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How To Post Resume Online

Keep Your Online Resume Secure

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While you may hear about online fraud, it tends to be focused on companies that derive their business from online purchases. As Monster is primarily a free service, and the contact information found in a resume can just as easily be located elsewhere , you can be assured that posting your resume on Monster is a safe way to conduct a job search and manage your career. However, you do need to be mindful about the type of information you include on your resume. For example, you should never include the following personal information:

  • Social Security number.
  • Passwords.
  • Date of birth.

Note:Posting Your Resume on Monster More Resources:

Your Resume To Upload Or Not To Upload That Is The Question

Crafting a powerful, engaging LinkedIn profile is an art form. People will either pay attention to you or they will move on. Before we get into how to spruce up your LinkedIn profile page, here are some primary reasons you should not upload your resume:

  • Private Information Risks Your resume usually includes your contact information, i.e. your direct email address, phone number, and sometimes even your home address. This is information you usually do not list publicly on social media. However, if you upload your resume that information will become public and available to anyone online.
  • No Control After you upload the resume, you no longer have control over what happens to that information . That means that anyone is free to view, copy, download, use, pirate, and distribute your resume as they wish all without your knowledge or consent.
  • Current Employer Issues Many of our Resume Upgrade clients are concerned about making their job search public and tipping off their current company that they are looking elsewhere. Uploading your resume to LinkedIn as a clickable document can make your job search into a public conversation probably one you do not want to have in the company break room or at your next weekly department standup. LinkedIns Open Candidate function is a discreet way to signal to recruiters that you are looking.
  • Post Your Resume Online: Benefits How To And Tips

    When applying for a job, it’s important for your resume to get a lot of visibility. The more potential employers who see your resume, the better your chances of successfully finding a new position, and one simple way to accomplish that is to post your resume online. Once your resume is well-designed, optimized and of high quality, you can post it to multiple job websites for increased visibility. In this article, we explore the benefits and best practices for posting your resume online.

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    Case #: The Auditteam

    File:Audit.jpg – Wikimedia

    The audit process is one of those dreaded moments where your ability to pass will not depend solely on your good record keeping.

    The level or degree of the audit process will be adapted to the situation at hand, the organization’s previous audit history and reputation, as well as perceptions during the audit.

    When preparing for internal and external audits, it is very important to understand the full scope of the audits so that those to be audited are adequately prepared.

    Example: Interacting with the Auditors Can Be Quite Tricky and I Recommend:

    • to stick to the questions being asked
    • to avoid introducing extraneous information that you may feel will win the auditors over
    • to be professional and not over or under engaged

    The audit process can be compared to the quality function in that it can cover large quantities of procedures and information, all of which can be subjected to interpretation or levels of “completion.”

    When compliance audits are conducted, you may think that these would be more straightforward, but that is not always the case either.

    For this reason, it would not be advisable to challenge the auditors as this may only aggravate the situation.

    You may be right about certain aspects of the audit, yet perceived over confidence or wanting to be right may lead the auditors to dig further in areas so be careful what you wish for!

    Select The Privacy Settings For Your Resume

    How to Post Your Resume Online: 13 Steps (with Pictures ...

    You need to decide if you want your resume displayed publicly or privately. Having your resume shown publicly presents the opportunity for employers to evaluate the experience you’ve earned during your career. Employers can save and download it if they want to keep it in their records, or they can email it to another member of their human resources department. The physical address that you provide can only be seen by you, whereas your phone number and email address can be viewed by the employer if you apply for a position.

    Your private resume can only be reviewed by you, which can be beneficial if you’re currently employed with a company. In other words, you only want your resume to be seen by companies that you apply for and give them an indication that you’re ready to switch jobs.

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    Best Sites To Post Your Resume Online

    ZipJob Team

    6 min read

    The hiring process for nearly every company has moved online which has changed the way we find and apply to jobs. Sure, applying for jobs online is easy but you should also be posting your resume to websites to have an employer or hiring manager find you.

    Many employers will search large databases such as Monster or Indeed to find qualified candidates. If your resume isn’t posted, you may be missing out. We’ve got you covered with the best sites to post your resume to and increase your chances of being noticed. All of the sites listed are free to post your resume.

    Here’s where to post your top-notch resume online and have recruiters and hiring managers contact you.

    Create A Resume Website

    Another type of online resume is one that is made and accessed only online and typically has its own URL. It could be a standalone site or a component of your personal website.

