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How To Mention Awards In Resume Sample

Examples Of Key Achievements By Different Jobs

How to write a good resume? | Certifications, Co-curricular, Awards, Community Work Section (2020)

Examples of business achievements

  • Completed 200 hours of work experience
  • Three years of previous work experience in the industry
  • Increased sales by 17% over six months
  • Collected £20,000 in unpaid debt
  • Successfully managed and led a team of six members
  • Successfully negotiated a 10% discount on all products and goods resulting in total savings of £26,000 per year
  • Resolved 95% of customer enquiries and complaints

Examples of student achievements

Need more examples? Imperial College Londons Guide to CVs contains some excellent examples of interests and achievements on CVs.

Where Should You List Awards And Achievements On Your Cv

There are two main ways of listing awards and achievements on your CV. Firstly, you could create one specific achievements section, right under your profile. This works well for those who are looking for their first job, who have no awards or who are struggling to identify many work-related achievements.

The alternative is to create a Key Achievements section for every role. This has the advantage of showing a strong record of success throughout your professional life and is the recommended route for anyone established in their career. If you only have one or two awards, count them as achievements and list them alongside your other successes in the relevant role.

If you’re lucky enough to have three or more awards, you can adopt a combination of both. Create a specific Awards and Recognitions section, in addition to role-specific achievements sections. Place this section below your career history.

You may also like to make a reference to your awards in your personal statement, particularly if you have a prestigious one. It never hurts to sneak in a reference to your ‘award-winning’ performance!

Use Multiple Sections To Emphasize Accomplishments

Achievements do not have to be â and should not be â reserved only for a dedicated achievement section

Include your achievements as details within job descriptions to give employers a more thorough idea of your accomplishments in previous positions.

This will help to make your work experience section more memorable as well.

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What Details Should You Include For Each Award

As you create the awards section of your resume, it’s important that you include the following details for each listed accomplishment:

  • The date of your award or honor: This will let potential employers know how long it’s been since you’ve displayed these skills or for how long you’ve been skilled in this particular achievement.

  • The purpose and significance of your award: For example, you can say, “First Place Award for Best Arts and Entertainment Feature in 2018 by the Washington Collegiate Press.” This lets hiring managers know what you received the award for.

  • The scope of the award: It’s important to mention whether or not this award is regional, national or international.

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    Why You Should List Awards And Achievements On Your Cv

    Resume Companion Scholarship

    Put simply, by including achievements and awards on your CV, you’ll be positioning yourself a step ahead of other candidates and applicants, right from the start. Employers and hiring managers will see that you’ve performed well in previous roles and will therefore assume that you are likely to continue delivering results for their business.

    Awards are, in some ways, even better than achievements, as they provide third-party validation and recognition of your value. Most sales professionals will claim to have increased sales, for example, but winning the Salesperson of the Year award shows that they’ve performed beyond expectations and above their peers. If you’re looking for a way to highlight your value without sounding boastful, including awards on your CV is an excellent way to prove your worth.

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    Other Types Of Awards

    These awards are especially helpful if youre an entry-level candidate. But you can add them to your resume later on too when theyre relevant to the job you want or show a key transferable skill. For example, if youre a graphic designer, you might add that competitive art contest you won. Or if youre applying for your first management job, that award you got for organizing volunteer events might deserve a spot on your resume.

    • Arts and cultural awards and contests
    • Athletic awards
    • Community, service, or volunteering Awards
    • Leadership awards
    • Military awards or honors
    • Other well-known awards

    Sales And Support Achievement Examples

    Sales Associate

    • Cold-called 20+ potential clients on a daily basis, with a closing rate of 10% to 20%.
    • Hit and exceeded sales KPIs by 30% for the months of October, November, and December in 2019
    • Sent 200+ cold emails on a daily basis, managing to set up calls with 10% of the recipients

    For more examples, check out our guide to the sales associate resume.

    Customer Service

    • Maintained a customer satisfaction rate of 95% for 2019
    • Solved 20 – 25 tickets on a daily basis
    • Carried out retention calls with unsatisfied customers, convincing 20% of them to keep using the software

    For more examples, check out our guide to the customer service resume.


    • Trained and supervised 5 other cashiers over a period of 2 years at Company X.
    • Got the employee of the month award for June, August, and December.

    For more examples, check out our guide to the cashier resume.

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    Accomplishments On A Resume

    Accomplishments on a resume should usually be listed as a bullet point within the work experience section, or under your education/internship section.

    For leadership posts or other accomplishments, detail not just what you did but the impact that your actions had.

    For example:

    University Student Advisory Council, 2016-2017. Introduced two fund-raising programs that increased student participation by 28% and overall donor activity by 132%. Also worked to establish the ABC Student Scholarship program, which helps disadvantaged students cover textbook expenses.

