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How To Put Mcdonalds On Your Resume

What Hours Can You Work Flexible Hours Weekends Or Weekdays

How to Write Fast Food Experience on Resume McDonald’s on Resume

Theres no right answer here. If you cant work night hours you shouldnt lie about it. If you can work weekends but not weekdays, then make it clear right away.

  • I want to work weekends because I have family obligations during the week.
  • Im available at night hours as Im going to college during the day.
  • I have a flexible schedule and can adapt to whatever hours you need me to work.

Hobbies That A Mcdonalds Crew Member Needs

The correct sort of leisure activity can sometimes strike the right chord in employers. Prioritize team building, skill-based activities like

  • Team sports like baseball and basketball
  • Languages
  • Writing skills
  • Programming/coding

These hobbies have the potential to be of use during your work tenure and can thus have a positive impact on your overall resume.

For example, as a sportsperson, an understanding of teamwork and communication is expected to be ingrained in you. Multilingual persons can help enhance customer service, musicians can improve morale at team-building retreats, and writers can help in writing fliers and promotions.

What Are Your Plans For The Future Do You Want To Get Any Further Education

You dont want to give them the impression that you will leave in a few months, even if thats your goal. The best approach is to make them think they are part of your long-term plans.

  • I want to learn the ropes of the restaurant industry and hopefully build a career working for McDonalds.
  • I want to focus on McDonalds while I finish my education. In the future, I hope to keep working here.

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What To Highlight In A Mcdonalds Crew Member Resume

Regardless of your work experience in fast food restaurants which may differ in scope and focus areas, employers and recruiters will be looking for specific things in your resume when deciding if they should invite you for an interview.

The first aspect to highlight is the work environments you have exposure to. McDonalds Crew Members typically work for in sit-down, take away or drive-thru stores, or in enterprises with a combination of all three. These fast-food outlets may be situated on busy street corners on their own, in shopping malls, airports or holiday resorts. Be specific about your work setting and environment on your resume application.

What type of Crew Member are you? McDonalds have numerous official and unofficial job titles dependent on the size of the restaurant as well as the location it is situated in, but crew members are roughly categorized as follows:

  • Kitchen Crew: If the majority of your responsibilities involve flipping burgers, preparing fries, or making eggs, you are a Kitchen Crew Member. Elaborate further on duties by describing what type of meals you can prepare and also the tools and equipment you use to make these items. You may also be assigned to a specific station such as burger assembly or work as a dishwasher or kitchen hand.

To keep your resume structured and more readable, it would be helpful to categorize your duties under specific sections of your roles performance indicators:

Types Of Layouts To Use On Your Resume

McDonalds Crew Member Resume &  Writing Guide
  • Use professional fonts like Arial and Times New Roman.
  • 10 to 13 is the go-to size for most font sizes. Anything bigger looks unprofessional, while smaller prints are harder to decipher.
  • Pay careful attention to the spacings, lines and alignments. You dont want your carefully put-together resume to be rejected because of some silly formatting issue.
  • PDF is the most common file format. If your resume is in any other form, convert your application to this before sending it.
  • Your crew member resume must be a compact one and fit on one page.
  • Ensure proper formats and headings and do not make the page too cluttered.

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Dont Skip Writing A Good Crew Member Resume Introduction

Between serving customers and maintaining a busy kitchen, McDonalds managers dont get a lot of downtime. They dont have much time to look over new resumes, so getting their attention quickly is essential.

Leading with a good resume introduction grabs a hiring managers attention and gives them insight into who you are and what makes you qualified to be a McDonalds crew member.

The key to writing a strong resume introduction for McDonalds is to underscore the skills, quantifiable achievements, and notable accomplishments from past positions that have prepared you for the food service industry.

Heres an example of a resume introduction for someone with some previous food service experience including relevant past experience and multiple quantifiable achievements:

Food handler certified fast food worker with 2+ years of experience delivering exceptional service to a high volume of customers. A positive attitude and strong work ethic have resulted in receiving the Employee of the Month award on 3 occasions. Reliable employee with a perfect attendance record. Looking to grow into a crew member role at the Arlington McDonalds branch and contribute to its success by increasing sales.

If you lack relevant work experience, however, use your introduction to highlight your relevant skills and your passion for working in fast food service:

Mcdonalds Job Description For A Resume

  • Reliability

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Mcdonalds Manager Resume Samples

The McDonalds Manager is hired by the McDonalds food establishment to oversee and manage a particular branch during a particular shift. Typical duties seen on the Mcdonalds Manager Resume include the following tracking customers satisfaction, enhancing the productivity of all sections within the store making sure the store provides friendly, reliable and quick service checking the movement of inventory, ordering supplies, creating employee schedules, solving customers issues and ensuring the employees and staff adhere to the food preparation rules and regulations.

