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Resume Format For Teacher

The Primary Goals Of The Summary

How To Make a Resume For Teachers | Microsoft Word

The summary is the only place on your teacher resume where you can realistically employ some creative writing skills, adding energy and personality to gain a competitive edge.

Here are two goals for your teacher resume summary:

  • Convey the most important hand-picked information about your past career, qualities and achievements.
  • Tell your future employer how you can contribute to its school or business as an amazing teacher.

In most cases, the summary is going to be prominently featured at the top of your resume. Its prime real estate on your single page of professional characteristics. Make it count. The idea is to have it describe an actual living person, avoid clichés and provide a window into your professional character as a teacher. Action verbsare great for this. Here are some sample sentences that you may be able to adapt to your own teacher resume summary:

  • Established a warm, caring and friendly environment for kids to develop and learn in the classroom.
  • Supported parents and children in my class in navigating through early childhood development.
  • Employed advanced teaching techniques based on kids neurobiology and childhood psychologyto make sure my pupils had the best learning environment possible.

Take Advantage Of The Cover Letter

A cover letter adds value to your job application by complementing your already impressive resume. As a teacher, you can recount a wide range of experiences in your cover letter such as your involvement organizing school activities, leading school clubs, or any special instance where youve helped a student succeed.

Our Cover Letter Builder is the best tool for you to write a concise cover letter in record time. The builder automatically creates a cover letter for you based on your years of experience, job title, and writing style. Y include your particular achievements to take the letter to the next level.

Include The Right Details In Your Contact Header

Your contact header should be easy to locate and read. Some suggest not adding contact information in the header, but that’s why formatting your contact header properly is so important. With good formatting, none of your information gets buried, and it can distinguish you from other applicants. You should include:

  • Name
  • City, State
  • Professional links

Per industry standards, we’d recommend placing the header in either the top left-hand corner or centered underneath your name. If there isn’t enough space, you can remove the optional elements or go down a font size. Just make sure your font is sans-serif and no smaller than your resume’s body text.

Per the example below, you can put your header in a color block to grab attention quickly to add personality. It’s best to use not obnoxious colors , and always double-check that the color works well with black body text or white font.

Sometimes, the ATS won’t read it properly despite having a beautiful header. That’s why we recommend submitting your resume as a .docx and as a PDF .

We have plenty of excellent resume samples you can peruse for inspiration regarding your header, and if you’re rushed on time, choose one of our free resume templates to start and finish your teacher resume in record time.

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Example For Esl Teachers

State House High School, TX2015-2019

  • Taught ESL to over 200 students from Grades 2 to 5.
  • Customized and engaging curriculum for 1-1/2 educational program to prepare beginners students for the final exam. Recorded 99.9% positive exam results.
  • Offered after-school assistance to individual students.
  • Planned extra-curricular activities to increase student motivation in learning.
  • Prepared students for ESL tests like TOELF.

Kinds Of Simple Teacher Resume Templates

Teacher Resume Example [w/ Free Template]

The following simple teacher resume templates which are mostly part of the resume templates for freshers provide various formats which can be your guide in making a resume for your first job application as a teacher:

  • Substitute Teacher Resume Template Substitute teacher applications are often collected and put on reserve in case one of the regular teachers takes a leave of absent. For this application templates, indicating the type of subject one can teach is essential.
  • Elementary/High School Teacher Resume Template Resume templates under these two categories are strictly evaluated. Other than showing off their educational background, applicants must also show that they are capable of handling a certain age bracket and that they are familiar with certain techniques and methodologies.
  • Yoga Teacher Resume Template Exercise teachers and trainers like the one presented on this template must specify licenses and corresponding skills to become a credible teacher for that certain exercise.
  • Assistant Teacher Resume Template This type of template and an internship resume template has some similarities in resume format and information since most assistant teachers are interns from colleges and universities.
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    Experience Should Be In Reverse

    When editing content specific to your own experience on the pre-formatted resume, remember to keep your most recent positions at the top and work your way back. For your education section, put your highest degree front and center. With that being said, if youve had jobs not relevant to the position you are applying for, dont include it. Adding in your elementary achievements probably isnt also smart as it takes up space. Only include suitable credentials and objectives that highlight your abilities and skills.

    Put The Important Stuff Above The Fold

    Place the important information, such as your personal brand statement and experience above the fold. This teacher resume sample above from Envato Elements is a great example of one way to do this.

    In the press world, above the fold refers to the top half of a folded newspaper, the area that people see first. The most important news items are placed there.

    The same principle applies when writing your resume. The top half is the area your employer will see and focus on first.

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    Computing Skills & Certifications

    Now more than ever, the classroom has incorporated technology, making it necessary for English teachers to be proficient in computer applications and technology.

