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Resume And Cover Letters

Dont Underestimate The Cover Letter Headline

How to Write a Great Resume and Cover Letter

When youre browsing the web, what articles usually catch your attention? Those with great headlines, of course! The same applies to cover letter headlines.

Start by paying attention to the headlines around you especially in tabloids and websites like Buzzfeed. These are usually designed to stir up your interest and make it impossible not to click through. Notice how they use numbers, questions, interesting adjectives to promise the reader to learn something valuable.

When in doubt, try to use this formula: Number or Trigger word+ Adjective + Keyword + Promise. The result can look something like this:

  • 3 Reasons Why Im An Excellent Fit For
  • Are You Still Looking To Fill The Position Of ? This Is Why I Believe Im Exactly Who Youre Looking For
  • 5 Ways I Can Help You Improve Your Companys

Finally, dont forget to adjust your header to the companys level of formality and put your headline in the subject of the email.

School Bus Dispatcher Resume Sample

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When You Cant Submit A Cover Letter

Many companies now use online application systems that dont allow for a cover letter. You may be able to figure out how to include one in the same document as your résumé, but thats not a guarantee, especially because some systems only allow for data to be entered into specific boxes. In these cases, use the format youre given to demonstrate your ability to do the job and your enthusiasm for the role. If possible, you may try to find someone to whom you can send a brief follow-up email highlighting a few key points about your application.

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Next Steps In Your Job Search

Your cover letter is only as good as your resume. If either one is weak, your entire application is for naught.

After all, a cover letter is just an introduction. Imagine going through all this effort to leave an amazing first impression, but flopping at the end because of a mediocre resume.

…But dont you worry, weve got you covered on that end, too.

If you want to learn more about Resumes & CVs, we have a dedicated FREE guide for that. Check out our complete guide on how to make a resume, as well as how to write a CV – our experts will teach you everything you need to know in order to land your dream job.

Or, if youre already an expert, just pick one of our resume templates and get started.

Skills For Your Music Producer Resume

Basic Cover Letter Resume Examples

Before you start writing, make sure you know how to write a resume in a way that best emphasizes your strengths.

A music producer oversees the recording and production of music. This process involves everything from selecting and hiring musicians to choosing the right recording equipment and studio.

Additionally, a music producer must have a good ear for music and be able to identify potential hits. They must also be able to work well under pressure and motivate others, so negotiation and communication skills are essential in this role.

When you apply for music producer jobs, studio hiring managers want to see a mix of hard and soft skills on your resume.

Your hard skills are abilities youve been trained in . Meanwhile, soft skills are personality traits that help you produce music, such as people skills you use to interact with musicians and audio technicians.

Here are some hard and soft skills that will help your music producer resume stand out to employers:

  • Music production software: Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Ableton
  • Equipment setup & maintenance
  • Attention to detail
  • Critical thinking

Although its a challenging role, music producers who have the above skills can play a vital part in creating songs that resonate with listeners.

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Retention Specialist Cover Letter Sample

If you are applying for a retention specialist position, then you will need to write an attractive cover letter. The following tips and a cover letter sample will guide you on how to write the best cover letter. How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Retention Specialist Position? Highlight your skills and experiences in Read More »

Create An Effective Resume

The resumes primary function is to showcase your talents and skills to an employer – clearly, convincingly and quickly. A resume is:

  • An individual summary of your background, experience, training and skills
  • A way to tell employers what you have accomplished in the past and what you can do for their company now
  • Your most important job search tool that can get you an interview, and leaves a lasting impression on a potential employer
  • A guide for you and the employer during an interview

It is critical that you invest your time and effort into creating a resume that meets the employers needs and highlights your assets. You should target your resume for specific jobs, and edit and update it according to what job youre applying for.

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End With A Professional Signoff

You should end your cover letter with a paragraph that summarizes the reasons you are applying for the role and why you would be a great fit. Keep the cover letter conclusion brief and explain that you look forward to hearing from the employer with the next steps. End with your signature at the bottom.

Example:Thank you for your time and consideration. I’m looking forward to learning more details about the Sales position and about TradeLot. Growth is essential to my continued success, and I’m excited for the chance to be a part of TradeLot’s industry-leading team. My proven track record and TradeLot’s quality products are a winning combination for increasing the company’s market share.


