resume you will want your Work Experience section to come first.

Comparatively, if you are creating a Functional style resume you may want your Skills or Education section to come first.

The order and organization of your sections will impact the impression your resume makes on hiring managers.

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How Do I Format My Resume

The ideal format for your resume depends on your educational background and work history.

The majority of job-seekers will use one of these three standard resume formats:

  • Combines aspects of the chronological format and the functional format. Ideal for showcasing both your relevant work experience and technical skills.
  • Best Free Resume Building Software For Windows

    Here is a list of best free resume building software for Windows. Download these freeware on your PC, create a professional CV and increase your chances of getting jobs.

    All of these resume building software offer step by step wizard for creating a professional resume. This lets you can create a resume easily. Whether you have professional skills to create a resume or not, just fill all the required fields and get a professional looking resume ready, for free.

    While, some of these resume building software let you upload your photograph to your profile, some lack this feature. You will also get a variety of resume templates in this list.

    You will also get an introduction to the resume creating process in some of these freeware.

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    Make The Document Unique To You And The Job

    Be sure to change all of the information in the template so that the finished document is specific to you and your skills. It should include:

    You may also want to include a profile and a headline, though these sections are options.

    Also, make sure to tailor the document to the job you are applying for. For example, if you are applying to be a teacher, include any work or volunteer experiences that involved teaching others or leading a group of people. Include keywords from the job application in your document, as well. This is another way to connect your resume to a specific job.

    Professional Cv Resume Indesign Template Vol7

    How to make a Professional Resume Microsoft Word in 10 Minutes

    This attractive CV format DOC file is a true study in effective minimalism. It comes with Microsoft Word files as well as PDF and AI files. They’re ready to open in Microsoft Word and customize to your liking. This professional resume template DOC is available in A4 size and has an included picture placeholder. Grab this professional resume design to help make your next application stand out!

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    Open Microsoft Word And Pick A Template

    First, open Word and search for resume by selecting the search icon in the top right-hand corner.

    This will bring up a range of options. Choose templates, which will display your choice of resume templates, and then select the one that you like best:

    For our examples, we chose Microsoft Words Bold resume template.

    Minimalist Simple Resume Template

    This is one of the best resume templates for Word, formatted with a simple style. It’s a great choice to use. It’s got a pared-back design style with a minimalist aesthetic. Feature area to include a simple brand mark, next to your name and personal contact info.

    Showcase your professional experience, skills, in this clean simple and professional resume design. It also includes a matching cover letter. Both pages are flexible, professionally organized, and can be customized quickly.

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    Clean Resume Template Ms Word Design Set

    Here’s a professional resume format DOC that’s got a super clean design. It features a modern look with useful sections for highlighting your information.

    Use this design set to make your resume and cover letter stand out in three ready-made color choices. It comes with professional files in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign format. It features a popular MS Word template set as well.

    Inbound Marketing Resume Template


    Here’s another resume template dedicated to the digital marketer. This sheet offers all the inbound marketing language you need to express your values as a passionate, brand-loyal professional.

    Similar to a few other templates on this list, it also uses just a dash of vibrant color in the applicant’s name at the top .

    Download this template here.

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    Write Your Name And Contact Information At The Top

    Now that you have the template open, start by editing your resume header at the top of the page:

    At the very least, you should include your:

    • Full name
    • Phone number

    Here is what a properly formatted header looks like in Word:

    Optionally, you can also include your current job title in your resume header to immediately advertise your professional background.

    Resume Template With Personal Endorsements

    This resume template has quite a flashy header no photography pun intended but its not just for photographers. What makes this resume unique is the space for references on the lower right-hand side.

    Does your field need others to vouch for your experience? This resume gives you room for three solid recommendations.

    Download this template here.

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    Resume Downloads With Edge

    In contrast to IE the Edge browser seems to have no way to resume an aborted download. If there was some network hiccup or similar and the download failed, then there is no easy way to simply restart that download other then to navigate back to the page and re-trigger the download . On IE’s download page there used to be an option “Resume” and “Redownload” if the download had completed next to each listed file.Has anybody found a way of making these options appear in Edge as well?

  • #2

    Not what you asked but at least this is a viable workaround:I use Microsoft Download Manager for my downloads, an old original MS tool that is no longer developed and updated . It still works perfectly. Download it here: When installed, you’ll find it in Start menu in M > Microsoft Download Manager.Now copy any download link:Click New download and paste the link, click OK:Download starts:All active downloads will be automatically suspended when you close the Download Manager, and resumed when it will be run again. You can also suspend and resume downloads manually:An annoying bug in a few last few Windows Insider Skip Ahead builds is that context menu copy / cut / paste / copy link in Edge are not working. I am sure that issue will be resolved quite in the near future, but at the moment although using Edge as my main browser, I use another browser to get download links copied.Kari

  • Professional & Clean Resume

    How to Stop and Resume Windows 10 Update। EraIT

    Professional and Clean Resume is fully editable. So, tailor your resume to the job youre applying for. This template comes with a resume and cover letter template. This resume also has an interests section so you can show that your interests align with the job you want.

    The Professional and Clean Resume template features a professional design. Edit this template in Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator.

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    Fully Editable Creative Resume Template By Omer Korkmaz

    Who’s it for: Senior graphic, UI/UX Designers

    Creator: Omer Korkmaz

    Where to find it: Behance

    If youre a graphic designer and know youre way around AI, this fully editable creative resume template by Omer Korkmaz might be for you.