    Digital media in schools also enhances communication and makes lessons more interactive. Therefore, it is an added advantage if you possess computer skills and have the certifications to prove it.

    Your knowledge of programs like PowerPoint and popular digital communication platforms like Skype or Zoom can go a long way in making your resume stand out.

    Examples of computer skills and certifications in this area include:

    • Remote teaching
    • Awareness of grade management software
    • Certification in education software

    Why Download Our Resume Templates

    How to Format your Teacher Resume | Templates Provided | Kathleen Jasper | NavaED

    These templates were selected from among the best ones on the web and were written by knowledgeable professionals who wish to provide you with samples that can help assist you in your endeavors. You may be able to download these templates easily and for free, and you can choose to save them in different formats such as Doc, Docx, or PDF, depending on which one works for you. These templates are fully editable as long as you have the needed software such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat. If, however, you chose to download in PDF format, make sure you have the licensed version of Adobe Acrobat to be able to edit the PDF templates.

    Before you leave this page, dont forget to check out our samples of IT Fresher Resumes in Word, Fresher Accountant Resumes, and Fresher HR Resume Templates.

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    Win Over Administrators With Your Preschool Teacher Skills And Creativity

    Its not enough to just be able to teach young students. As a preschool teacher, you need to be able to inspire and encourage childrens curiosity and interests.

    So how do you engage young learners?

    In their resumes skills section, the candidate lists their proficiency in various musical instruments as well as their ability to create different voices. Imagine a resume that neglects to include these colorful details would that sound like a captivating preschool teacher?

    You dont have to be Mozart or a voice actor to impress administrators, though. Consider what other unique skills you have that can be used in the classroom to engage preschoolers. That could be arts and crafts skills, extensive knowledge of hands-on activities, or storytelling expertise.

    Whatever your background, letting administrators know that you can incorporate creative skills into your teaching is a big bonus.

    Dont neglect the all-important teacher resume objective. An effective objective will help you land interviews, while an uninspiring one will leave hiring managers unimpressed.

    Here are some additional preschool teacher skills for your resume:

    Active listening

    Teacher Resume Skills Section Example: A Varied Toolbox

    The skills section is one of the shortest parts of your teacher resume. There isnt much room to elaborate. Make each bullet point count towards your shining professional teacher toolbox. The skills section is used by recruiters to evaluate how productive and versatile you will be as a teacher in both your day-to-day activities and in challenging situations. Unlike the summary, you dont have much room to be creative in this resume section. There isnt much real estate here to expand upon, so each skill needs to be carefully evaluated to determine whether it should take up precious space on your resume.

    The best method to choose your most winning skills is to have a master list. This is a list that you brainstorm in a separate document. Think of any and all possible qualities and practical or social tools you might have acquired over your life and career. Then, for each teacher job application, customize your resume to include the most appropriate and relevant skills. Once again, make sure to pay special attention to the job description to not miss out on skills that the employer is looking for in a new teacher.

    According to DATA USA, the most highly valued skills by employers of elementary and middle school teachers are related to these general categories:

    • Learning Strategies
    • Speaking
    • Social Perceptiveness
    • Formal and Informal Assessments

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    Work Experience In Resume For Teacher Job

    The second most important aspect is the work experience. How you list your achievements says a lot about what you know about the field and is the first opportunity for you to make an impression on the recruiters.

    We collected some crucial things to keep in mind while listing the work experience for a teacher resume and made this ultimate guide for you. This is what you need to do:

  • List the jobs using the reverse chronology
  • While writing about the work experience, mention the job title, name of the company, and the start and end date of your term with them in the heading
  • Describe your KRAs, responsibilities, achievements, and learnings from each job in 4-6 points
  • Highlight relevant skills and accomplishments
  • Use the STAR method to explain and justify achievements
  • Use active power verbs to add impact to your resume.
  • Sample work experience for teacher resume

    ABC Public School, Primary School Teacher Mathematics

    Qualifications & Responsibilities

    • Educated primary class students about new and challenging mathematical concepts
    • Held workshops to make learning practical and fun, that raised the participation level, and in turn, resulted in better average grade for the class
    • Volunteered to be a substitute teacher for additional subjects like English & Geography

    Use A Resume Template

    Teacher Resume: Writing Tips &  Sample

    A decent CV template saves a lot of time by providing you with a nicely formatted CV which you can start filling up immediately. Furthermore, resume templates are developed to go past tracking systems , where you are unable to understand common formatting options that users select. ATS filters out summaries containing such options because they cannot be read.

    Software ATS is also looking for keywords for resumes. A decent CV template employs plain text to allow the ATS to locate your CV keywords. You may find the keywords resume in the job ad, so be sure the key terms used in the ad are replicated such skills.

    Pick the corresponding cover letter template if you choose a CV template. It makes you stand out for the hiring manager if your application materials match since they look more professional.