Malik Rabb

Write An Opening Paragraph

Nursing Cover Letter Tips (with a Resume Template) | How to Create a Cover Letter

In the first paragraph of your letter, mention the job title for which youre applying and where you saw the position posting. Explain your specific interest in the role and company so the reader knows youve done your research and are genuinely interested. Briefly state the main experience or qualification you have that makes you a good fit. The first section of your cover letter is also the first impression the reader will have of you, so it is important to appeal to that person quickly and succinctly.

Example:I’m excited to apply for the Graphic Designer position at Cloud Clearwater I found on Indeed. I understand you’re currently adding several new product lines, and I believe my skills in video and animation provide a significant advantage for creating a successful launch. As a longtime fan of your products, I’m thrilled at the opportunity to bring my unique style and passion for beachwear to the company.

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Focus It On The Future

While your résumé is meant to be a look back at your experience and where youve been, the cover letter should focus on the future and what you want to do, says Glickman. It can be helpful to think of it as the bridge between the past and the future that explains what you hope to do next and why. Because of the pandemic there is less of an expectation that youll be applying for a job that youve done before. There are millions of people who are making career changes voluntarily or involuntarily and need to pivot and rethink how their skill set relates to a different role or industry, says Glickman. You can use your cover letter to explain the shift youre making, perhaps from hospitality to marketing, for example. Think of it as an opportunity to sell your transferrable skills.

Finish With A Closing Paragraph

The next paragraph should focus on another key achievement or skill that is relevant to the position. Instead of repeating details from your resume, expand on specific stories or anecdotes that display your fitness for the role. Again, focus on stories that demonstrate the skills and qualifications outlined in the job description.

If youre changing careers, this is a good opportunity to talk about transferable skills or relatable experiences from your career.

Example:Achieving ambitious marketing goals is always a top priority, and I am always looking out for the best interests of the company. I enjoy delivering marketing presentations to potential clients and focusing on the strengths of an organization. My marketing skills at River Tech enabled the company to experience new levels of success and a 45% increase in customer engagement. I am never satisfied with the status quo, and I believe that a company should continually look for ways to improve and reach new clients through innovative campaigns.

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Paragraph : Why The Company Is A Great Fit For You

In this paragraph you want to show that youre serious about developing your career at this new company. Good companies want to know why do they appeal to you and how will your professional relationship be mutually beneficial. Consider the following questions:

  • What excites you about the prospect of working at this company?
  • How do the company goals and align with your own?
  • What do you hope to gain and learn from working there?

Convey enthusiasm but remain authentic in doing so. Dont go overboard with flattery or say anything you dont mean it will probably come up again in later stages of the application process. You have your reasons for wanting to work there, explain whats in it for you but remain professional and mature.

Different Types Of Cover Letter Templates

8+ Cover Letter Templates for Any Field [Updated 2021]

There are for a variety of situations. The most commonly-used cover letter is an application cover letter submitted during the job application process. Here are the four main types of cover letters:

  • Application cover letter

application cover letter is a standard and formal cover letter that is used along with your resume when you apply for a job. The application cover letter is written for a specific job and should include your skills and qualifications for the job. This cover letter type serves as a way for you to sell yourself as a good candidate for the positions you apply for.

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How Do Recruiters Read Cover Letters

Firstly, remember the main point of sending a cover letter is to help recruiters decide if youre the right fit for a position. For this reason, avoid generic write-ups at all costs. Most cover letters fall into this category and they dont help recruiters decide in any way. On the other hand, what recruiters love to see is a short persuasive argument of why you fit the role and the company.

the main point of sending a cover letter is to help recruiters decide if youre the right fit for a position.

Second, recruiters often look for inconsistencies. For instance, if your resume shows attention to detail but your cover letter is addressed to the wrong person, wrong company, and is replete with typos? Its an inconsistency. You want to make sure the number of these inconsistencies is kept to a minimum.

Paragraph : Why Youre A Great Fit For The Company

Now its the time to sell yourself and your experience. Write a short summary of your career and skills, tailored to fit the company youre approaching. You did your research, now ask yourself these questions:

  • What did you do at a previous position that gave you relevant experience?
  • How could this experience help the new company grow?
  • Which of the projects you have worked on would benefit their business?
  • Which of your skills make you well-equipped for the position?
  • Does any of these skills give you an edge over other candidates?

