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How To Write A Culinary Resume

Types Of Chef Resume Formatting:

How to make a resume! Chef Edition!

By default, while editing resumes, the text editing software gives large empty spaces to the document.Thus, to avoid making a 2-3 page resume, always reduce your template margins and fill the large, empty white spaces, leaving room for aesthetics.

SectionsThe sections of your resume must follow the order mentioned above, moving harmoniously. Also, dont forget to separate the headings from the general text, i.e. the sections must be of bigger font size and bold so that theyre easily recognizable.

Bullets Never use big paragraphs in your chef resume. Considered a rookie mistake, writing large paragraphs can clutter your resume, making it harder to read and consume more time. If you plan on providing details, always use bullets to improve precision.

Division The division is usually for resumes with over one page. Even though we highly recommend you to not exceed your resume by one page. If you do, divide the text evenly i.e. while writing something, be vigilant before proceeding to the second page, you always finish the text on the first document.

HarmonyWhile writing your resume, always stay crystal clear about the font type and size and follow that exact pattern throughout the whole resume. Using multiple fonts of different sizes shows indecisiveness.

Skills Section Example: The Right Techniques

Your skills section is a carefully thought-out sampling of your best talents and attributes. Just as you would serve up a broad variety of foods in a sampler plate, you want to make sure you display a variety of skills here.

You should include 5-10 of your highest level talents, but they should not just be related to cooking. Yes, it is important that you recognize high-quality food, but your time management abilities also make you a more desirable employee.

The median pay for a cook in 2019 was $26,360. Chefs and head cooks earned $51,530.

Make a Master List of all the requirements for your job. Then categorize them into hard skillsor the job-specific abilities you have learned in your years of experience and soft skills, or those that are necessary across many professions and that make you a good employee. For instance, if you work well with team members, are an excellent communicator, or are very organized.

See the skills section of our cook resume example below.

  • Detail-Oriented
  • Sanitation and Workplace Safety Practices
  • Culinary Creativity

Skills Example Section: The Sharpest Knife In The Drawer

Pay attention to this section to become the top candidate on paper and in the kitchen. Did you forget about that high turnover rate we talked about in the profile summary? The restaurant owner certainly didnt. This is one of his or her biggest concerns when taking on a new hire and the reason your skills sectionneeds to convey dependability and professionalism. These types of soft skillsalso include your personality traits, communication and people skills, none of which should be underestimated when it comes to working in a kitchen.

Your hard skillsare the ones youll be using when it comes to preparing and plating dishes. You dont want to weigh your resume down with each nitty-gritty step so breaking your hard skills up into categories or types of cuisines will give the owner a good idea of what you know how to do.

Heres a chef resume sample for the skills section:

  • Pastries and bread baking
  • Attention to health and safety standards
  • Physical stamina

When looking for a higher-paying job, its a smart idea to update your skills section for each restaurant you apply to. If its French food, dive further into the dishes and processes youre comfortable with. You dont need to completely remove the experience you have with Vienamese noodles, just make sure the most relevant skills are at the forefront.

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Summary Example: A Taste Of Everything

Personality is important in a kitchen where teamwork is a must. Your summary is the place to highlight your collaborative nature and excellent communication skills.A summary example can also contain a bit about your experience, education and top culinary skills.

This is your spot to shine. You can also call this section a resume profile, but its more of a super-summary since it also highlights your professional personality as a cook. The goal here is to sell both your skills and convince restaurant owners you are the right fit for the job.

You have about 3-5 sentences in this resume section, depending on space, to describe yourself professionally and sum up the best of your work experience. How do you get along with other kitchen staff? Are you cheerful under pressure? Do you help out in a pinch? Do you stay calm when the rush comes? You are a cook, after all, so make those hiring managers mouths water with your cook resume profile! Describe your specialty if you have one. Use creative, descriptive language. But dont focus only on the delicious dishes you can prepare. Remember that being a cook takes a lot more than simply cooking. Maintaining food quality, keeping the kitchen clean, and avoiding food waste are big parts of the job.

Check out the summary section from our cook resume sample.

Key Takeaways For A Chef Resume

Chef Resume Example &  Writing Tips for 2020
  • The demand for chefs is expected to grow substantially in the coming decade, meaning this is the perfect time to get your resume in front of restaurant owners.
  • A high turnover rate continues to be an industry issue, but you can use it to your advantage if your resume conveys reliability and professionalism.
  • Your strongest cooking skills can be grouped into categories, and dont forget the soft skills that make you someone others want to work with.
  • Education can help you advance more quickly in your career and land a higher-paying more competitive job at a casino, resort or hotel.
  • And if you need the perfect tool to craft the right resume, try our customizable templates and easy-to-use builder toolto get yourself into your dream kitchen pronto!

