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How To Write A Resume For A Doctor

Differences Between A Cv And A Rsum

Medical CV Example: How To Structure Your CV or Resume

There are notable differences between a CV and a résumé, including:

  • Education is always listed 1st on a CV.
  • A CV rarely lists an objective or has a long narrative profile. If you would like to explain why you are an ideal candidate for this position, include this as part of your cover letter.
  • Name-dropping is more common in a CV than in a résumé. For example, if you performed research under a certain professor, you would include his or her name and title.
  • Unlike a résumé, a CV can run for 3 or more pages however, the length of a CV alone is not what makes it successful. You should present the most relevant information in a concise, understated manner and avoid being self-congratulatory.
  • A CV should be neatly organized with clear headings and distinct conceptual divisions. Experience may be divided between headings such as Teaching or Research education may be divided between Degrees and Advanced Training or similar.
  • Bulleted points are commonly used in a résumé, but less common in a CV.

Sample Cover Letter For Medical Doctor Job

I write to introduce myself and also apply to your Medical Doctor position at Alliance Healthcare Solutions. My name is Vivian Rickert, and I have included this cover letter and resume for your attention. I have included my CV for your attention which showcases over seven years as a Medical Doctor in the ER of Johns Hopkins Hospital.

What Can Make Your Junior Doctor Resume Stand Out:

A strong summary that demonstrates your skills, experience, and background as the Junior Doctor

  • Compassionate Junior Doctor with a successful background in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patient illnesses and diseases. Acclaimed for making informed decisions to manage a variety of patient ailments. Skilled in the delivery of medical advice with a focus on patient assessments, correct diagnosis, and effective treatment. Experienced in the recommendation and prescription of appropriate medication. Ensures adherence to healthcare guidelines and standard practice. Passionate about public health and family medicine.

Targeted job description

  • Collect, record, and maintain sensitive patient information such as examination results, medical history, and reports.
  • Keep up-to-date with medical developments, treatment, and medication.
  • Perform diagnostic tests to diagnose patients.

Related academic background

  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery | Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai | 2010-2015

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Include A Cover Letter

Your resume outlines your qualifications, but its incomplete without a well-written cover letter that explains why your qualifications and career goals make you a good fit for the position. A cover letter is your introduction to the hiring manager, which makes it an essential part of your application to any medical job.

Here are sample cover letters you can use to write your own:

Include Your Career Objective

Physician Resume Template

After your contact information, you should write a two to three sentence career objective that outlines your particular skills, experiences and professional goals. A strong career objective can be especially helpful for recent graduates who may have limited professional experience. When writing your objective, try to include action verbs, specialized experiences and any relevant accomplishments.

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How Much Educational History Should A Medical Doctor Put On A Resume

As a medical doctor, you have undergone years of training and education to get where you are and this education is a qualification that does not go unnoticed.

In fact, having a certain level of education is a prerequisite to becoming a medical doctor at all. The position is earned not just through work experience and achievement, but also through the completion of the highest level of academic education.

As such, showcasing your entire educational history is often necessary on your resume or CV especially if you graduated from a university of high esteem, such as Harvard Medical School or the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Though you want to include as much information regarding your educational credentials, you should still keep things brief when possible. For instance, theres no need to list out your relevant coursework unless it pertains to a specific project, clinical practice, or other accomplishment you wish to highlight.

What Is A Doctors Resume Called

A Doctors resume doesnt have a special name and is simply called a Doctors resume. It is a way of presenting your work history, qualifications and experience in a short document when applying for jobs. These resumes are similar to most other formats, with a few differences depending on the profession.

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How To Write A Medical Doctor Resume

As we mentioned earlier, competition in your field is extremely high: you need to craft an excellent Medical Doctor resume.

Weâll keep it simple and organize, so letâs start from the format: the reverse-chronological layout will introduce the recruiter and hiring manager to your freshest wins up front.

Use friendly tones: they are far better than a simple fact-to-fact style as it can often be off-putting. You are a professional and you need the recruiter to understand that.

Example Professional Summary For Doctor Resume

A Resume Builder For Doctors. Review of a CV Builder.

The two summaries are significantly different. One is boring and the other one is exciting. One is plain text and the other one is factual information. One keeps the hiring manager wobbling and the other one makes him take a decision.