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    Resume Samples And Tips For Jobs In Education

    The Balance/ Miguel Co

    When writing a resume, it’s helpful to review examples of resumes that are related to your occupation. Your resume should reflect the latest trends in resumes for your field, including the format, as well as what you choose to include and how you include it.

    In the competitive field of education, you will want your resume to stand out and highlight your ability to learn and grow in the industry’s current environment.

    Here is a list of education-related resume examples to give you ideas for your own resume. The list includes resumes for early childhood education, teaching abroad, and related positions such as camp counselor and librarian.

    How To Write Experience Section In Teacher Resume

    Regardless of your extensive or negligible experience, this experience section is considered the backbone of a professional resume. The motive of the experience section in your Teacher Resume is to prove your professional skills in positioning you as an exceptional or innovative teacher in your past jobs. Past duties and accomplishments must be arranged in bulleted points without lengthy descriptions to ease the work of the hiring manager. The style of condensing content in a resume impresses most recruiters as it lets them scan through the resume easily, without missing vital points.

    When it comes to jobs completed prior to ten years, it is wise to skip the same due to the herculean technological gaps and changes in teaching since then, and now. If you must list an important tutoring experience prior to a decade, condense it to make bite-size points that the recruiter can interview you later with.

    In addition to being organized and technically sound, you must also prove your creativity at what you do. If youre adept in computer skills, teacher resume samples advocate that you list past experiences of introducing your students to Mega Computer Competition and Winning International Recognition for the School you worked previously and similar anecdotes. Your ability to conduct in-depth assessments and innovative projects will also impress and establish your professional value as a Teacher.

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    Awesome Teacher Resume Templates On Envato Elements

    We know you can get a teacher resume template for free on the internet. But Envato Elements has hundreds of professional templates to help you create the best teacher resume. After paying a low monthly fee, Here are some unique resume templates to set you apart from other job candidates.

    All you need to do is add your personal information to a resume template to make the perfect teacher resume. Customize and edit the template design if you want to give the resumes a more personal touch.

    S On How To Customize Your Teacher Resume Template

    Fresher Teacher Resume Format

    Once you’ve selected a modern teacher resume template, you’ll want to customize it to include your own information. Follow the steps below to change your teacher resume template.

    For this tutorial, we’ll be using this premium teacher resume template from Envato Elements:

    Let’s get started:

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    A Demonstration Of Your Business Etiquette

    The simple resume will demonstrate if you have taken the time to learn about the company as well as familiarize the position you are applying for. Researching about these will go a long way and will show the employer that you are indeed interested in working for them, and this may give you a higher chance of getting interviewed.

    Education Resume Example: A Point Of Pride

    The education sectionof a teacher resume should be crafted with care, as this is your field, but keep it short. If you have a postsecondary degree, its generally considered unnecessary to mention your high school.

    Be meticulous in ensuring you have clean formatting in this resume section, clear and concise descriptions and any relevant licenses and educational awards that demonstrate your aptitude as a teacher. Teaching is a profession that places a certain amount of emphasis on certifications and licenses.The most prominent of these should be mentioned in your resume summary, and the rest should go here.

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    Use The Jobs Preschool Teacher Description To Tailor Your Resume

    Every preschool is unique, and hiring managers are looking for a teacher who will be naturally compatible with the schools students, values, and teaching styles. So, its important to address each school individually, and to tailor your resume accordingly.

    A great way to demonstrate that youre the best candidate for the job is to closely examine the job listings description for a preschool teacher and incorporate the keywords used into your resume. These keywords can be special skills, certifications, education, or experience.

    Heres an example of a preschool teacher job description from a job listing with keywords underlined in blue:

    Heres an example of a work experience section that targets this preschool teacher job description:

    Demonstrating your competence in the job duties that will be required of you in the new role is a great way to increase your chances of getting a call back for an interview and landing the job.

    Start Strong With A Resume Objective

    5 Teacher Resumes Samples

    A resume objective is a short summary for hiring managers who dont have the time to read every detail of your resume.

    Therefore, you must fill each sentence of your objective with information that helps the hiring manager determine if youre qualified:

    • Sentence 1: State your professional title and how many years of work experience you have.
    • Sentence 2: Describe your unique teaching skills or accomplishments relevant to your target position.
    • Sentence 3: List any certifications or credentials needed for the role.
    • Sentence 4 : Announce your job-seeking goals.

    Heres a sample teacher resume objective:

    Elementary School Teacher with 6+ years of experience managing classrooms of 2025 students. Adept at using positive reinforcement teaching techniques to encourage student behavior and growth. Licensed teacher in Texas, with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies and Special Education certificate. Looking to leverage creativity and teaching experience to engage at-risk students.

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