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Where To Put Security Clearance On Resume

In A Standalone Security Clearance Section

Cleared and Connected: Social Media Tips for Professionals With Security Clearances

While not a section routinely seen on resumes, jobseekers may include a separate section on their resumes specifically set for listing security clearances.

When applying for jobs requiring security clearances, such a section should be placed near the beginning of a resume, after the Education or Professional Profile sections.

Miller-Hanson Corporation New York, NY March 2017-Present

  • Top Secret Clearance, Active October 2017-Present
  • Secret Clearance March 2017-October 2017

Get Your Resume Reviewed

The resume you present to a recruiter or hiring manager is your first and only first impression you get. You do not get a second chance at a first impression. People will judge you and your ability to fill their open positions based on what is on that little piece of paper. Make it count, get it reviewed by multiple people. Get your significant other or a family member to review your resume, they are invested in you and will want you to put your best on display. But also, always find someone to review your resume that does not know you personally. There are websites where you can upload your resume for review and edit tips.

Lastly, find someone you know in the career field you are trying to get into, or with the job you want, and have them review it for technical accuracy. By getting your resume reviewed you can ensure that you will present the best finished product to the pool of candidate resumes. If you follow these steps, you can be confident that your resume will stand out and rise to the top of the pile.

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Mention Your Security Clearance In Your Resume Summary

If you have active security clearance and are applying for a job that requires a person with such clearance, mention it on your resume summary.

This is the place where you mention your work history and explain why you’d be a good fit for the position:

Summary:I’ve been a Communications Engineer for 15 years where I used my skills working for the US Military and the Department of Defense where I handled region communication in conflict zones, such as Iraq and Syria. I hold an active security clearance.

It’s okay to mention the type of security clearance you have in your summary.

However, there are two problems with that strategy: it makes the summary section too big, and you lose the opportunity to write about your clearance in multiple sections of your resume.

Remember: people with security clearances make higher salaries. You need to sell yourself.

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Can Bad Credit Affect Your Security Clearance

Imperfect financial circumstances, such as bad credit scores, can have a negative influence on your application and potentially cause your security clearance to be denied. However, the dollar amount associated with your financial troubles is usually less important than the reasons behind your financial situation.

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Example Of A Resume With Security Clearances

SECURITY CLEARANCE Resume Example Company Name

To guide you as you write your own, consider this example of a resume that includes security clearances:

Gina ShinKansas City, Missouri 222-2222

*Profile: Seasoned, dedicated IT professional with five years’ government contractor experience. I hold an active security clearance.*

Employment history

Sail Technologies Assistant network administrator

  • Held secret-level security clearance while maintaining networks for the Department of Defense in compliance with federal guidelines

  • Regularly created backups of data created and uploaded to the system

  • Trained users on best security practices

Security clearance

  • Secret-level clearance, active

  • Confidential-level clearance

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How To List A Security Clearance On Resume

Otherwise, do not include your social security number, particularly if. Example sample resume with security clearance resumes of security supervisors list such skills as training security guards on the basics of securing property and protecting the. As for how to put it on your resume, you can include it in a bulleted list of your skills/qualifications , or simply as a line in the description of your duties/achievements at that particular job, or both.

This resume was for a professional who has worked with

Pin on Resume

sample resume for dietary aide cover letter hospital

Pin by Patti Wonderlin on Disability Social security

Top trends in Security Clearance Hiring Talent

Gse Mechanic Sample Resume Printable Affidavit Music

List Your Security Clearance In Your Job Experience Section

This is where you go into details about your security clearance. You can mention the level of clearance you have and for how long you have that clearance.

If you passed a polygraph test, you can mention it too:

Experience:Active TS/SCI Security Clearance, Polygraph test completed as a requirement

Security Analyst – Chinese TranslatorDepartment of Defense

  • Responsible for translation of documents from Chinese to English.
  • Used knowledge of Chinese culture to interpret security threats and provide DoD with intelligence on how to deal with those threats.
  • Maintained active TS/SCI security clearance.

Notice the bullet point on the last line of the job entry? You can list the level of security clearance you’ve had for each job in your Experience section.

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Can Sf86 Be Used Against You

Answer honestly. You have a right not to incriminate yourself and, if the agency requires you to list the information, it will not be usable against you. So, if you are not a current Federal civilian employee and you are filing out SF-86, there is a chance that the information may be used against you.

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What Is A Yankee White Clearance

CG Demo for Employers – Search Resumes

Yankee White is an administrative nickname for a background check undertaken in the United States of America for Department of Defense personnel and contractor employees working with the president and vice president. Individuals with Yankee White clearance undergo extensive background investigation.

