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How To List License On Resume

Adding Bar Admission To Your Resume

Where to Put Training and Certificates on Your Resume

Graduates should indicate on their résumé that they have passed the bar and have been admitted to practice. Many options exist to reflect this information on your résumé. Most attorneys create a separate section to show admission to the bar, but it is not required by any code of résumé etiquette. The label for this section can be any of the following, using singular or plural forms as appropriate:

  • Bar Admission
  • Professional Licenses
  • Licenses

For those who are eager to indicate that they have passed the bar, but have not yet been sworn in or completed all the requirements to be eligible to practice, consider using “Bar Exam” or “Bar Passage.”

When applying for positions immediately after being admitted, it is probably best to put bar information at the top of the résumé. After practicing for a time, most attorneys put this section as the last on their résumé.

Do not use the label “Bar Association” to indicate that you are licensed to practice. In some states, membership to the bar association, a private organization, is not related to membership to the state bar itself.

The following are some examples of résumé sections related to bar admission.


How To Add Certification In Resume Sample

Many professional certifications may go after your name. However, if not a professional one or does not require a license, ask yourself if that belongs there.The below uses an IT professional obtaining a Scrum certification to demonstrate how to put certifications on a resume:

  • After your name , CSM
  • Summary as an example, Certified ScrumMaster with over five years of experience working in an Agile environment. You have worked in your certification, years of experience, and stressed the needed IT framework. Then, proceed with the rest of your summary.
  • Resume certification section Certified ScrumMaster |Scrum Alliance|Issued: April 2019|Expires April 2021|Badge ID:|Denver, Colorado

Resumesbot Advice:

Ats Ranking Systems For Nursing Resumes

Next, its possible that the ATS will score your nursing resume. The score is based on how the content of the resume matches the content that the employer programs the ATS to look for.

Then, the Applicant Tracking System might rank all the resumes from highest to lowest score. Recruiters can then start reviewing the highest-ranking resumes first.

Weve seen other articles about nursing resumes claim that these scoring systems are standard in the healthcare industry. Our experience indicates otherwise. Instead, healthcare employers often do not make use of the resume scoring features.

That said, you must still optimize your nursing resume for the employers desired content.

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If You Have Limited Practical Experience

You might have the skills you need to do a job well but not enough experience to qualify for an interview. In this case, listing a certification that verifies your relevant skillset and commitment to the industry may make up for what you lack in practical experience. Many employers are happy to hire employees who have already invested in their own professional development by pursuing certification.

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List The Certifications Title

Best Mobile Notary Public Resumes

Using a font and font size that you included previously in the resume, list the full title of the certification as a bullet under the heading Certifications. Be sure to type the name correctly and to spell out any abbreviations. If the potential employer or hiring manager is unfamiliar with the certification, they will need to be able to conduct an internet search using the full title.

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What Types Of Certifications Should Be Included On A Resume

The first and most important step is to thoroughly read the job description. If you haven’t looked at any job listings yet, search for jobs in your industry to find some. Letâs go over the various types of certifications you may find in the job description before figuring out where to put them on your resume.

Should Online Courses Be Included On A Resume

Have you acquired certifications through completing an online course? Even if theyâre optional, these certifications can be a great addition to your resume. Even if theyâre not listed in the job description.

Remember, the point of certificates on your resume is to prove to employers that youâre a qualified candidate. Therefore, certificates from online courses should only be included on your resume if they meet the following criteria:

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Continuing Education Licenses And Certifications Oh My How To List Professional Development On Your Resume

Feb 10, 2020 | Resumes

Youre a savvy job seeker whos sought out some professional development and continuing education but should you list it on your resume?Heres a guide on how to list trainings, licenses, and certifications on a resume

Daniel Lorenzo | Marketing Manager at Lets Eat, Grandma

Your resume is the only place where you get to prove that you have the skills to, quite literally, pay the bills.

Your resume should include whatever you need to prove that youre qualified . This includes tangible accomplishments, your relevant skills and education, and potentially some supplemental content.

Youre here because youre curious about that supplement content does professional development belong on your resume? Should you include those trainings, licenses, certifications, or continuing education courses on a resume? If so, where and how?

Lets walk through the what, where, and how of listing professional development on your resume.

Honors And Awards Section Optional

Teaching & Writing Tips : How to Write a Nursing Resume

Of course, Honors and Awards are what resumes are all about! If you have many to highlight, or even a couple of prestigious ones, then you may choose to include a title-heading for them. Below is an example:

DAISY Award Received over a dozen nominations. Award winner for November, 2018.