    This kind of online resume allows you to include images and even interactive infographics. You can embed links to other sites related to your work, such as your LinkedIn account, a website you developed, or an article you published. You also can include your work on multiple pages, creating a portfolio of your work.

    Depending on your industry and the type of job you are interested, an online resume can be a great way to highlight your skills and experience in a manner that is more visually appealing and engaging than a traditional resume. It also can show off your skills in web development or design, if these skills are relevant to your field.

    However, keep in mind that many employers prefer more traditional resumes that are submitted as Word documents, PDFs, or other more typical formats. Be sure to only create an online resume if you know the employer would appreciate this and if you think it shows your relevant skills.

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    Best For Tech Jobs: Dice


    The oldest company on this list, Dice was created in 1990 and has 70,000 job openings. As the leading database for tech job seekers, Dice is our top pick for posting your profile if youre looking for a job in the tech industry.

    Dice is completely free to use for job seekers. You can create a free account to upload your resume, education, desired salary, contact information, skills, and social media accounts. Once youve completely filled out your profile and turned your profile visibility on, employers will be able to find your information when searching through Dices database.

    Major companies like AT& T, Adobe, IBM, and Dell use Dices services to fill roles in data science, engineering, IT, and more.

    Make Sure Your Resume Is In The Correct Format

    STUDENTS: How to Upload a Resume & Other Required Documents / Apply for Jobs Online

    The website you upload to might change the organization of your resume if you do not submit your resume in the correct format. Select the resume format that the employer asks for. If they do not specify, choose the format that works best with your resume to ensure the formatting such as font, bullet points or margins don’t change. Uploading your resume in the right format helps maintain the readability of your resume for hiring managers and recruiters.

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    How Do I Create A Hyperlink

    Create a hyperlink to a location on the web Press Ctrl+K. You can also right-click the text or picture and click Link on the shortcut menu. In the Insert Hyperlink box, type or paste your link in the Address box. Note: If you dont see the Address box, make sure Existing File or Web Page is selected under Link to.

    Send Your Resume In An Email

    Generally, if you are submitting your application via email, your email message will include your cover letter or at least a brief explanation for why you are writing. Then, you will attach your resume to the email:

    • To attach your resume, click the upload or attach files button on your email message.
    • In some email platforms, this button is a picture of a paper clip.

    If the employer has requested that attachments be in a certain file format, be sure to upload your resume in that format.

    You usually want to avoid copying and pasting your resume in an email unless specifically asked to do this. It often looks messy and unprofessional. Also, without a message attached to the email, the employer will not know why you are sending the resume to him or her.

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    Should I Ever Upload My Resume To Linkedin

    Though we do not recommend posting a resume on your profile, you can upload your resume when you apply to specific job postings using LinkedIns job search page. Heres how to do it:

  • Locate the role for which you wish to apply. The menu bar on LinkedIns website has a Jobs section noted with a small briefcase icon. Click the icon and it will take you to a page where you can conduct targeted searches for roles that fit your goals and interests.
  • Use Easy Apply it will save you a lot of time. Once youve selected a job, LinkedIn will give you the option of applying directing through LinkedIns platform via the Easy Apply function. You will love this option because youll be able to apply for open positions quickly without ever having to leave LinkedIns website.
  • Use your LinkedIn profile and/or your resume to apply. After you click the Apply button a new browser will open where you can select the information you want to use to apply for the position. You have options for using your LinkedIn profile to apply, uploading your resume as an attachment or doing both. We recommend that you do both, to cover your bases. Some employers in more non-traditional industries are happy to review your LinkedIn profile alone, whereas others usually do prefer to have a formal resume to read through.
  • Ready, set, GO! After youve reviewed your work and ensured that each item is as you want it, click the Submit button and you are ready to go!
  • When Should You Post Your Resume Online

    How to Post Your Resume Online: 13 Steps (with Pictures ...

    Post your resume online when you are confident it is well-designed and of high quality. When posting your resume online, the quality of your resume is more important than the quantity of websites you post it to. In today’s online job search atmosphere, it is the well-written and highly optimized resumes that are more likely to get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, regardless of the number of job websites they are on. Take the time to improve your resume by reviewing resume writing tips, considering a resume writing service and proofreading like a professional before posting it online.

