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Software Engineer Resume Examples

General Skills For Your Resume

The Resume That Got Me Into Google and Bloomberg (software engineer resume tips)

When it comes to your skills section, the more specific you can get the better. Thatâs why we broke down the most in-demand skills for different career types below.

Still, it can be helpful to get you started to look at what skills employers generally might be looking for right now.

We analyzed over 1,000 job descriptions across different careers and identified the most in-demand, and most generally applicable, skills you can include on your resume.

Top general skills
  • Ruby

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Key takeaways

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âIT security and compliance were of utmost importance when we searched for a new tool. We therefore required that the vendor should have ISO 27001 certification.â

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Before, we could spend hours hunting for the CVs to include in a bid. Now, we spend at least 50% less time creating proposal documents and making sure CVs are up to date. This is a huge saving that has benefitted both our individual consultants and the organisation as whole. We can deliver high quality proposals faster than ever before.

How To Write A Senior Software Engineer Resume

The two basic ground rules for getting started with your senior software engineer resume are as follows.

  • Keep it to a single page.
  • Incorporate these components:
    • Education section
    • Skills section

    Next, bear in mind these two important reasons for customizing a different version of your senior software engineering resume for each specific job application:

  • Speaking directly to the employers or clients needs conveys that youre an ideal fit for the position. Scrutinize the posted job requirements and do additional research to determine the right targeted approach.
  • Including enough keywords will optimize your resume for passing through the applicant tracking systems that many hiring organizations use to screen online document submissions. Your own software expertise should be an advantage in understanding the importance of counteracting this electronic obstacle.
  • Find even more writing advice and formatting tips in Resume.ios growing IT category of resume examples.These include our software engineer resume sample, IT director resume example, software developer resume example,web developer resume exampleand programmer resume sample.

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    Senior Software Development Engineer In Test

    • AMF Player is a GUI application with no programming required to automate test cases, and it is composed of components, such as test case implementation , execution , and test case / test result management, as well as test statistics collection.
    • Collaborated with game studio developers to improve game testability, implemented API so that AMF test automation can be part of game continuous integration process.
    • Mentored game studio QA engineers to identify automatable manual test cases, provided training sessions and technical support for test case implementation, execution, and result analysis.
    • Refactored and repackaged existing T-Plan based UI test automation framework, so that it can be deployed and updated in a large scale.
    • Researched on mobile test automation frameworks, such as Device Anywhere.

    Top 10 Skills For A Software Engineer Resume

    Software Engineer Resume Example &  Writing Tips

    Your software engineer resume must do one thing

    Show that youll do a better job than the other candidates.

    But how can you do this?

    Well, by highlighting the right software engineer skills on a resume.

    This is done by looking at the job description, and then comparing the skills needed with the skills you already have.

    Put all relevant skills on your resume. Here are the most commonly used skills for a software engineer resume:

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    The Best Software Engineer Cv/rsum Examples

    Check out these examples for some résumé inspiration!

    With so many different roles coming under the banner of software engineer, its hard to know where to start when it comes to writing your résumé. What do you include? What is the best type of layout? Do I need a skills section?

    This article will guide you through a range of software engineer résumé examples with a review of each, so you can see which is most effective to help you land an interview and the job.

    How To Write A Software Engineer Resume With No Experience:

    A Software Engineer Resume is one of the most important pieces of your job application, and its vital that you get it right. Your resume is your ticket to the next round of interviews, so you want it to be a good one!

    However, many new software engineers dont know how to write a resume. Its not easy to distill everything about yourself into a single document and put it out there for others to judge.


  • Here are some tips to help you get past the basics:
  • Stay on TopicAvoid writing about unrelated topics, like: what you did when you were bored whats your favorite sport or what your favorite movie is. Your focus should be on the skills and experience that a potential employer would want to read about in a software engineer resume.
  • Stand Out by Being SpecificUse specific, quantifiable terms like: Built website with content management system.
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    What Is A Software Engineer Resume

    The Resume That Got Me Into Google (software engineer resume tips)

    A Software Engineer resume is a cleanly designed document that summarizes the Software Engineer skills and career accomplishments of someone applying for a Software Engineer job.

    In a professional resume, a job candidate should highlight their hard skills, education background, and work experience. Job seekers would also be wise to write a resume that clearly shows a business how they can help meet its goals.