    This template has everything youd need applying for a graphic design role:

    • And some extra space for other optional sections

    When to Use This Template

    This resume template is fully editable, and ideal for graphic designers. The free download includes a PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator format, and the Open Sans font – everything youll ever need.

    Because of the format versions that come with the template, you can really fine-tune the resume to perfection. You can change the design, the color schemes, and any other detail within Adobe Illustrator.

    So, if youre applying for a senior UX/UI designer role, you can really make sure that your resume reflects your qualifications with this creative template.

    Using The Resume Assitant By Linkedin

    When you create a resume in Microsoft Word, the Resume Assistant is displayed on the right panel. The assistant shows samples of popular LinkedIn profiles relevant to you.

    If you face writer’s block or need ideas to enhance your content, follow these steps to use the assistant.

  • Enter your LinkedIn login credentials, role, and the preferred industry.
  • Click Get Started. Examples of public profiles based on your preferences are displayed.
  • Click the arrow to filter the samples based on similar skills.
  • Click the Read More option to view the details.
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    Digital Marketing Resume Template

    The digital marketing resume below comes from our own collection of resume templates, all of which open directly in MS Word.

    Coming with two pages total, this sheet holds a wealth of information and offers the perfect amount of style while maintaining professionalism. Mid-level marketers all the way up to CMOs can find this template valuable.

    Download this template here.

    How Should I Format My Resume In Microsoft Word

    Fix: Resume from Hibernation Takes long time in Windows 10

    The format you choose will depend on your experience level!

    There are 3 basic resume formats to choose between:

    • âReverse-Chronological: Details your most recent job and works backwards from there. This format focuses heavily on work experience.â
    • Functional: Focuses on skills and education rather than work experience. This is a good option for recent graduates or applicants with minimal work experience.â
    • Hybrid/Combination: Combines elements of both the Reverse-Chronological and the Functional. This is a good option for applicants with gaps in their employment history.

    Choosing the best format for your needs is key. For more help on this subject, check out our guide on How to Choose the Correct Resume Format in 2021!

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    How To Automatically Resume Applications When Logging In On Windows 10

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    Sometimes youre in the middle of a productive session in Windows 10, but you need to log out or restart your machine. Normally, you might need to start your session over again. But with a quick change in Settings, Windows can remember and re-open your non-legacy apps automatically when you log back in. Heres how to set it up.

    First, open Windows Settings. To do so, click the Start menu and select the small gear icon, or press Windows+i on your keyboard.

    In Settings, click Accounts.

    In Accounts, click Sign-in options in the sidebar.

    In Sign-in options, scroll down the page until you see the Restart apps option. Flip the switch just below it until its set to On.

    After that, close Settings.

    Legacy apps written for Windows versions prior to Windows 8 may not be restarted automatically. Still, its very handy!

    Make A Resume In Microsoft Word In 7 Easy Steps

    First, letâs make sure you can navigate the Microsoft Word ribbon!

    The ribbon is the toolbar found at the top of the screen.

    It should look something like this:

    The main parts of the ribbon you should familiarize yourself with on the Home tab are Font, Paragraph, and Styles.

    These are how you will edit the appearance of your text and headers.

    You should also familiarize yourself with the Layout tab.

    This tab is where you will adjust your margins and add columns!

    Once you have taken your time to figure out where all of your tools are, itâs time to begin building your resume!

    Important Note: These steps detail how to create a resume in Microsoft Word from scratch. By using one of the programâs pre-made templates, you can bypass many of these steps and simply fill in the pre-made format.

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    How To Create A Professional Resume Using Microsoft Word

    Learn how to create a professional resume with only Microsoft Word in minutes. Then make sure you stand out from the crowd!

    Microsoft Word offers templates and tools for creating resumes. Whether you are new to the workforce or an experienced professional, you have a variety of options.

    Many companies use Application Tracking Software which looks for keywords and specific color and design format in your resume. It can be rejected by ATS or a recruiter if the resume is not optimized and lacks standard design.

    Sharing your work experience and skills is the first step in getting the attention of a recruiter. Let’s understand how to create a professional resume in Microsoft Word.

    Try The Linkedin Resume Assistant

    How to Pause and Resume Windows 10 Updates | How to Temporary stop Windows10 Update

    Next up, you might notice that a Resume Assistant popped up on the right-hand-side of Microsoft Word. This tool will help you describe your work experiences, and fill out other parts of your resume. If you’re unsure of how to proceed, this is a great way to craft up a professional-looking resume. Click the Get Started button to begin.

    You’ll then fill out a bunch of fields. First of which is your role and industry. We’re using Staff Writer and Online Media as an example. You’ll then see examples of work experience, which you can tweak for your own resume. You can always click See more examples if the suggestions aren’t working out for you. While you’re there, you also can see some suggested jobs, that you can apply to once your resume is complete. Once done, you can click the X icon to exit the Assistant and complete the process of filling your resume.

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    How Do I Make A Resume In Microsoft Word

    There are two primary methods for making a resume in Microsoft Word:

  • âFrom Scratch: This gives you the ultimate creative control. However, it also requires you to familiarize yourself with all of Microsoft Wordâs tools and layout options. Building a resume from scratch can be more time-consuming but also more customizable.
  • âFrom a Template: Microsoft Word offers several pre-made resume templates. By using these, all the formatting and layout creation is handled for you. You simply have to fill in your own information.
  • To use a template, go to File > New and then select a template from the Resume and Cover Letter section.


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