Put your most impressive accomplishments first. Dont brag, be humble. You dont want to come across as someone who lacks self-awareness. When in doubt, focus on your experience rather than yourself. You should be able to support each of your claims with previous accomplishments. Also, try to show that you know what the company does and that youre familiar with some of the challenges it faces.

Finally and this applies to every other section of your cover letter dont simply repeat the same things youve already put on your resume. You want to go beyond that.

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Professional Cover Letter Example

Dear ,

In my role as Restaurant Manager for Bar Louie, I proved to be an efficient, enthusiastic, and strong leader. My value quickly became apparent to Bar Louies shareholders after I single-handedly trained and prepared the entire waitstaff for opening night and beyond. Not only did our team meet sales goals each month for the first year, but the down payment for the property was even paid back after the first six months of operating.

MOD Sequel would benefit from my skills in the following areas:

Eye for excellence and high level of standards Strong work ethic and leadership skills Positive attitude even under pressure

I believe MOD Sequel will be a great success for many years to come, and my extensive expertise will help ensure your establishment succeeds well into the future. My time spent in this industry has prepared me for such an opportunity, and I sincerely hope I can contribute soon as a member of your team.

It would be a privilege to discuss your Restaurant Manager position in more detail. Im happy to come by whenever its most convenient for you. Thank you for your time, and Im looking forward to hearing from you.


Check Your Cover Letters Content And Formatting

How to Write a Cover Letter

Before you send off your newly written cover letter, you should review it. Here are a few things to consider when reviewing your cover letter:

Double-check your cover letter formatting

A professional cover letter is normally:

  • 200350 words
  • single-spaced
  • US Letter or A4 page size

It should be typed with a standard cover letter font like Arial or Calibri. The font size should be between 10.5 and 12 points .

Additionally, your cover letter margins should be between 1 and .5 on each side to ensure your letter is easy to read.

The content should be left-aligned except for your contact details, which can be centered.

Your cover letters format wont win you the job, but it can make you look like an amateur if it looks bad.

Simplify your writing

A classic cover letter writing mistake is to write long, formal sentences.

Ideally, a cover letter for a resume should be easy to read, confident, and friendly.

To instantly improve your writing tone:

  • Use contractions, like dont instead of do not
  • Avoid overused buzzwords and phrases like dynamic, think outside the box, and go-getter
  • Choosing simple, unpretentious words like helpful instead of advantageous

Heres a comparison between a personable writing style and an overly formal one:

Excited and professional

Too formal

Carefully proofread

Typos and grammatical errors in your cover letter will leave a negative impression on employers.

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Proof And Edit Your Cover Letter

A CareerBuilder survey reports that typos and grammatical errors can cost you an interview, as can not including a cover letter.

Be sure to thoroughly proofread each cover letter before sending it, looking for grammar and spelling errors. Consider asking a friend or family member, or even a career counselor, to read over your cover letter. It can be helpful to print a copy of your cover letter and edit it with a pen in hand. Reading it out loud is another good way to catch mistakes.

Cover Letters Allow Employers To Hear Your Voice Understand Your Intentions And Learn About Your Personality Here’s A Guide To Avoiding Cover Letter Mistakes And How To Write A Good One

  • Cover letters are written introductions by a job candidate expressing their interest in working with a company.
  • A well-written cover letter gives recruiters a better idea of who an applicant is as a person.
  • Recruiters are more likely to select candidates to interview based on a cover letter if their experience matches the job requirements.
  • This article is for job applicants who want to write cover letters that stand out.

When submitting a job application, your resume can only go so far. Resumes tell prospective employers about your experience and education, but they are essentially fact sheets. A cover letter gives applicants the opportunity to share more detailed information on why theyd be a good fit for a certain role at a specific company.

Heres a guide to what a cover letter is, why it is important, and how to write one with tips from seasoned professionals.

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Proofread Before You Submit

Reread your cover letter several times before submitting it and keep an eye out for errors of spelling, grammar or punctuation. Reading the letter aloud can help you pick out awkward phrasing or too-long sentences. There are certain common errors that we all tend to gloss over, so make sure to do a slow, deliberate reading that examines each word. If your salutation includes the hiring managers name, triple-check the spelling.

For jobs that require submitting a cover letter, remember that youre getting a valuable chance to illustrate your capabilities and share a glimpse of your authentic personality. Take advantage of the opportunity to let your greatest strengths shine, while also showing that you respect the hiring managers time and attention. For inspiration, you can browse by job title on Indeed.



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