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    Create A Projects Section

    Software engineers are usually expected to have a projects section on their resume, or a link to an external portfolio like Github. List towards the bottom of your resume, your projects section is a chance to show employers what skills youve applied to make a project come to life.

    As an entry-level applicant, you may be thinking you dont have anything to put in this section. But think again.

    Coding projects you carried out for your education are great additions to your projects section.

    In fact, any projects you list here will prove to the employer you have the engineering skills needed to complete projects from beginning to end, even if you dont have formal work experience.

    Heres an example of how to include software engineering projects on your resume:

    Resume Projects Example


    Quicksilver Booking | Developer

    Description: A mobile hotel booking solution for iOS. Pulls and compares the best hotel prices in a geographical area.Used: Swift, Javascript, C++

    • Worked across the development lifecycle to build and maintain code, eliminating 150 unique bugs.
    • Developed dynamic components for the app and created a new landing page that streamlined customer experience.
    • Built a new feature using Swift to automatically compare competing discount offers.

    Advisory Software Development Engineer

    • Designed and developed code for internals of DB2 for Z/OS, finishing 9 projects in 3 releases over 6 year period.
    • Led project team of 15 people to implement a new feature to database program by running design and code meetings, producing status reporting to management, and resolving resourcing and design/code issues.
    • Led code team of complex object-oriented software.
    • Packaged four customer requirements as a stand-alone feature and took this package through entire software development life cycle.
    • Presented technical design changes to both peers and customer support groups and wrote documentation specifications for these changes.

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    Clearly List Relevant Technology Skills

    Listing the computer skills required for the position is a no-brainer. The trick, however, is to be precise with your relevant skills. For example, if you use Laravel for PHP, but only list PHP, the hiring manager will be left guessing what framework youre familiar with.

    Always make it easy for hiring managers to perform a fair assessment of your abilities. The candidate in the sample above has succeeded with listing their skills, for these reasons:

    • They clearly state their relevant skills early on in the resume.
    • They show past skill utilization by describing the ways in which they used them.
    • They reference the skills in key sections of the resume, including the summary, skills section, and work experience.

    On the other hand, be aware that if you show too many skills, hiring managers may assume that your knowledge is too broad and not deep enough to perform at a high level. It will also look like you made the rookie mistake of bloating your resume with skills you dont have or arent relevant to the job.

    Additionally, you need to show depth in a given language and skill. Reference your skill or language multiple times in your resume. If youre a C++ prodigy, mention the specifics about how you put your knowledge to work at previous positions in the work experience section of your resume.

    Name And Contact Information

    Software Engineer Resume

    Most of the things you need to mention in this section are obvious. But there are a few nuances to keep in mind with how you present your basic information.


    Use the same name that all your other documents, such as your certificates and government IDs, mention. Also ensure that the name you use on LinkedIn corresponds to the one that you have in your resume. You dont want to confuse recruiters about whether they have the right persons profile when they look you up online.

    Email Address

    The email address you mention in your software engineering resume should be professional and ideally include just your name and last name. So dont use that email ID you made in middle school that was a combination of your favorite band at the time and your birthday. Create a new, simple email ID if you have to so that you can mention it in your resume.

    Phone Number

    Some recruiters prefer to reach out to candidates via phone call rather than email. So mention your mobile phone number along with your country code, in case youre applying to a job taking applications from several locations.

    Address of Residence

    You dont need to mention your physical address in your resume in most cases. The only reason you might want to have it in there is if recruiters state a preference for people based in a certain area . But otherwise, the address is an unnecessary piece of information and shouldnt take up real estate on your resume.

    LinkedIn Profile


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    Resume Template For Software Engineers

    Here is a resume template to help you format your resume as a software engineer:

    Resume objectiveSeeking new opportunity as a software engineer with Montreal’s Software Engineering Company. I plan to use my strong programming skills and knowledge of software to improve company processes and develop strong solutions for clients. With more than 10 years of experience, I’m an expert with efficient coding and can optimize any existing software.

