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How To Save A Resume File

Why Not Just Send The Resume

How to Save Your Resume as a Microsoft Word File

Some companies dont allow their employees to receive emails with attachments. In some cases, the employees can receive the emails, but all attachments are removed before they go into the employees email inbox. In other cases, the email might go directly into the persons junk or spam folder.

In some cases, even emails with links might not go through. And in a worst-case scenario, you might get blocked as a spammer, losing the ability to send any future emails to that recipient.

How To Create A Download Link

The first step in submitting your resume to a potential employer via a download link is to finalize your resume, then save it as a word processing or PDF file.

Next, youll need to upload your document to the internet so that it either is accessible by the public or is accessible using a password you create and give to potential employers.

You can use a program like OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox, or put it on our blog or website. The directions for creating the URL for your download link will be similar, but slightly different for whichever platform you use.

Depending on which program you use, the steps to create a resume file download option will involve you opening your document and selecting the button that lets you create a download link. Your directions might include the word Share, Get Link or Copy Link. Youll be asked whether you want the link to be public or private. If you are using Google Drive, for example, you can use their Direct Link Generator.

If you have a blog or website, you can follow the directions for uploading files to your site, then creating links to them. This YouTube video by Greg Hughes explains how to do that. If you have a WordPress site, put your resume into your Media Library, create a page with the new media file and get your link. The University of Florida provides step-by-step instructions for doing this.


Avoid Generic Resume File Names

On the contrary, cover letters and resume files that arent clearly named like those that are titled with a long string of numbers, or others that are just called CoverLetter or Resume with no other identifying information are far more difficult on recruiters and hiring managers.

Poorly-named cover letters and resume files make it harder to tell at a glance what a file contains and who it belongs to, which means that you run the risk of having your cover letter and resume accidentally discarded and your application ignored for being incomplete.

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Your Resume File Name Matters: How To Name Your Resume

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We recently expanded the team here at Jobscan, and as a result, we saw firsthand some of the mistakes job seekers make. One thing we saw over and over was people who were careless with their resume file name. And while we certainly would not have based our hiring decision on that, the fact is that all of the quality candidates used logical and relevant resume file namesevery single one included their full first and last names, and most included the company or position.

Those whose applications were clearly hastily done, or who were not qualified , had file names that were all over the board.

The lesson? When writing a resume, dont overlook any detailseven your resume file name. Youll stand out from the job seekers who send in sloppy applications, and trust usits easy to see which applicants have put forth effort and which havent.

In all but one of the many applicant tracking systems we have tested, candidates resume file names are visible to hiring managers. So keep your resume file name useful, relevant, and professional.

Below is a list of actual resume file names from applications we received .

How To Select A Resume File Name

Saving Your Resume to PDF from Word

What’s the best file name to use for your resume or CV document when you save it to apply for jobs? When you’re saving your resume, it’s important to select a file name for your resume that includes your own name.

When you apply for jobs, hiring managers will know whose resume it is, and it will be easier for them to track your job application and share it with colleagues involved in the hiring process.

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What To Name Resume File

What To Name Resume File. Heres how to name a resume file: One of the simplest ways to stand out as a job applicant is the file name on your resume.

Put your name in the file name on your resume. In case all resumes are stored together in one folder, they are sorted in alphabetical order. However, this naming convention might not work for.


Make sure your file name is descriptive and unique to you. If not the recipient may not be able to open your resume and you would have fallen at the first hurdle.


For example, some systems only show the first 24 characters A good file name will always include your name.

Source: www.docdroid.netSource:

Select the folder you’ve chosen to save it in. Be clear, but not undistinguishing.


Its important that your resume name contains all necessary information. Including the title ensures that the hiring manager knows exactly which role you’re.


Put your name in the file name on your resume. Dont hide your resume behind an unclear filename.


Open the file in google docs. A headline shows key resume selling points..

Send Your Resume How The Hiring Manager Prefers

For those instances when the hiring manager asks you to email your resume to them, they may have also provided you with instructions on which file format to use, especially if there are certain formats that they always struggle with opening on their computer. It’s also commonplace for employers to request you copy and paste your resume into the body of your email instead of sending an attachment. This is usually done to avoid unknowingly downloading a virus. PDF documents are virus-free so this remains a popular file format too.

