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Resume For Data Engineer

Responsibilities For Senior Data Engineer Grm Analytics Resume

Data Analyst & Software Engineer Resume Tips and Templates
  • In-depth knowledge and hands-on programming skills in Scala or Java
  • Build Strong Partnerships Demonstrate integrity, build trust with others and promotes collaboration and teamwork
  • ETL tool experience required, with a strong preference for MSBI
  • Good experience with Linux shell scripting and command line tools
  • Strong Java development experience of data ingestion systems and data pipelines
  • Proven experience of working within environments with a diverse data landscape
  • Works effectively with multi-disciplinary teams and understands the interconnections between them

Include The Right Sections To Organize Your Data Engineer Resume

You need to know which sections to include in your senior data engineer resume.

Every section in a resume helps you communicate your details in a distinct way that can help you create a job-winning resume.

The standard sections given below should be included in your data engineer resume content sections at all times:

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Amazon Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineer

  • Develop multiple MapReduce jobs in Java and Spark for data cleaning, transformations and data pre-processing.
  • Responsible for strategy and execution of all analytics projects with the goal of increasing sales effectiveness, customer loyalty, marketing effectiveness and financial performance.
  • Develop a real time streaming application to process Kafka messages and store them into multiple destinations like Hbase, ElasticSearch.
  • Implement utility to copy data from Kafka into HDFS for storage on a regular time interval.
  • Architect, implement and deploy the Python framework used for real-time data processing at Amazon, leveraging multi-tasking, multithreading and multiprocessing to process > 30TB data at scale.

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Key Takeaways For A Data Engineer Resume

  • An outstanding data engineer resume could give you a competitive winning edge in one of todays most dynamic job markets.
  • Showcase your most relevant qualifications as achievements that the prospective employer or client will be keenly interested in. The more extensive your work experience as a data engineer, the more selective you need to be in deciding what to emphasize.
  • Optimize the impact with impressive facts and figures to substantiate measurable outcomes that could be replicated if you are hired.
  • Be sure not to overlook the vitally important soft skills that could set you apart from other technically qualified job contenders.
  • Check out our adaptable data engineer resume sample for more ideas on creating a header that commands attention.
  • Big Data Engineer Resume Example

    Data Engineer Resume: Sample and Guide [20+ Tips]

    Big Data Engineer, Walmart Labs

    • Designed and implemented ETL pipelines to automate structured data ingestion.
    • Installed and configured Oracles Sharepoint service to provide over 500 global partners with team sites and simple form-based workflow.
    • Automated data post-processing pipeline with a web application using R and Shiny.

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    Prepare Your Opening Statement

    In a few sentences, describe who you are and what you have to offer. You can include keywords from the job description or highlight your experience or successes.

    You will benefit from writing a if you already have several years in the data field. If you are new to the job market or making a career change, consider writing a resume objective statement. Look through your education and experience that includes transferable skills and highlight your biggest achievements.

    Data Engineering Resume Example

    Here is an example of a resume for a data engineer:

    Mary Smith

    Professional Summary

    Proficient data engineer with six years of experience in the financial industry, including four years of managerial experience, looking to build robust databases that lead to client revenue increases.


    Oregon State University, Corvallis, ORBachelor’s of Science in Computer Science, 201115

    Work Experience

    Data Engineer, Riverway Financial Services, New York, NY. 201921

    • Oversaw data migration to Azure

    • Led a team of over 10 data engineers, analysts and interns

    • Managed debugging and upgrading of fraud detection software

    • Developed performance analysis metrics to monitor project implementation, resulting in a 15% cost reduction over 2 years

    Data Engineer, Evergreen Financials, New York, NY. 2016-219

    • Developed one-on-one mentoring program for engineers which resulted in a 30% decrease in engineer staff turnover

    • Managed data backup and systems security

    • Worked with software developers to monitor implementation of new applications

    • Reported to Senior Engineer monthly to summarize budgetary and expense needs

    Data Engineering Intern, Big City Bank, Chicago, IL. 2015-2016

    • Designed application to monitor purchasing trends for fraud detection

    • Assisted data engineers with data warehousing projects

    Technical Skills

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    Add Data Engineer Skills And Expertise

    There are two categories of skills you should mention in a resume-

    • Hard/Technical Skills

    • Soft Skills

    Hard/technical skills are your domain-specific skills and knowledge. For a data engineer, technical skills should include computer science, database technologies, programming languages, data mining tools, etc.