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    Your Shortcut To Success Is A Click Away

    TechGig Tech Profile is the most powerful tool you can use today to land a tech job. More than 100 top recruiters now use these profiles to make their hiring decisions.

    We want every programmer to have access to a tech profile and you can do so with just one click. We have a new point of contact – Upload Your Resume section. Don’t let your eyes deceive you this is no ordinary section. All you have to do is upload your resume and your tech profile will be automatically created out of that. You can now be noticed by top recruiters with a single click.

    Stop Cold Submitting Your Resume Online: Instead Do This

    Blind businessman holding a dart.


    When you cold submit your resume online in response to a job posting, you might as well put it straight into a paper shredder. While shooting off countless applications on Indeed or LinkedIn may scratch your anxious itch and make you feel more accomplished, its likely slowing you down. And, it may be making you feel dejected as canned email rejections come rolling in.

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    The Benefits Ofshared Services

    How To Boost Office Teamwork Through Team Sports

    The functions listed above are usually grouped together under the “shared services” umbrella of larger companies.

    These non-revenue generating functions should really be treated as professional, in-house consultants who should be involved in the different parts of your projects, programs, or business transactions in order to:

    • identify and mitigate risk
    • assure quality standards
    • avoid labor issues

    At the end of the day, these functions are not aimed at making business decisions themselves but rather providing the best information and advice based on the information given, as well as the time constraints they have to provide such information. Fine-tuned negotiation and communication skills are usually required when dealing with all of these areas so that business targets are met in the best way possible.

    It can be tempting to blame these areas for business failures but, when it comes down to it, success or failure is ultimately the outcome of the decisions made by the business leaders.

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    How To Upload Your Resume To Linkedin

    How To Post A Resume 2017

    There are two ways to upload your resume to LinkedIn: add your resume as Featured Media or upload your resume as you apply for a job using LinkedIns Easy Apply feature.

    Well cover the Featured Media method first, although we find it less useful than using Easy Apply.

    Heres a step-by-step guide:

  • Go to your LinkedIn profile

  • Press Add Profile Section

  • Select Featured and then Media from the drop-down menu

  • Select your resume document from wherever it is located on your computer

  • As we said earlier, we dont recommend posting your resume to your LinkedIn profile like this. Sure, you can change your privacy settings so random people wont see this stuff, but recruiters and hiring managers who might be interested in you later are just random people right now.

    On top of that, you can list your work experience elsewhere on your LinkedIn profile. The picture of your resume is basically unnecessary and will do more harm than good as a job seeker. Recruiters wont notice an uploaded photo nearly as much as a regularly updated work history section on your LinkedIn profile.

    Method two of uploading your resume to LinkedIn involves using the Easy Apply feature.

    Heres a step-by-step guide for that process:

  • Press the Jobs button at the top of the page

  • Look for a job with the Easy Apply tag on the bottom

  • Select that job and then press the Easy Apply button below the job title

  • Fill out your contact information and press Next

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    How To Submit Your Resume Online

    The bulk of applicants hunt for jobs on the internet these days. How to make sure your resume and cover letter will be noticed? How should your online application look like? Youll find all your questions answered below.

    The internet brings an enormous number of applicants to every job posting. Still, many applicants limit themselves to quickly creating a resume and sending it wherever possible. This isnt the way for success the resume for online submission should be edited or even . What is more, you should know the effective ways to apply to avoid your resume being lost or missed out.

    Use The Right Online Job Banks As One Of Your Job Search Methods

    Many job seekers focus on the big job boards like But according to experts, unless you’re in a high-demand field, this is one of the least effective job search methods, with only about a 10% success rate. So dont spend more than 10% of your time at this activity.

    Here are guidelines for making good use of your time online:

    • Explore niche, or specialty, job boards. Don’t just post on Monster. Also look at sites like for technology, or for health care.
    • Target websites of companies youre interested in. Determine which companies to target and post resumes to their sites. Better yet, contact these employers directly.
    • Consider regional job boards. To find these boards, type your state and the words job board into Google or try your local librarys website.
    • Try aggregator sites like,. These sites combine search results from job boards, company websites, professional associations, and other sources.
    • Try professional association websites. Professional associations often post jobs for their members. View the Professional Association Finder to explore options.

    Check out the Job Finder, which includes four job bank sources, including your state job bank. But since experience shows it’s not the best way to get noticed, it’s helpful to use a few different methods, including networking your resume in person.

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