While the job description varies and is extensive, the needed skills are universally common and include the following a friendly disposition, strong communication skills, the ability to adhere to standard regulations as prescribed by the company and relevant software knowledge. Most of the managers have a diploma or degree from the Hospitality and culinary sector.

  • Mcdonalds Manager
  • How To Write A Mcdonalds Resume

    Should I Include My Job at McDonalds in My Professional CV?

    While it might seem simple to walk into a local McDonalds and have an interview for an entry-level role, the volume of applications and turnover of first-year employees is so high that even people with no experience are assessed for core competencies.

    If you have the potential, then McDonalds can take you places, but first your resume has to tick some pretty specific behavioural boxes. It is also essential to show that you are brought into the culture and will thrive in a flexible and target-led team environment.

    If you are not mad about the product, get yourself to a restaurant and look beyond the burger and fries. If you are going into marketing, which messages stand out to you? If you have an operational focus, how is your role going to affect everything else going on around you? If you want to become a manager, which managers seem in control of their team and what are they mostly involved with? Immerse yourself in the McDonalds experience and make sure that you can answer: What is your favourite item on the menu?

    Technology is driving the future of McDonalds, so being aware of the 3Ds is an important part of understanding where your job will be in five years. The interviewer will expect you to have a long-term career horizon, so talking about one of more of these aspects will help your cause.

    Your McDonalds resume will include all the typical sections, with a golden arches twist:

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    What Do You Know About Mcdonalds

    • Its one of the biggest restaurant chains with tens of thousands of restaurants spread around the world.
    • It was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald and then purchased by Ray Kroc, who grew the company tremendously.
    • It specializes in quick service meals like hamburgers, fries, salads, fruit, yogurt.
    • It employs almost 2 million people in its stores.

    Where Do You Live Do You Have Reliable Transportation

    The closer you live to work the better. However, the most important thing is whether you can get to your job on time.

    • I have a car and can get here quickly and on time.
    • I live on the other side of town but can easily get here with public transportation.
    • I live close to work, so I can just walk here.

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    Not Just About The Resume

    Lets be frank here, working at McDonalds isnt a resume builder. Its not something that you do in order to build a resume so that you can get hired on at a prestigious law firm or investment bank.

    Working at McDonalds is a job to make money. It is not a job that looks impressive on a resume.

    And thats fine. You do not always have to consider the place you work to be a resume builder. For many people, the number one priority is immediate money. You want a job that will provide you with money, and McDonalds certainly a job that will do that. Even if its not much.

    So, dont worry about working at McDonalds if you need money and its the only available option at present. However, lets discuss if its something that you need to or even should put on your resume.

    Entry Level Mcdonalds Resume

    McDonalds Crew Member Resume &  Writing Guide

    You wont be alone submitting an entry level McDonalds resume. Every day thousands of people send resumes hoping to land a job in a McDonalds restaurant or head office. Some are transferring from another restaurant or a totally different career.

    If youre trying to get considered for a job at McDonalds, use the resume objective to your advantage. Remember what we said about the objective statement being your voice in your application.

    Share your story to the Hiring Manager. Tell him/her why you want to pursue a career in McDonalds. Dont write a resume objective as if youre Nicholas Sparks trying to write a sequel to The Notebook. Just be truthful and honest.

    For your work experience, identify the responsibilities you had which are transferable to the position you are applying for. As an example, if like Denice, you want to become a Restaurant Manager, some of the tasks or accomplishments you might indicate would include:

    • Managed a department of 20 personnel
    • Designed a marketing campaign to generate 50% increase in revenues
    • Streamlined costs by 20%.

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    How To Write About Education

    List your academic qualifications in reverse-chronological order. The section must include your college or university degree, your high school diploma, and other relevant information.

    You should mention your degree only if you have been a student until recently. If a significant amount of time has passed since your college years, you can leave out the details.

    The job description for the McDonalds Crew Member position usually covers tasks like making specialty drinks or taking customer orders promptly. So, for education, a high school diploma or equivalent degree is more than sufficient.

    When filling the education section, follow this format to catch the eye of hiring managers.

    • Institution Name
    • Experienced in time management as team leader with responsibility for stall opening/closing
    • In charge of transactions as well as inventory rotation and restocking
    • Significant profit over resale books using sharp negotiation skills

    Extra Tip:

    Building A Professional Resume For Fast

    Soft skills like a positive attitude and exceptional customer service are undoubtedly essential to land a McJob. But a professional resume tailored to the job description plays just as important a role in the hiring process.