    Soft skills are a combination of interpersonal and social skills. These skills are your personality traits that define how you handle your interpersonal connections and support hard skills in a job role.

    But always remember to add only relevant hard skills to the data engineer skills section in your resume. For example, data analysts need not include cooking skills, software engineers need not include Photoshop skills, or data warehouse engineers need not include gardening skills. While adding skills to your resume, make sure it fits your job description and role

    Here is a table of data engineering skills and projects that will help you showcase your expertise to the recruiter-


    Here’s an example of the skill section in a big data engineer resume-

    Data Engineer Resume Example

    Data Science Engineer Resume | How To Prepare Resume For Data Science Roles | Simplilearn

    Seeking a challenging and high-impact role that will verage my data engineering experience and expertise in the areas of BI, Big data and IT. Highly organized with strong capabilities to prioritize workload, deliver projects within timelines. Capable of processing large datasets of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

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    Faqs On Writing A Data Engineer Resume

    Q1. How long should a data engineer resume be?

    Your data engineer resume should be one or two pages long, depending on your experience levels. Experienced or senior data engineers can have a two-page resume but ensure the most important information is presented on the first page.

    Q2. What are some of the top skills to include on a data engineer resume?

    Python, Scala, Go, ETL and Data Pipeline Tools, Big Data Tools, Hadoop, Hive, Database Technologies, Cloud Engineering, Azure, AWS, Kafka, Apache, PySpark, Data Warehouses, Data Platforms, ML, etc. are some of the most in-demand data engineering skills.

    Q3. Should I include soft skills in a data engineer resume?

    Yes, interpersonal skills are important for data engineers who work with multiple stakeholders and data scientists to ascertain business requirements and develop the right infrastructure and systems.

    Q4. How is a data engineer resume different from a software engineer resume?

    Software engineer resumes tend to cater to generalized software engineering roles. In contrast, a data engineer resume has to contain information about data engineering roles that require specific skills, experience, and qualifications.

    Q5. What is a data engineerâs job?

    Data Engineer Resume Samples

    Below you’ll find Data Engineer resume examples based on years of experience and area of specialization. You can use them as a base for your resume easily by clicking the button.

    Big data engineer resume

    Here’s what we like about this resume, from top to bottom:

    • It starts with a relevant job title, targeted to the position this Data Engineer is applying for. What’s more, a link to their GitHub profile tells a lot to a technical recruiter how good of an employee they will be hiring.
    • Their summary is on the short side, but it still encompasses their years of experience, favourite technology, and certifications.
    • Bullet points are actionable and contain numeric achievements that put into perspective the candidate’s work.
    • Certifications
    • Achievements.

    Let’s now get into each of these sections, and see the best way to list them on your resume.

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    Experience For Senior Data Engineer Informatics Resume

    • Solid experience working with at least one NoSQL database like HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, and Neo4J
    • Good experience working with at least one BI and Analytics Platform would be welcome
    • Strong experience in end- to-end performance analysis and tuning
    • Strong hands-on experience with Oracle database scripting
    • A strong understanding of data structures, algorithms, and effective software design
    • Solid understanding of statistics and experience with statistical packages such as R, Matlab, SPSS, etc.
    • Experience of REST API design and Experience working in Agile/Scrum development team
    • Intermediate understanding of Linux/DockerDemonstrated database schema and design experience
    • Strong, proven background in data engineering/architecture