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How To List Security Clearance On Linkedin

You know it’s legal to list your security clearance on your resume. But should you put it on LinkedIn?

There’s been some controversy over foreign spies using public social networks to find people with clearance jobs, establishing a relationship with them, and then gathering as much classified information as possible.

While it’s not illegal to share your clearance level on LinkedIn, use common sense.

Mention you have active clearance and add “more details available upon request”.

Don’t “give away the farm” on a public social network like LinkedIn. Do the right thing.

How Should I List Security Clearance On My Resume

To effectively list security clearances, avoid burying such achievements in any narratives on a resume by looking to highlight the clearances as bulleted points or within the text of a brief summary. To further augment the listing of security clearances, use bold-faced and/or italicized text written in ATS-friendly fonts such as Times New Roman & Arial.

As for the text itself, use a minimum of 11-12 point font to make it easier for hiring managers to read the resume and ultimately see any mention of security clearances.

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If I Cant List My Clearance On Linkedin What Should I Do Instead

As a top Government staffing agency ourselves, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to get the best mileage from your profile and safest experience from LinkedIn.

Join Clearance Groups on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has countless groups dedicated to networking for cleared professionals. Oftentimes, agencies and contractors are posting job listings for everyone to see. This is a very safe way for you to network your way to the top and stay up to date with new opportunities hot-of-the-press.

Searching for cleared networking groups is a breeze. Log into LinkedIn and in the top search bar click cleared jobs. On the following page, select the Groups tab just under the search bar. Hundreds of groups will populate for your choosing.

LinkedIn was built for networking and joining groups is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal. If you havent joined a group before, theres no time like the present.


Find Your Dream Job With Sentient Digital Inc

SECURITY CLEARANCE Resume Example Delex Systems, Patuxent Naval Air ...

Put your security clearance to work today at Sentient Digital, Inc. and enjoy doing the kind of work that is one of the major benefits of having a security clearance. Our technological expertise serves commercial clients and wins government contracts. In fact, we were recently awarded a $49M contract by the U.S. Navy to supply the Military Sealift Command with innovative I.T. engineering support.

Sentient Digitals team of software engineers and scientists, including those affiliated with recently acquired defense contractor RDA, Inc., provide technology services to military, government, and private sector clients. Developing and maintaining critical mission software solutions to meet our clients objectives is a core component of our work, and providing this support often inherently requires our employees to have security clearance.

As a small, veteran-owned company with an aggressive growth model, we know that our employees are integral to our success and we prioritize their development. We value the expertise and efficiency each person contributes, and were always looking to add high-performing members to our team. At SDi, we create a collaborative environment while encouraging personal advancement.

If youre seeking dynamic work in an intellectually stimulating environment where you can achieve your goals, check out Sentient Digitals open positions.

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What Is The Difference Between Sci And Sap

SCI stands for Sensitive Compartmented Information and SAP stands for Special Access Program. Security clearance levels come with different investigations and different challenges. As the name says some information is segregated into compartments and can only be accessed by people who are read on to the program.

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Add Security Clearance Level To Your Job Description

In the job description section where you list your roles, you can add security clearance details. To make the details stand out, you can list them in a different font like italics.


  • Promoted from product developer to senior product developer with senior security clearance.
  • Designed new and existing products in the market through research.
  • Involved in research, prototyping, and planning of new products.

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When Should A Security Badge Be Visible

When is it appropriate to have your security badge visible within a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility? It is appropriate to have your security badge visible within a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility At all times when in the facility. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

To Effectively List Security Clearances Avoid Burying Such Achievements In Any Narratives On A Resume By Looking To Highlight The Clearances As Bulleted Points Or Within The Text Of A Brief Summary

Tips for Completing Your Security Clearance Application

Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the planning & scheduling job. As an exercise, it will also function as a way to focus the data you put on your resume. Also, apart from the basic things you should put on your resume like your work experience, education, and contact information your federal resume must include additional details such as your:

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How & Where To Put Security Clearance On Resume

If you have a security clearance thats active or you had it earlier in your career at some point, you might be wondering how to list security clearance on your resume. It may all sound like something thats not very easy, but it does not have to be that way. Here, you will find all that you need for listing security clearance on your resume the right way.