    Being aware of the duties of the position can be helpful in all parts of resume writing. Everything from the CV, the summary, the objective, the skill list to the work experience section is improved by just reading it.

    It helps candidates target the specific roles and skill sets that hiring managers happen to be searching for. For instance, McDonalds crew member jobs require experience in preparing food. You may be asked about safe food preparation techniques and other food safety procedures.

    The following resume components are essential to land a job as a McDonalds Crew Member

    • Headers
    • Unique CV
    • Additional sections like interests and hobbies

    Takeaway: Carefully reading the job description is a must and cannot be stressed enough. Not doing so can produce vague, uninspired resumes that likely end up at the bottom of the waste bin.

    It helps candidates target the specific roles and skillsets that hiring managers happen to be searching for. For instance, McDonalds crew member jobs require experience in preparing food. You may be asked about safe food preparation techniques and other food safety procedures.

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    Does Working At Mcdonalds Look Good On A Resume

    McDonalds are one of the most common businesses across the country. And as a huge business, they are also a gigantic employer. Therefore it makes sense that thousands upon thousands of people are going to wonder if working at McDonalds is something that looks good on their resume.

    What Im going to do here is take a look how McDonalds looks on a resume. This will help people who are working at McDonalds or have worked there, as well as people who are considering working there while in school, perhaps, and wonder how it will look on their resume.

    Do You Have Experience In The Restaurant Industry

    McDonalds Resume #shorts

    If yes, share your experience: what duties did you have? What lessons did you learn? What were the companies? Years of experience?

    If not, simply answer no. However, if you like cooking or have customer service experience, you can talk about it here. That includes cashier positions at other companies.

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    Tips For Writing A Professional Summary For A Mcdonalds Crew Member

    Our pro tip is this keep it short and to the point.

    Among a horde of long-winded applications, a compact yet dynamic resumes stick with hiring managers.

    Though theres no need for you to pad, make sure you use the most striking and apt keywords to describe your past work. It is also crucial to list achievements prioritizing the preferred duties if you wish to make an impact.

    How Would You Describe Mcdonalds On A Resume

    Dont try and be creative and list it as a Fortune 500 company. Employers will see that and assume youre someone who plays fast and loose with facts.

    Instead, simply list that you worked at McDonalds in a particular capacity. You can add bullet points highlighting the skills required, but dont try and make it sound more impressive than it is. Youre not going to fool anyone into thinking you worked at a different company.

    However, you should add some details about your responsibilities and tasks that you were in charge of during your time at the McDonalds.

    These highlights might include:

    • Complaint Resolution
    • Time Management

    Remember, there is no reason why you should simply say: cashier, and not give any supporting evidence as to what exactly you did.

    Resumes that are like that are not seen as professional. You should always list some of your important roles underneath the job heading. Even if you were only a cashier.

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    Teamwork And Interpersonal Skills

    Fast food service requires a team-based environment, so employers are looking out for your ability to work well with others.

    • Active listening to be engaged with co-workers shares and communications
    • Positive attitude to maintain an encouraging atmosphere in working
    • Ability to work with others on one station for taking orders
    • Processing orders accurately maintaining constant communication with the kitchen
    • Ability to be precise and direct in communications mid-service during busy times
    • Coordinates with the team to ensure tricky orders are processed accurately
    • Ensures other staff keep up with the flow of work and assist others when needed
    • Communicates respectfully reminders of tasks for others to complete
    • Ability to delegate tasks to other staff where appropriate
    • Working with staff to schedule shifts and tasks according to the talents and skill level of the team.

    Mcdonalds Resume Writing Tips

    McDonalds Crew Member Resume &  Writing Guide

    Although McDonalds specializes in fast food, take the time when it comes to cooking up your application. Read our McDonalds resume writing tips for some useful ideas:

  • Use the Right Verbs Inject life and dynamism in your resume by using the right verbs to describe your work responsibilities. Among the appropriate ones for the service industry include: assembled, assisted, monitored, managed and scheduled.
  • Validate Your Information Whenever possible, substantiate your information. In our sample job description for McDonalds we listed Denices responsibility of handling 80 service crew and achieving 54% increase in upselling items for the summertime promo.
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    What Is Your Favorite Menu Item Why Would Anybody Buy It

    They want to know how well you know the company as well as your communication skills. Spend some time studying their product line on their website.

    Even better: go to a restaurant, order your favorite item, and take notes on how the food makes you feel.

    Then describe those sensations to the interviewer: The fries are crunchy and tasty. Sweet and salty, but not too much.


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