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What Not To Include In Your File Names

There are also a few things you should leave out in both your cover letter and resume file names. These include:

  • The company name Since the recruiter or hiring manager works at the company youre applying to, you dont have to put this in. It makes your file name unnecessarily long and difficult to read. Some people think that this is a good way to ‘personalize’ your application, but it isn’t it’s the content of the documents that matter, not the file name.
  • The date Generally, theres no need to date your cover letter and resume especially if you havent updated them for years. You dont want an employer to know that youre using the same old, basic cover letter specimen or resume template youve used since 2010.
  • Version numbers You want your cover letter and resume to stand out on their own as final, definitive products, so leave out the v3. Remember, this is a job application, not a perpetually unfinished piece of software.

What To Know About Sending A Resume In Pdf Format:

Save Your Resume as a PDF

Many job seekers prefer sending a PDF as it keeps the formatting the same for whoever views it, and that itâs compatible across most operating systems.

Here are some problems with sending your resume in a PDF format:

  • The employer or recruiter might want to make a change, note, or highlight on your resume to organize it. If you’re sending your resume to someone for a review, the “suggest edits” feature on Word is quite valuable!

  • A PDF can be locked–nice for security, and not so good if the password doesn’t arrive with the file.

  • The receiver may not have the correct software to open a PDF file .

  • Although this issue is now rare, some Applicant Tracking System may have difficulty reading a PDF file. . For example, a two-column resume format might be read from left to right, despite that information being unrelated.

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Why You Shouldnt Upload Your Resume Your Linkedin Profile

Your intention may be to make your resume available in as many places as possible, but it isnt particularly helpful to upload your resume to LinkedIn. Its redundant and could communicate to recruiters that you dont really get the platform. After all, LinkedIn allows you to dive into your past experiences much more than you can with a standard resume.

Focus on building out your LinkedIn profile content rather than simply using it as a home for your resume. Try Jobscans for personalized tips and ideas.

Additionally, LinkedIn already allows users to download a resume-style .pdf of your LinkedIn profile.

Resume Pdf Or Word: The Best File Format In 2022

ZipJob Team

7 min read

You have your resume written, formatted, and tailored just the way you want it. Now it’s time to click save…but what file format are you supposed to use?

There are almost as many answers as there are options for files! When the stakes are getting your resume noticed vs sending an unreadable document, you want to be sure to choose the right file type.

Weâve got you covered!

This post includes the latest advice from ZipJob’s professional resume writers. This article covers a variety of situations, and when you should change what file type you send. Before we get started though, there is one exception that should always come first.

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Use Pdfs Generated In Word Or Google Docs

While you may be tempted to save it as a Word document for the sake of convenience and simplicity, you should try to avoid this, when possible, since different versions of Word may mess with your cover letter and resumes formatting options, like, fonts, or headers. This means that your nicely-formatted document may not look as neat on your recruiters screen or in the worst-case, even be readable at all.

To make sure your recruiter sees what you see, you should export both your cover letter and resume as PDFs instead. Saving your finished files as PDFs ensures that all text formatting will be preserved, no matter what application a recruiter or hiring manager uses to open your cover letter or resume files. If you need to make any changes to your cover letter or resume, just edit it in your word processor, export it as a PDF again, and write over the existing PDF.

However, if youre uncomfortable with this, you can elect to send in your cover letter and resume as a Word document . Just be aware that you run the risk of formatting issues if you do so.

Tips For Creating A Resume Filename


You think you have your hands full with your resume, your cover letter, your application in general. So it may be crazy to realize that when a future employer downloads your files to read, youre then competing not with other applicants resumes, etc., but with their resume filenames. Its true! The game starts as soon as you hit send.

Heres how to make sure you have a good filename for your resume.

1. Include Your Name

It seems silly titling a file with your name when its your file in the first place, but always title your job materials as though you were titling it from the recipients point of view. You leave out your name, and your file is likely to be lost in the shuffle. Plus, having your name directly in the file means your name is being seen, even when the file isnt being accessed! Anytime the recipient opens that folder or looks for another file, theres your name.

2. Keep It Snappy

You dont want a run-on filename. Keep it under 24 characters and spacesplus the .doc extension. Many computers only show the first 24 characters, so avoid getting elided or truncated on their screen.

3. Follow the Rules

Letters and numbers are all fine, plus a few standard keyboard symbols You can capitalize where correct thats particularly useful if you have a long name and need to omit spaces to save space. You can also use dashes.