Dianne Lanham Award Winner, 2018 Recognizes the importance of leadership competencies as a component of nursing practice at the point of direct care.

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What Every New Nurse Should Know

Here are 101 essential survival tips every new nurse must know:Never be afraid to ask questions. Learn to admit your mistake. Always clarify if you have doubts. Always think before you answer. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Keep up with your charts and task as they come up. Dont be too hard on yourself.

Where To List Professional Development On Your Resume

Deciding what to list is only part of the equation. Now you have the fun task of deciding where to put your continuing education, licenses, or certifications on your resume. Here are some ground rules.

Youre probably wondering whether to list your professional development under Education or a separate Certifications section.

First, how many are you going to include? If youre only listing one item , you could fit it under Education. Any more than that, and youll probably want to start a new section titled Professional Development, Continuing Education, or Relevant Licenses and Certifications.

An example of a resume certifications section.

Also, determine which type of professional development each experience is. If were talking about continuing education , lean toward your Education section.

However, if were talking about a certification or license, these wouldnt make as much sense under Education. These should instead go in your resumes certifications section. Even if you had to take a few classes or a test, a designation is not the same as a course. Examples here include the Series 67 License for financial professionals, SHRM for HR people, or the PMP for project managers.

One more thing remember the whole how relevant is it? discussion? Of course you do. This is important for determining your placement too.

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What Is A Commercial Driver’s License

A commercial driver’s license is a special type of license that proves someone’s ability to operate vehicles and machinery that often transport people, products or hazardous materials. When commercial drivers have CDLs, it ensures the safety of the operator and others while they drive on the road. Some jobs that may require a CDL are bus drivers, delivery drivers or tow truck drivers who need special skills and training to operate vehicles safely and stay on schedule for their jobs.

Include A Relevant Cpa Skills Section

Walden Recruiting Sample Resume Makeover Cc License No Derivs

Because employers scan through applications quickly, try to only include CPA qualifications and skills that are relevant to the position you want.

First, mention relevant hard skills in your resume skills section. Hard skills are learned from studying for your CPA, schooling, and on-the-job experience.

For instance, CPAs should be comfortable working with spreadsheets, so list your experience with Microsoft Excel and .

You also need experience working with different types of accounting software list their specific names so hiring managers know they wont need to spend time training you.

Use the same keywords from the job posting and include them in your CPA resume. Employers use application tracking software to filter applicants and select their shortlist of top candidates, so read each posting carefully and match their CPA-related keywords to make an ATS-friendly resume.

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Using Expired Certifications On A Resume

It is not acceptable to list old or expired certifications on a resume. If you have a certain certificate from a course or license from a degree etc. that has a possible expiry date, it is vital that you renew your certification before this date in order to include it on your resume.

In the case youre taking a course or have not yet completed the necessary requirements to be licensed in a specific area, you can include these certifications, simply by adding in progress to the description and stipulating the anticipated completion date.

Finally, it is very important to not include any certifications that you do not possess, that is to say it is strongly advised not to lie on a resume!

Project Management Certifications For Your Resume:

When it comes to certificates for Project Managers they are always a plus.

They show that youve invested lots of time to boost your career and learn new skills. And that you also wanted to get better knowledge for your work.

If your certificates are from trusted organizations. If they vouch for you, its a good thing for the Hiring Manager to trust them.

What are the best project management certificates to feature on your resume?

You can see our Top 10 list:

  • Project Management Professional from Project Management Institute
  • Certified Associate in Project Management
  • Prince2
  • More on the topic of a perfect Sales resume see here.

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    Highlight Your Most Relevant Skills

    Selling insurance isnt a walk in the park. Employers will be looking for applicants who have skills that align with someone who can thrive in sales. It takes a set of both hard and soft resume skills to succeed in this industry.

    Try to include some of the following in your resume, if applicable:

    • Bilingual abilities
    • Software knowledge
    • Employee training skills
    • Salesmanship skills
    • Leadership ability
    • Interpersonal skills

    If you have particular expertise in selling a certain type of insurance, you should emphasize that as well. This is especially valuable if its a niche type of insurance that most people dont understand, such as renters insurance or pet insurance.

    If the writing process is still unclear, our how to write a resume guide can help you get started. Or if time is of the essence, our resume generator can help you build one in minutes.