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    What Does A Cook Do

    A cook takes on many different tasks in the kitchen and usually answers to a chef. Here are some of the jobs a cook may do:

    • Wash, chop and season vegetables, meats and other ingredients before they are cooked
    • Work closely with a chef to develop a menu and practice executing it before the service
    • Cook and plate various dishes from a restaurant’s menu during a restaurant’s opening hours
    • Clean and sanitize work stations according to health and safety regulations
    • Place supply orders, receive them and store them properly
    • Delegate tasks to other members of staff like servers, busboys and dishwashers

    There are many roles in the kitchen that can fall under the title of “cook.” If you are working in a diner or short-order restaurant, you may be a line cook, but in other eating establishments, there is a hierarchy of positions that starts at the top with the executive chef, who is mostly a manager. The chef de cuisine, or head chef, manages the kitchen and creates the menus. Their second-in-command is the sous chef. If you are looking for a cooks job in a fine dining restaurant you may start as a line cook. Your title may be:

    • Butcher chef

    You may also choose to work for a caterer or as an independent caterer.

    It is difficult to predict when the restaurant industry will rebound or how far back it will come, but the U.S. Labor Bureau predicted in 2019 that jobs would increase 10 percent in the next decade.

    What Should I Put On My Culinary Resume

    For most jobs in the culinary realm, whats going to matter the most is your work experience and skills.

    If you have experience working in the kitchen of an establishment that is high profile or at least well-known, it will look good on your resume. Similarly, if you have worked at places that have high quality standards or serve at high volumes, it will speak volumes about your abilities.

    If youre a little lacking on work experience in the culinary field, it will help to focus more on your enthusiasm and commitment to outstanding food. Also, be sure to emphasize the skills youll bring to the team.

    If you have a culinary education its something you should mention in your resume. While an education is not necessary for most culinary roles, it will help, especially if youre applying for management roles. Oftentimes, a culinary education will make advancement a quicker process, so its good to point out to employers.

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    Why Employers Want To See Cook Skills On Your Resume

    Skilled chefs are always in demand, regardless of geographical location. These culinary professionals are responsible for overseeing the safe, efficient and creative handling of food throughout the production process. Additionally, they are responsible for various other administrative duties, such as inventory, ordering and staff management.

    Because of the various aspects of this position, those looking to enter the world of culinary arts should clearly indicate their abilities in the kitchen as well as the other various soft skills that are beneficial in this position. By detailing your skills on your resume, you will give employers a clear idea of why and how you will be an asset to their kitchen staff.

    Brand Manager Bu Culinaryresume Examples & Samples

    ðµðµHow to make Chef Resume || Desi Vloger
    • Ability to analyze and react to trends across multiple hospitality disciplines
    • Ability to respond to complex or ambiguous situations without losing focus of key Culinary objectives
    • Excellent verbal communication, written communication, analytical, problem-solving, and presentation skills
    • Strategic planning ability to translate financial concepts into actionable business strategies and tactics
    • Ability to discern color, taste, and texture
    • Excellent project and change management skills
    • Strong interpersonal skills with multiple stakeholders
    • Knowledge of governmental regulations and safety standards including all Marriott standards
    • Proven expertise in hands-on openings of hotels required
    • Provide leadership to hotel management teams to successfully implement culinary initiatives and programs Assist hotels in improving food product and presentation
    • Provide input on concept development and kitchen design for all brands
    • Ensure all hotels operate with respect to Asia Pacific continent and corporate culinary programs
    • Monitor overall performance of culinary operations and provide action planning as needed Coordinate task force as needed
    • Communicate creative, quality, and financial culinary expectations to properties

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    Pfister Culinary Supervisor St & Nd Shiftresume Examples & Samples

    • Prepare and cook food properly and quickly following all required recipes in a timely manner
    • Hold pre-shift meetings with culinary staff
    • Professional schooling from culinary school preferred or 5 years similar experience
    • Knowledge of proper stocks, sauces, meat fabrication, fish filleting, etc
    • Ability to creatively compose specials from items not being used
    • Assist in control of food waste
    • Garnishing knowledge and experience required
    • Knowledge and comprehension of the English language
    • Must be a strong leader
    • Ability to train culinary staff in learning our standards and be able to groom and prepare them for advancement in our culinary department
    • Ability to carry out the job functions of the Sous Chef when the chefs are not present

    Culinary Consultantresume Examples & Samples

    • 2017 Program Locations- West Regions
    • Denali National Park & Preserve-Denali, Alaska
    • Olympic National Park & National Forest-Port Angeles, Washington
    • Yosemite National Park-Mariposa, California
    • Asilomar Conference Center-Pacific Grove, California
    • Full apprentice program with mentor support
    • Training Workshops
    • Full uniform will be provided
    • 28 day holiday inclusive of bank holidays
    • Full Marriott benefits package including pension scheme and worldwide Marriott accommodation discounts
    • Pay in line with Apprentice rates for National Minimum Wage
    • Are you aged 16- 24 years of age, with a passion to be a Chef?
    • Are you hardworking?
    • Are you able to work in a team?
    • Are you keen to learn?
    • Are you committed to developing yourself?

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    Key Takeaways For A Pastry Chef Resume

    • While the proof may be in the pudding, it’s also on your resume this is the best place to highlight your accomplishments and skills.
    • An energetic and creative summary can make you stand out among candidates with similar skillsets.
    • Don’t forget to quantify your achievements in the employment history section.
    • Check out our pastry chef resume sample for more layout and design ideas.