    Skills For Senior Data Engineer Grm Analytics Resume

    Data Engineer Resume: Sample and Guide [20+ Tips]
    • Programming skills in R, Scala, Java
    • Outstanding SQL scripting skills
    • Capable of navigating and working effectively in a DevOps model including leveraging related technologies: Jenkins, GitLab, etc
    • Strong experience in delivering data using Streaming Technologies
    • Communicate effectively through listening, documentation, and presentation, especially using compelling visualization tools
    • Experience with supporting analytic activities including knowledge of statistical testing, Data Quality assessment and validation theory

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    Describe Your Work Experience

    As with your education, include specific information such as the company’s name and location, dates of employment and your job title. If you do not have significant work experience, you can include internships or university projects. Think about ways to emphasize the positive impact you had on the job when describing your role in each position.

    When listing your work experience, be specific about your experience with creating, maintaining and troubleshooting databases. If you have a great deal of technical expertise, try to make this section concise and focus your specific tools and skills experience on the job you are applying for.

    Senior Big Data Engineer

    • Founding member of Consus R& D team to build data infrastructure event streaming for 800 million users per month
    • Led the organization-wide effort to make data lineage, data modeling standardization, and data dictionary.
    • Implementation of data ingestion in Apache Cassandra.
    • Daily Updates to the Director on the progress of development and tasks assigned.

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    Power And Performance Data Engineer Resume

    Use this template

    Why this resume works

    • Gather and analyze skill requirement specifics and corresponding KPIs from job descriptions and include them on your power and performance data engineer resume. This will provide you with a roadmap for success!
    • Management is a great skill to include, whether it’s self-management, managing a few team members, or supervising an entire department. Talk about a proven leadership experience to set you apart from other candidates.
  • Formatting matters when you want to make the experience of the person reviewing your resume as pleasant as possible.
  • Pick a or a resume template that looks tidy and highlights your strengths in the order best suited to the position.
  • Provide The Details Of Your Education In A Data Engineer Resume

    5 Data Engineering Projects Ideas To Put On Your Resume

    With the competition in the job world, only the best of the best gets shortlisted by the recruiters.

    Keep yourself on top by listing the details of your educational qualification to add value to your professional experience.

    Mention your educational qualification to make the recruiters recognize you as a suitable applicant for the data engineering job profile.

    Provide the following details of your educational qualification:

    • Name of the school/university you have attended.
    • Name of the courses you have pursued.
    • The location of your school/university.
    • Enrollment and graduation dates in the month & year format.

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    Dos And Donts For Data Engineer Resumes

    Posted December 11th, 2018

    This post is contributed byBurtch Works data engineering recruiting team.

    With data engineers now being a common sight on data teams amongst data scientists and analytics professionals, Burtch Works has been seeing more requests for professionals in this field. Weve also been getting more requests from the data engineers that we work with, who are looking for information regarding common skills and tools as well as other career tips specifically for data engineers!

    One of the most asked-about areas for advice is you guessed it! the resume. Since data engineering is such a highly technical field, it can be especially challenging to put together a resume that emphasizes your depth of experience while remaining concise and easy for hiring managers to digest.

    As a recruiter that specializes in data engineering roles, I thought Id share a few tips on how data engineers can create strong resumes.

    What Should Be Included on a Data Engineer Resume

    1. Include your location and contact information in the header

    Make sure to include up-to-date contact information, including your address, the best phone number to reach you, and your email address .


    123 W Division St, Dallas, TX || 123-5555

    2. Include your education

    Some employers will want to verify your degree, so make sure to include your degree type as well as where and when you studied .


    3. Include a brief summary of your work experience





    Role Of A Data Engineer

    Data engineers work like magicians with raw data by turning them into formats and algorithms that can be used largely by data scientists.

    They professionally identify the trends in data sets to make them more useful for enterprises to enhance their systems for processing information.

    In simple words, data engineers provide an efficient and reliable database to organizations with the use of both functional and technical data engineer skills.