If you are applying as a fresh graduate without much of experience, you should consider writing a doctor resume objective instead of a summary. There is only a slight difference. In a doctor resume objective, you should highlight your career objective and passion rather than your limited experience.

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More Medical Resume Examples

Click on the medical job title below to view and download resume samples, and access expert resume writing guidelines:

Unsure if you need a medical resume or a CV? A medical CV is longer and used by physicians and nurses with teaching or research experience to apply for a clinical position. Use a resume for non-clinical positions in the medical field.

How To Write A Curriculum Vitae For A Job Application

Focus on your measurable, relevant achievements, not just your duties. Use action verbs: created, analysed, implemented, not responsible for creating, analysis and implementation.. Tailor your CV to the job postingread the job description carefully and check what tasks will be expected of you.

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What Is The Optimal Length For A Doctor Cv Or Resume

If you look for advice online about Resume length you will quickly be told that a resume should be no more than 2 pages. This is however unrealistic for most doctors. Because we tend to move jobs initially once a year when starting out we tend to accumulate a lengthy work history fairly quickly. Along with this also normally comes publications or extra professional development which is worth including.

The optimum length for a doctor CV or resume should be as long as it needs to be and no more. Practically getting it down to 2 pages is unrealistic. Most doctors can comfortably restrict their CV to a maximum of 4 pages. But again the emphasis is on what information needs to be provided. Not how much. Your emphasis should always be on relevance and creating a narrative that sells you to the employer, so if that means going a little longer in length then that is fine. So long as you spend most of your time refining your front page.

How To Properly List Your Education In A Doctor Resume

Medical Doctor

Use a consistent format to list your education. Be clear and concise on what to write. Do not write lengthy paragraphs in this section.

If you are applying for an entry level position with less experience, state what you learned under each of the degrees using a few bullet points.

For greater clarity, use the following format

    Write your degree type and the major

Eg: Bachelors of Science in Biology

    • Indicate your starting and graduating years
    State the University and the location

Eg: The University of California, LA

    Honors, awards, or any other special achievements

Eg: Deans list

    If you have a GPA of at least 3.0, mention it

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Do I Need Anything Else Other Than A Cv To Apply For A Job

The things you will generally also need to put in a job application are a cover letter and you will need to complete a form. Normally this form is online as part of the employers erecruitment system. If you have written your CV and cover letter well you probably have all the information you need to fill in the application, including addressing the selection criteria.

FRANZCP, MHA, GAICD | Medical HR Expert and Coach.

Anthony is an experienced health public sector executive, medical educationalist and coach.

Anthony is an expert in Medical HR. He has reviewed numerous CVs, chaired and conducted over a thousand job interviews and provided advice to a number of employers and Colleges about selection processes.

Anthony’s background: Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Manager with 20 years experience as a medical practitioner in public health services in a range of roles.

From 2012 to 2016, Anthony was the Medical Director of the Health Education & Training Institute , involved in overseeing a number of network training programs. He is also a Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastles School of Medicine & Public Health, and Year 5 Psychiatry Coordinator. He is currently completing a PhD in Medical Education, exploring personal learning environments in the intern training space.

Anthony recently delivered for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians a Best Practice Guide for Trainee Selection into Employment Roles

Cv Skills Example: How Do You Stand Out

Among several job candidates with the same qualifications, what makes you better? An intriguing resume summary and impressive employment and education sections give you a great start. But what if another candidate has is equally worthy on those counts?

The summary and skillssections are sort of like resume bookends that allow you to boast a bit about what youre good at. Do you have exceptional medical expertise in a specialized field? Do you speak a foreign language that would enable you to communicate with patients who dont speak English? Are you an outstanding communicator who can help patients understand their medical issues, as well as interact effectively with colleagues? Any of these could give you an edge again, based on relevance to the job requirements.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are the most important qualities sought in physicians and surgeons:

  • Communication skills

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Where To Find Jobs

There are a ton of job boards, agencies and services that will help you with your job hunt, so many in fact, that it might be overwhelming or daunting. Try taking a look at the resources below and save links to the sites that you find the easiest to navigate.

Its up to you if youd prefer to use an agency, or apply directly. Just remember, only apply for jobs that youre really interested in. Wherever you end up working is going to determine a lot about your overall progress, stress and work-life balance so think twice before applying and a third time before accepting a job offer.