    What Is A Culinary Resume

    Assistant Chef Resume &  Writing Guide

    A culinary resume is a document that professionals can use to find available cooking positions. As a culinary student, you can use this type of resume to highlight your culinary skills, your experience in school and your experience working as a chef, such as restaurant apprenticeships or culinary internships. Typically, your culinary resume is only one piece of your application packet, which often also includes a cover letter and recommendation letters from former professors, supervisors or colleagues.

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    Advice For A Cook Chef Job Interview

    Not knowing much about the company where you are applying sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    What if your interviewer asks you to cite the schools specific attributes which attracted you to it in the first place?

    What if he questions your interest in the post because you could not explicitly describe the attraction?

    What if he throws questions about the history of the facility?

    Those are a lot of what ifs, but thats what could make the difference between being hired and being shown the door.

    How To Showcase Chef Skills On Your Resume

    Chefs design menus, prepare foods and create exquisite flavor combinations that make for great culinary experiences and meals. As a chef, it’s important to highlight your chef skills on a resume to get noticed by hiring managers. Knowing what to include on a chef’s resume can help you write one that establishes you as a qualified and skilled candidate. In this article, we explore how to showcase chef skills in a resume, what skills to add and examples of chef resume sections to inspire you to create your own.

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    Chef Resume: Key Skills

    Picking the right cook resume skills and highlighting them in the key skill section of your sous chef resume can help boost your chances of getting in the good books of the recruiters.

    Your key skills section should be framed after scanning through your professional experience section.

    Pick out all the relevant chef resume skills that relate to the target job and place them in this section. Make sure that these skills are justified in your one-liner points.

    Listing out keywords used by the recruiter in the target job can help you rank high on the ATS which in return can raise your chance of being shortlisted.

    Look at the cook resume sample given below, to frame your chef resume skills section:

    Read our 2021 Guide on how to list your skills on your resume to frame a flawless key skills section.

    Culinaryresume Examples & Samples

    3 Tips: How To Write A Resume Objective That Sells
    • Prepare and service all food items for a la carte and or buffet menus according to hotel recipes and standards
    • Previous experience in a high volume restaurant required
    • Must aspire to be an Executive Chef
    • Preparing payroll for all culinary and stewarding colleagues
    • Assisting with recruitment i.e. coordinating interviews and preparing associated documentation, spreadsheets etc
    • Preparing minutes for all department meetings
    • Recording performance evaluations
    • Liaising with various departments for banquet functions, ordering, reporting equipment malfunctions etc
    • Recording daily cafeteria menu for colleagues
    • Ensuring the office and records are organized and tidy
    • Adhering to all policies and procedures including health and safety
    • Secretarial Diploma an asset
    • 3 years relevant administrative experience
    • Proven record of effectively working with positions at all levels
    • Superior analytical, organization, prioritization, detail-oriented and multi-tasking skills
    • Excellent interpersonal, communication , customer service
    • Able to perform efficiently and collaboratively in a fast-paced, demanding, multi-cultural and diverse environment
    • Able to learn various computerized systems required
    • Proficient with Microsoft Office applications required

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    Director Culinary Greater Chinaresume Examples & Samples

    • Financial management skills
    • Ability to read and interpret blueprints and floor plans
    • Effective influence, negotiation, conflict management, and consensus building skills
    • Excellent presentation skills
    • Ability to train
    • Ability to use standard software applications and hotel systems
    • Strong understanding of interrelationship with related departments such as food and beverage and event management
    • Knowledge of workforce analysis and labor productivity
    • 7+ years experience as an Executive Chef / Director of Food & Beverage
    • 5+ years progressively responsible work experience in Culinary Operations
    • Experience with all aspects of foods, food preparation techniques, and food presentations
    • Proven experience understanding multi brand standards
    • Ensure all hotels operate with respect to the Asia Pacific continent and corporate culinary programs
    • Organizational Capability – Evaluates and adapts the structure of assignments and work processes to best fit the needs and/or support the goals of an organizational unit

    Tailor Your Resume To Each Position

    When you tailor your resume to each job you’re applying to, you’re including information that reflects the hiring managers’ interests. For instance, if the employer seeks a candidate with experience in the food and service industry, discuss your experience working in that field. If you’re applying to be a chef at a five-star restaurant, summarize your job responsibilities at similar establishments.

    You can still discuss relevant skills if you have limited experience as a chef. For instance, emphasize your customer service skills or knowledge of food preparation on your resume to align with the job description. If you’ve worked in the food service industry besides being a chef, include details about serving dishes or explaining menu options to restaurant guests.

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    First Draft Of Chef Resume

    After you are done creating your master resume, you need to make the first draft of your chef resume wherein you should compose the following sections:

    • Header
    • Awards & recognition
    • Additional information

    Every section plays an important role in its unique way to enhance your culinary resume, so make sure that every section is thoroughly framed.


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