    Data engineers are in high demand around the world and make a good deal of salary as professionals based on the geographical areas.

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    Data And Platform Engineer Resume

    Use this template

    Why this resume works

    • While a data engineer’s overall job field description can be quite broad, your data & platform engineer resume must do an excellent job of honing in on a specific career trajectory complemented by quantifiable data.
    • Whenever and wherever possible, it’s paramount to include key metrics and quantifiable high-performance indicators. In the broad data field, numbers and data are your raison d’être or your reason for being.
  • Consider including a resume summary if you’re senior enough to have 10+ years in the field.
  • Ensure your summary’s top-notch by customizing it to the target business, mentioning the company by name, and including relevant job description keywords.
  • Add A Section For Data Proficiencies

    Data Engineer Resume: Sample and Guide [20+ Tips]

    Add a specific section for the data tools you are proficient in as a part of your resume. If you do this, it is unnecessary to list tools again in other places in the resume to keep it concise. Consider which tools the particular position you are applying for requires. Examples of tools you might include in this section include the following:

    • Big data tools like Hadoop and the frameworks contained within it such as HDFS and MapReduce

    • Real-time processing frameworks like Apache Spark

    • Programming languages like Python and Java

    • SQL-based technologies such as Oracle DB

    • Operating systems like Linux and MS Windows

    Whatever tools you choose to include in this section should be those that you are comfortable working with and discussing in an interview.




    Work Experience


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    Responsibilities For Senior Data Engineer Informatics Resume

    • + Two to five years of Java Enterprise development experience and/or C# experience
    • Ability effectively utilize data wrangling technologies
    • ABAP programming skills, BDC Scripts/LSMWs, SAP BW/BO, Cognos, Informatica, Unix
    • Experience with Data Modeling
    • Solid programming experience C
    • Prior experience working with AWS technologies like S3, Redshift, etc.
    • Prior experience working with HCM/CRM/Finance datasets
    • Query performance tuning skills

    Data Engineer Resume Examples For Senior And Entry Level

    Whether youre looking for your very first data engineer job or youre an industry vet with decades of experience, you need the best possible data engineer resume to find your next job. Data engineers are needed in just about every industry imaginable, meaning that your skills are in demand and you may be in a position to negotiate for high salaries and other pretty sweet benefits.

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    Big Data Engineer Resume

    Why this resume works

    • As a big data engineer , you collect and analyze information that organizations are generating at unprecedented scales. Because BDEs interact with massive data processing systems and databases in large-scale computing environments, you have a complementary skill set that illustrates a proven history of sweeping data to find relevant groups for analysis.
    • Because of this skillset, your big data engineer resume needs to focus on one big thing: data.
    • Quantifiable metrics are always a best practice when it comes to your resume, but BDEs take that to the extreme. By highlighting massive amounts of raw data for the resume reader, you instill confidence in your proven history. Adding these details isn’t as hard as it sounds, but our free resume checker can assist if you’re in doubt.

    Dont Underestimate The Importance Of Your Data Engineer Resume Header

    FAANG Data Engineer Reviews Your Resumes(Thank You So Much For 5..6…7,000 subs?)

    Lets pretend that youre a Data Engineer at Apple. Your resume header probably looks something like this:

    2 Data Engineer resume header examples


    The title may look good, but there are some essential details missing.

    You have to consider that the header is the first thing a recruiter sees on your Data Engineer resumeso make the most of it!

    Check out the example below, and notice how small tweaks can make a massive impact.


    Notice the Github link, too. It gives a pretty good insight into what you work on during your free time. And it also gives the Director of Engineer an insight on how you code.

    So, always add your Github, Stackoverflow or personal portfolio to your Data Engineer resume header. Overall, it builds a real connection between you and the people reading your resume.

    Youve built a good first impression so far. Lets ensure that you keep delivering the same level of impact everywhere on your resume.

    Lets nail down that summary statement.

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