Here are some popular recruitment sites across Canada:

BC Recruitment Sites

Do you have any physician resume tips or something that has worked well for you? Let us know on !

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Resume Layout And Design: Confident Presentation

Nursing Resume | How to Create a Stunning Resume for Nurses, Doctors & Healthcare Workers

You need to appear confident, trustworthy and professional and so does your medical resume. That first impression is important to your relationship with your patients and so is the first impression you present to recruiters. How do you convey those qualities in your resumes layout and design?

You want a reader-friendly, eye-catching design that steers clear of gimmicks. Your contact information should stand out without veering into the flowery because you want recruiters to be able to reach you the second they decide youre interview-worthy.

Since the layout and design speaks volumes about you before the hiring manager reads a word on the page, you may consider using a resume templateto avoid leaving your formatting to change. These professionally-designed layouts allow you to add in your own information which customizes options like color and section headings.

  • Go overboard with icons, graphics or unnecessary design elements
  • Keep your color palette reserved and professional
  • Submit your resume without first proofreading for spelling and grammar mistakes

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Cv Template: Update Your Cv For 2021

Before I was always really good at postponing writing my resume and apply for the job. With Jofibo I only need to look in one place because I have all that I need. It has made the job search more manageable and less demanding. Lukas Dohn. Step 1 . Choose a template to give your document a professional look.

The Structure Of The Dr Resume

The structure is your plan of HOW you are going to write. A proper structure will save time for the reader and make the relevant information stand out.

There are three types of standard resume structures,

Reverse chronological order


For a medical doctors resume, we recommend using the reverse chronological structure. In this, you start with your latest experience and list down the rest in reverse order.

In this resume format, your latest experience gets the most attention from recruiters and that is exactly what we need.

Apart from the main resume structure, the formatting of your resume is also important. Here are the things you should consider:

  • Microsoft Word or PDF is the preferred format for resumes. However, refer to the job description as to how they expect it
  • Choose an easy-to-read font
  • Use a larger font size for Headings
  • Consistent margins

If you want to stand out from the majority of plain resumes made with Microsoft Word, check out our resume templates for a perfect resume template. You also get rid of the hassle of making layouts, choosing fonts, headings and margins.

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Physicians In The Us: An Overview Update

The Coronavirus pandemic is putting more pressure on primary care physicians, who are on the frontlines of health care. Even before the outbreak, its widely thought that there would be a shortage of primary care physicians. However, math suggests that the US should have more than enough primary care doctors.

The need for physician services is projected to increase as the population grows and ages. Consumers will demand high-quality treatment that includes the latest technology, diagnostic tests, and therapies as the population ages and the presence of chronic illnesses rises.

If youre just about to start your healthcare career path, the prospect right now is that the rate of physicians and surgeons is projected to grow 4 percent from 2019 to 2029, about as fast as the average for all occupations. That is not bad for people who want to start out their medical career now.

To 8 Seconds To Review Your Cv

Medical Doctor

Whats all this fuss about the front page? Well, studies show that experienced recruiters spend only a few seconds reviewing your CV on the first pass and that most of this time is spent on the first page.

The front page is therefore extremely critical. It should be where you put all your best information. This makes it easy for the person reviewing your CV to determine that you are worthy of a more deeper review. Which in most cases means progressing to the interview phase.

The Front Page should consist of the following elements :

  • Your Name which should be the biggest thing on the page because you want them to remember your name*
  • Your contact details you want them to be able to find you
  • Your short qualifications
  • A career statement or personal statement
  • Your work history in reverse chronological order

If you have any space left. Which most doctors do not. You can start to account for your educational history. Again in reverse chronological order.

Ive written before about the importance of the career statement. But remember this is where you can highlight all the other good things that are worthy of being on your front page. The things that are buried on pages 2, 3, 4, 5 etc because you are following the rule of work history first, then education history.

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Medical Education Resume Example

Doctors need more than 10 years of schooling, internships and residency, and many other medical professions require specialized degrees, masters degrees or certifications. Your education section is the place to list all of them. If you are recently out of school and have a stellar GPA, go ahead and add that. Otherwise, your work experience speaks for itself. If youve completed an advanced degree, theres no need to include your high school education on your resume.

If you have published papers, earned awards or are an active member of a professional organization, you may list that here or space allowing in your 1-2 page resume, create a separate section to add these professional achievements.

Below you will find an education section resume sample as a formatting guide.


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