    Example For A Marketing Cv:

    How to write a good resume? | Work Experience, Internships & Education Section (2020)
    • Launched a new product which exceeded sales forecasts by 20%, having coordinated both on- and off-line campaigns
    • Increased Twitter followers by 15% and Facebook followers by 25% by developing engaging content
    • Secured internal promotion from Marketing Assistant to Marketing Executive, having independently managed a product rebrand

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    Examples Of Awards And Honors On A Resume


    You should be listing these awards on honors at the very bottom of your resume – beneath your education section.

    Possible titles include:

    You can even combine it with your education section:

    • Education and Awards

    Since these awards, honors, and accomplishments are often difficult to tie to employment qualifications, you need to be careful to properly shape your narrative. Only include information that bolsters your prospects for getting hired. That means omitting any personal achievements and awards that are completely irrelevant to employment. Forget about that state fair cook-off award you won several years ago â unless youâre applying for a job as a chef. Chances are that an accounting firm wonât care that your chili was voted best in the state three years in a row!

    Be specific about the professional awards, honors, and accomplishments, and avoid vague language. If you were on the Deanâs list for two straight years, donât just write that you received good grades. Instead, write:

    Deanâs List 2016-2017, with 3.9 GPA. Received Student of the Year award in 2017, while at ABC University

    What Types Of Awards Should You List On A Resume

    When you’re creating your resume, it’s important to include only the awards, honors or accomplishments that pertain to the role you’re applying for. The more relevant the awards are, the better. For example, if you’re applying for a graphic design position, you’ll want awards in design or illustration. An award you received in your high school chemistry class wouldn’t be as useful. This is because this award doesn’t accurately represent the skills you’ll need for the designer role you’re applying for.

    Though you should be proud of all your accomplishments, it’s important to discern which ones outshine the rest and will help you advance in the interview process. Here are some examples of achievements or awards categories that you can list on your resume:

  • Academic awards

  • Scholarships

  • Any leadership positions at your school

  • Promotions to leadership positions

  • Volunteer-related awards

  • Make sure these awards and achievements showcase how you’ve excelled in your field within these categories. Listing your achievements is only beneficial if they highlight your expertise rather than something considered ordinary. In addition, it’s important to not include awards that showcase how you met standard expectations. For example, you should refrain from including an award on your punctuality or friendliness with other employees, because that’s already expected of you as an employee. Instead, opt for achievements that show your ability to go above and beyond in the workplace.

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    How To List Awards And Achievements On Your Cv

    Elevate your CV by highlighting your successes.

    Awards and achievements are some of the trickier things to include on your CV. After all, we’re brought up to be modest, not to boast and to even downplay our successes. But in today’s competitive jobs market, you need to sell yourself. It’s no easy feat to make the switch to showing off your accomplishments, but fear not here are tips on using them to make your CV shine for the job you’re applying for.

    Achievements Can Be Mostly Divided Into Two Main Categories:

    Building Maintenance Mechanic Resume Samples

    Personal achievements: Behind the profession, you have your personal life and that matters most. In that personal achievement, you including achieved high grades in studies, won competitions, volunteering, received awards and participating in sporting events, etc. This is your personal achievement it also takes effort but it makes in your personal life.

    Personal life is totally different from the profession it includes various personal achievements in your life which you can achieve till your current age. Personal achievement does not bother any age, physical appearance, etc when you can start a career there are not much more important to your personal achievement because when you go in the corporate world there are cut through competition in the market.

    Professional achievements: Professional life is always different from personal life that why in that you mention good performance, a lot of facilitated growth, met and exceeded work targets, saved the company time and money, etc. When you cross a bachelor’s age at that time your professional life starts and it works up to retirement that why most of the people’s achievements in their professional life. When you write professional achievement you don’t include personal traits, regular tasks, and activities you perform, etc

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    Sports Achievements In Resume

    Sport achievement also looks at your strengths. “Mentioning sports achievement on your CV or resume will make you stand outside from the crowd. If, however, you are capable to express that you have frequently been part of other sports teams, university, the school will stand you in a better position when you start on your career path. In an organization, there are some roles, such as sales or field sales, value sports as a sign of competitiveness, strengths a will to win whether this actually transfers to the world of work however any problem is. At a bachelor level competing in individual sports and activities such as martial arts, tennis and swimming show that you are able to fully work by yourself and are a self-motivator which many employers will value that your competency. Over time, unless you are working in the sporting industry, the value placed on playing sports is likely to diminish as your achievements and experience in roles will take most of the focus. That being said does not underestimate your sport achievement, because of it at all-time greatest in your life. A form that hiring manager get these strengths like coachable, confidence, works well under pressure, goal-Oriented, knows how to compete successfully, disciplined, commitment and self-motivated

    The abilities that any student can showcase through sports achievements can be made explained through the following example :

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    Awards And Achievements In Resume For Fresher

    Nowadays the job market is hugely competitive, especially for those who are recently graduating from school. Every fresher who can just pass out and no experience they have a greater opportunity to make a resume very attractive and impress the hiring manager to hire you. The hiring manager is also responsible for when hiring candidates he should know” If you want to predict someone’s future, look at their past.” and then give the job to the candidate. But when you think to mention accomplishment in the resume then, do not include irrelevant achievement in that. Because extra and irrelevant achievement can make a bad impression in the overall organization. But keep in mind that if you mention accomplishment then it should not be unlimited to things that go above and beyond ordinary expectations. Fresher means that have don’t any corporate experience.