    Professional experience

    Stanby Software Engineers,Montreal, QC,October 2017-June 2021

    • collaborated with other professionals to develop strong software

    • recorded every step of software development for future reference

    Software engineerNodics Computers,Montreal, QC,February 2014-September 2017

    • developed responsive designs, which increased company conversions by 22%

    • developed complete understanding of software development lifecycles including design, coding, and testing

    • researched best software practices for programming video games

    Assistant software engineerSunday Software Company,Montreal, QC,June 2009-January 2014

    • redesigned existing software for existing business applications

    • evaluated client software

    • fixed errors within software and developed solutions to optimize programs

    EducationBachelor of Arts in Computer SciencesNorthwest School of Computer Programming,May 2009


    Key Takeaways For A Software Engineer Resume

  • The talents of software engineers are highly sought-after in virtually all industries globally. There are no sunsetting signs on this horizon, only continued explosive growth in IT economies.
  • Rapid changes keep increasing the number and range of lucrative and fulfilling career opportunities for software engineers. It also adds pressure to continually refresh their knowledge and skills.
  • Its essential for software engineers to have a versatile and adaptable resume document for easy updates and tailoring to specific job and employer requirements. Speak the right language in each case, including carefully mined ATS-safe keywords from the job description.
  • Also think strategically each time about an intuitive resume structure and format that showcases your attributes to best advantage. Emphasize soft skills that might set you apart from your peers with similar technical skills.
  • The right resume design choices help ensure you come across looking as good as you sound. Our online resume builderand premade resume examplessave you time and trouble while your sights stay set on that dream job.
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    Software Engineer Resume Example

    From entire computer operating systems to basic weather apps, all the software that connects our world starts with software engineers. These IT professionals, who are also called applications software engineers and systems software engineers, are responsible for designing, developing and improving the millions of computer systems and applications we use daily.

    Given societys ever-increasing reliance on technology, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that software engineering jobs will grow . This is a much faster-than-average growth rate, compared to all other jobs in the U.S.

    Because this is an opportunity-rich, high-paying field, many people are pursuing software engineering careers. This means you will need a carefully crafted resume to stand out when applying for jobs. The tips below will help software engineers of all experience levels prepare a top-notch resume designed to land you a dream job.

    Choosing The Best Resume Format For A Senior Software Engineer

    The Resume That Got Me Into Microsoft – Intern Software Engineer Resume Tips

    Depending on what your software engineering career path looks like so far, there are a few options for choosing the best resume format.If youve worked primarily in employee positions, the most commonly used chronological format may be best suited to structure your CV information. Its also what recruiters generally prefer as a straightforward way to view your accomplishments under employer headings, in order from most recent to earliest dates.

    Software engineers who have worked independently in consulting roles might consider a functional resume format, organizing their work experience by project, client or even specific transferable skills. Hybrid resume formats are another versatile option, incorporating both chronological and functional elements.

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    Is Software Engineering Hard

    Software engineering is a challenging field of study. But that doesnt mean its entirely hard. It just takes time and dedication to master software engineering. Thats why colleges offer software engineering courses. They have coursework that can fully equip students to become adept software engineers. Software engineering can be relatively easy. If you have excellent Math skills and some knowledge about computer programs, you can get the hang of software engineering faster than most people. Just like other fields, software engineering requires study and practice. Software engineering can either be easy or difficult, depending on your knowledge and skill level.

    Other licensed software engineers are also applying for jobs. If you dont start making your resume now, they could beat you to the spot. So download our Software Engineer Resume Template now! If you have skills in Java, you might also like our Java Developer Resume Examples.

    Senior Software Development Engineer In Test Test Lead

    Mobile testing, test automation, localization, web service testing

    • Champion of Operator Setting feature for mobile localization and customization test. Including automation and manual testing that contributed to network, navigation, user content and user interface functional areas.
    • Collaborated with customer for product requirements
    • Redesigned the application framework to support multiple products, that reduced execution time by 50% and increased true error rate 35%
    • Lead a 10-people execution team for localization and customization mobile testing
    • Coordinated with project manager and DEV lead, offering technical and resource planning expertise to ensure optimal design and implement of the new product

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    Discuss Previous Work Experience

    When listing your work experience, write each position in reverse chronological order. Consider how you can show a diverse range of responsibilities and accomplishments. Employers may ask for references for the work you present, so consider this when listing your work experience. When writing a resume for software engineers, you may find it beneficial to list responsibilities that include computer operating systems and program development.

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