4. Include the Word Resume

5. Leave Out the Version Numbers

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Final Note: What To Name Your Resume File

The name you give your resume is also an important factor to consider when sending out your resume. Your resume should be named a combination of your name and âresume.â

For example:

  • Scott.Brett.Resume.doc

  • ScottB.Resume.doc

Recruiters or hiring managers will sometimes go back to search the database for your resume. You want to ensure that they find your resume easily when they type in your name. It also comes off as professional!

Be sure to use your name and âresume.â

How Selecting The Correct Rsum File Name Can Help You Get Hired

When you name your résumé file correctly , it makes you look more professional to an employer. It also makes it easy to find your résumé. Hiring managers are always busy, so they do not want to waste time opening each document to find your résumé.

If you have correctly named your résumé, you can apply for jobs that suit your skills without applying by yourself. Yes, when you join the LoopCV platform, you do not need to waste time searching for job applications online. Instead, you can channel your energy in preparing for the interviews.

LoopCV allows you to apply for more jobs without spending any time at your computer. Imagine being invited for an interview for a high-paying job that you did not apply for. And this is only one of the advantages of joining the LoopCV platform.

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How To Create A Download File For A Resume


Have you ever applied for a job you thought you were perfect for and then never heard back from the recruiter? Ghosted. But maybe not. Some companies set their email filters to block incoming emails that include attachments. This is because so many viruses come in the form of attachments, and because so many otherwise-innocent attached documents might have a bug in them.

To increase your chances of your job application getting through, you might want to send your email with a link to your resume. This lets the recruiter or HR person click on the link and download your word processing document or PDF file for review.

How To Use The Best Resume File Format

Save your resume in pdf format | How to convert .docx file to .pdf file in MS Word?

It’s common to use either a document via Microsoft Word or submit your resume as a PDF file to either the hiring manager or human resources professional, but there are other things to think about when you’re ready to submit your resume to a potential employer. Here are some steps you can take before officially submitting your application:

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Applicant Tracking Systems And Your File Format

ATS is software which the majority of companies now use to screen your resume. The resume the ATS processes as a good match for the position are sent forward or recommended to the hiring manager.

Over 76% of resumes submitted aren’t considered, and an incorrect file type may be one of the reasons why. Other resumes are scored poorly by the ATS for lack of keywords, experience mismatch, or complicated formatting. Always send a Word document to ensure your resume goes through.

Also note that a PDF may be locked, meaning that an ATS would be unable to scan the text in your resume.

Join more than 1 million people who have already received our complimentary resume review.

In 48 hours, you will know how your resume compares. Weâll show you whatâs working–and what you should fix.

The Best File Format For Attaching Your Resume

On the other hand, many job seekers pass out their resumes like business cards while job searching. If you are sending a direct message to someone and attaching your resume, you may want to send it as a PDF. This will preserve your formatting and look the same across computers.

However, take note: sending your resume as a PDF does NOT mean it’s a good idea to use a creative or graphic resume format. Computers, hiring managers, and recruiters all prefer traditional, single column resumes that can be quickly understood.

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Benefits Of Resume In Pdf File

How to create a pdf resume and what are the benefits of it, there are many benefits for making your resume in PDF file.

No one can edit your resume file in PDF.

Impossible to change the layout if you save your resume in a PDF file.

Sometimes recruiters have some issue with Microsoft word if you save your resume in a PDF file then anyone can open it.

If you have any mistake, Grammarly, etc. then it will not highlight if your resume is saved in Microsoft Word Format, it will show red spell check to underline.

As you can see in this picture red lines show something is wrong there

Why Your Resumes Formatting Matters

How to Save Your Resume as a Microsoft Word File

ATS came into being nearly three decades ago to help recruiters find resumes in their growing databases. In the early days, the ATS programs had problems dealing with italics, lines, boxes, bolding, some fonts, certain kinds of bullets, and tablesbasically all the visual elements that give resumes a precise, snappy look. Weve come a long way since those early days, and fortunately formatting choices like these no longer affect discoverability as much as they used to.

The Ultimate Job Search Guide

Last year I wrote a resume for a marketing guy living in Vienna, Austria. His resume was built with grids and tables, and after uploading it to 25 databases, he got interviews with all seven of his top target companies within two weeks. The formatting had no negative impact whatsoever, and common sense tells me that while corporations tend to keep up to date with new software releases, even when they dont, they certainly arent using 27-year-old platforms.

But if youd rather hedge your bets, you have a couple of options: You can achieve the same look without the formatting elements that most word processing tools offer, simply by fiddling around with indentations and line spacing it just takes longer. Or you can save it as a PDF so nothing moves around.

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