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    Achievements & Accomplishments On Your Resume

    Now, lets start with the Why?

    Why are achievements and accomplishments so important?

    Well, compare these 2 entries:


    • Hit and exceeded department KPIs by 20% for 5 months in a row.


    • Increased the number of sales.

    See the difference?

    The first shows how, exactly, you stand out from the rest. You managed to hit KPIs AND exceed them for 5 months in a row .

    The second example, on the other hand, doesnt say anything at all. Its pretty obvious that you did sales – you do, after all, work in sales.

    Huge difference, right?

    Now, lets move on to the next topic:

    Which Awards Honors And Accomplishments Matter

    Choosing the Right Resume Format

    Most career advice experts will recommend that you focus attention on the most relevant awards, honors, and accomplishments. The problem is that few define ârelevantâ in that context. How can you tell which professional achievements will matter to any given employer? Yes, you should be proud of all your awards, honors, and accomplishments â but will a hiring manager care about the same things you value?

    In the end, it depends upon how you shape your resume format and message, and how you document those academic awards, honors, and accomplishments. For example, letâs look at some common professional achievements that you may want to include in your resume:

    • Academic or athletic awards Scholarships

    • Awards provided for excellence in voluntary activities

    • Awards that target specific academic achievements

    • Job-related awards, if you have ever been employed

    • Leadership positions at your school

    • Professional associations

    Keep in mind that achieved recognition should only be limited to things that go above and beyond ordinary expectations. There is no added merit attached to showing up on time, getting along with others, or doing required work according to instructions. Those are all admirable, but they involve nothing more than meeting basic expectations. When youâre listing relevant honors, awards, and academic excellence, you should focus on your truly exceptional achievements.

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    What If I Dont Have The Data

    This is a very common question among job-seekers.

    Unless you were actively keeping track of your results at your job, you probably dont know how much impact, exactly, did your work have.

    The solution here is pretty straightforward: just reach out to your previous employer and ask for the data. They should be more than happy to send it over!

    Moving forward, though, wed recommend really keeping track of your results and achievements in your next job.

    Youll thank us for it later!

    Achievements In Resume For Students

    Students are considering as the most enthusiastic personality on earth. They have lots of opportunities to achieve awards in various sectors as well as they have career chances in that field. In student-level achievement is related to the accomplishments are relevant honors, awards that you earned for exceeding average standards in either academics or in a work environment. Some examples of accomplishments are: Honor Roll inclusion for high grades, Scholarships, Volunteer related awards, Awards won for specific activities or subjects , Elected class representative, Fine Art Award) Perfect attendance awards, completed a 25-miles marathon for charity Inclusion in student-related achievement publications .

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    Explain The Achievement’s Impact

    For any accomplishments that had a particular impact, explain in detail what influence your actions had. For example, if you lead a fund-raising program and raised $250,000 for a local hospital, you would explain how that money was used to improve the lives and medical care of the patients.

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    Example For An Awards Section:

    Personal Trainer Resume Sample and Tips

    Now that you have the lowdown on how to include awards and achievements on your CV, there’s no excuse to present a weak, responsibility-focussed document next time you apply for a job. As an added bonus, focussing on your successes will send your confidence sky high and that’s something everyone needs during their job search and during their job interview.

    Find out if you are correctly including achievements and awards on your CV. Request a free CV critique today.

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    Be Consistent In Your Formatting

    Whatever format you decide to use, make sure each entry follows the same template. A break in formatting will be distracting and make your resume look less professional. Along the same lines, choose a format that will fit well with the rest of your resume. The formatting of each section will not be identical, but it should be similar.

    Academic Achievements In Resume

    Academic achievement is mostly related to your school and college. A student’s life is such a phase where we gain little golden achievement as well as lose something. It’s such a stage where we get our own space for ourselves, for others we started the conversation and deal with friends, peoples – the greater world. At the very beginning of our life, they were like that normal student and get an ordinary score and deals with no high rankings, but few candidates got some extra special achievement or prizes during secondary education level and even, during a higher secondary level. Academic achievement ordinarily refers to the level of higher education a student has completed very successfully.

    Academic achievements are more likely to be related to one’s knowledge or his / her understanding of power so it can be helpful to you to make a positive image of yourself in front of the employer. For knowledge-based jobs, these achievements can give a competitive advantage over another candidate so that your chances of getting selected for a particular job becomes very brighter also in some cases you might be promoted on the basis of your academic excellence as you are better in academics as compared to other candidates.

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