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    Specify Certified Qualifications Only

    Resume Tips: New Grad Nurse I TIFFANYRN

    Incorrect â “Online Course on Javascript 101″

    Correct â “Coding Boot Camp, Columbia Engineering 2019″

    Actual examples of projects youâve worked on are far more attractive to employers than just having a certificate in something. So maybe you can turn your learnings from an online javascript course into an actual javascript project that you can talk about with employers. Experience creating tangible results is always preferred over just certifications. Especially if you can work on these projects on the side in your own time.

    In summary, you should include online courses on your resume that:

    • Not only teaches you about the subject, but also guides you in producing real results that can be shown to employers
    • Relevant to the position youâre applying to
    • Certified by a credible institution or well known thought leader

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    Should You Put Expired Certifications On Your Resume

    heres a reason they expire. There are some niches, in which you have to stay on top with innovations coming every day.

    However, if you still want to write it in your resume, say that its expired. Dont lie to the Recruiters, they can easily catch you red-handed.

    If youre in the process of retaking it, write retaking.

    You may have finished the course before your first day on the position.

    How To Put Your Commercial Driver’s License On A Resume

    Commercial drivers work in various areas of transportation to deliver passengers or products to various destinations. To get a job as a commercial driver, you may need to have certain driver’s licenses that prove you have the skills needed to safely transport people and items in large, heavy vehicles. In this article, we discuss how to include a commercial driver’s license, or CDL, on your resume to show employers you’re ready to work, plus a resume template and example to help you get started.

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    Should I Put These Trainings Licenses Or Certifications On My Resume

    First things first: do you need to list these professional development items at all? Your resume needs to be short and value-packed, with only the most vital information.

    So, when deciding whether or not to list trainings, licenses, and certifications on your resume, first ask how relevant each one is for the specific job youre applying to.

    How do you know whats relevant to the job? Check the job posting.

    Job descriptions will often include required or preferred certifications, licenses, etc. If you find one that you have, put it on your resume ASAP. These are actually important keywords that determine whether your resume will be read.

    You Need To Make Up For A Lack Of Work Experience

    How to state your driver

    If youre looking for your first job in an industry and have no professional experience, listing the correct certification can help you get a foot in the door. If, for instance, you were trying to find your first job as a caterer, it would make your resume stronger to add food safety certifications.

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    Nursing Resume Font Size

    Most resume resources recommend a minimum font size of 10pt. However, its a little more complicated than that.

    Different fonts have different units of measurement. Therefore, the size of Times New Roman using 10pt is much smaller than Arial using 10pt.

    We agree that you should not use less than 10pt for any font type, but the minimum size for certain font types, like Times New Roman, should be 12pt. Youll need to run some comparisons between fonts to determine whether the base font size for a particular font type is small or large.

    With that in mind, you also want to use different font sizes and font weights to highlight certain aspects of your nursing resume. Its good to experiment with this aspect of your resume, but the table below will help:

    Nursing Resume Font Size


    When Should You Include Certifications On Your Resume

    If you have a certification or license that is required or preferred for the role youre applying to, definitely put it on your resume. Beyond that, like with all information in your resume, you want to feature certifications that are relevant to the role you’re pursuing, Yurovsky says. Think about whether a certification shows how qualified you are as a candidate for this specific role. For instance, if youre applying for a help desk or other IT support role, a CompTIA A+ certification that proves youve been tested on your IT skills will add to your resume even if the job description doesnt ask for it.

    Think about what each of your certifications is saying to a recruiter or hiring manager who reads your resume and what transferable skills it communicates. For example, that PMP certification will show that you can manage teams through complex projects and that you likely have strong leadership, communication, and organization skills, which might add to your qualifications not just for a project management job, but for any role where you have direct reports or are overseeing complicated processes. And, as the name suggests, a Google Analytics Individual Qualification shows that youre an expert in Google Analytics, which might add to your value when being considered for a marketing, content, or data role.

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    Include A License In Your Professional Summary

    Most resumes include a professional summary near the top. You might have previously referred to this as an objective statement or job objective. The summary is your chance to tell an employer why youre qualified for the role and to highlight some of your top experience, education and skills, including any licenses or certifications that make you a top candidate. If your license is a major qualifying factor for your job, this is another smart place you can include the information.


    Licensed social worker with 10+ years of experience serving in the community. Excellent client evaluation skills and the ability to resolve conflict quickly to provide the necessary resources for clients. Proven ability to remain calm and in control when faced with difficult situations.


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