Cut The Clutter Lose The Colors

The worst thing you can do to your resume is clutter it with useless information. Personal information has no place on a good, professional resume. If you are using 10 different fonts, the recruiter will trash your resume faster than you can say Wingdings! Avoid over using bold fonts, italics and different styles altogether. A good resume font to use is Times New Roman, this is a professional and clean font.

Lastly, please, please, do not use colors on your resume at all. A family member recently sent me their resume for help with formatting because they werent getting any bites from job posting submissions. Upon opening, I immediately knew why. Their name at the top of the page in probably 48 font, was blue, and their address and contact info was green. Colors in a resume are so distracting. Let your skills and experience catch their eye, not colors. Additionally, avoid using graphics, emojis or other animations on your resume. If your recruiter or hiring manager wants a picture of you, they will ask, do not include one unless asked to.

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What Are The Requirements To Be Granted To Sci

Access to SCI is only granted to individuals who have a need-to-know, have been granted a Top Secret clearance by Personnel Security , and are approved by the Department of Commerces Intelligence Community granting agency, and only upon completion of a separate Nondisclosure Agreement, the IC Form 4414.

Updating Your Resume With Security Clearance


When speaking of how to put security clearance on a resume, it is vital to know all the essentials, which means following intelligence agency resume guidelines. Landing a new job is not easy, and when you are looking for a unique opportunity, everything matters, not just your character, skills, and experience, but your credentials as well.

Security clearance means you have access to national security information. These days, many can find CVs on various job sites and take advantage of the information you shared. For that reason, you need to be extra careful when considering how to list clearance on your resume. LinkedIn and other websites of that kind are not the places where you should add such details.

If you dont have a resume security clearance, your potential employer wont even consider you for the job if it is the type of work that requires it. On the other hand, you may get in trouble if revealing too much information. Simply follow the steps above on how to put security clearance on a resume.

With that said, you can share that you own it, add its type, and you may also mention if it is active or not, but nothing more than that. The potential employer will see that, and if you land an interview, you will be asked about it, so thats the time to reveal some details.

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The 3 Best Ways To List Security Clearance On Your Resume

For government agencies and an array of corporate entities, protecting of government and trade secrets is vital to the ultimate protection of a nations citizens and resources or of a corporations inventions, personnel, and/or intellectual properties.

To ensure the protection of such classified and critical information and resources, governments and corporations often institute a series of security clearance levels obtained by employees through investigations into their work history and personal lives.

The question is, how should security clearances be listed on a resume?

Should You Always List A Security Clearance You Obtained

It is not required that you list it. That said, even employers/companies that dont require a security clearance be earned/maintained, seeing a job applicant with a security clearance will likely show employers that you are highly competent and trustworthy.

Given the importance many companies place on background checks these days, acknowledging you are having a security clearance in the past could help you appear less of a risk when it comes to hiring.

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What Are The Different Levels Of Security Clearance

It depends on the organization. Within the federal government, employees could be granted Confidential clearance, Secret clearance, or Top Secret clearance, the latter the highest clearance level, which includes access to secret information, personnel, or facilities deemed HIGHLY classified and of extreme importance to the Nations safety.

The Department of Defense also has additional specialized security clearance designations for specialized operations, assignments, and information access including Yankee White .

Include A Professional Profile

LinkedIn and Your Security Clearance

A professional profile is a section toward the top of your resume directly below your contact information, in which you introduce yourself as a candidate and briefly describe your qualifications and skills. It’s also an excellent place to mention further details of your security clearance. For example, in addition to your skills and professional attributes, you might clarify whether you have an active clearance or a past clearance. Here, you may also note the level of the clearance you’ve had.

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Describe Your Clearances In Your Employment History

Another section in which you can mention your security clearance is your employment history. Under each relevant job entry, you can list bullet points of achievements. Among those achievements, include the clearance you held at the position, the level of the clearance and any other details that don’t compromise sensitive information. Additionally, it’s a good idea to state that you underwent a background check or polygraph test. If you’ve had expired security clearances in the past, you can list those here as well.

Keep Relevant Experience And Ditch The Rest

If you are applying to be a software developer, a recruiter does not care if you had a paper route when you were 14. That kind of experience should be on your very last page at the very bottom, or removed completely. There is relevant experience and irrelevant experience. Let me break it down for you:

Relevant Experience :

  • Military service .
  • Volunteer experience .
  • Education, degrees, certificates, training.
  • Detailed responsibilities and descriptions of your current and past job roles.

Irrelevant Experience :

  • Jobs when you were a kid.
  • Items unrelated to the job you are applying for .
  • Social media handles, URLs .
  • Personal information .
  • Nicknames.

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