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When Will General Hospital Resume

Spoilers For The Week Of December 20 2021

Operations at Scarborough Hospital Resume

12/25/2021 07:04 am has the latest, new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday, December 20, to Friday, December 31. Things are going to get very interesting in the Pennsylvania courtroom in which Ninas fate will be decided. What happens there could impact not only her future, but that of Sonny and Carly as well especially when the man formerly known as Mike tries explaining himself. Plus, wholl wind up kissing whom as 2021 comes to an end? Read on for all the details

Hot Topic: We asked soap fans what they want for their favorite couples/characters/storylines and boy did you guys let us know! Find out what your fellow fans wished for, then share your own thoughts!

General Hospital Spoilers: A Wrench Is Thrown Into Curtis And Portias Plans

Curtis Ashford and Portia Robinson found the perfect house to share now that they have found their place in each others lives.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Curtis and Portias plans run off track after a major faux pas is discovered.

When Auntie Stella was in possession of Jordan Ashford and Curtis Ashfords divorce papers, she ended up having a medical emergency and the papers were never delivered.

General Hospital spoilers and previews indicate Jordan and Curtis arent as over as they thought. Just as Portia and Curtis are about to settle in, General Hospital rumors hint that it will be reveal that Jordan and Curtis are not actually divorced, posing a major problem for his relationship with Portia.

Will Jordan try to take advantage of the technicality and try to win her man back?

General Hospital Spoilers: Carly Explains The Situation With The Invader Will Josslyn Be On Board With The Plan

As any concerned mother set out to protect her child, Carly Corinthos had assumed Alexis Davis would share her feelings about the situation and decline the publishing of Josslyn and Cameron Webbers sex tape scandal.

Carly was taken back by Alexis dismissal of her request to keep the story from being publicized. As any mother would want, she didnt want Josslyn to have to endure any more humiliation than she has already. General Hospital spoilers reveal Josslyn will understand Alexis intentions when Carly explains to her daughter why it would be better to just let Alexis publish the story in a tactful manner as opposed to allowing a trashy tabloid ruin Joss and Cams reputation.

General Hospital previews indicate Joss will understand and approach Cameron with the scenario. She and Cam have the opportunity to tell their side of their story, using their voice to being awareness to revenge porn and the damaging nature it brings. GH rumors and spoilers suggest that after some hesitation, Cameron will stand with Josslyn.

The criminal aspect of this situation wont be dropped. GH rumors claim Esme Prince will resort to even more extreme measure to point the finger in the wrong direction. Trina Robinson isnt out of the woods yet.

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When Will Production Resume For General Hospital

TVLine reports that the production delay for General Hospital is only a week right now. This shouldnt affect the airing of new episodes, as the ABC soap tapes weeks in advance so they can take the annual holiday break and keep things going as expected.

This is subject to change, though. Right now, the network is basing everything on numbers and outbreaks, and if things dont improve, it could push production back even further.

While on break, Kirsten Storms revealed she tested positive for COVID-19. She is vaccinated and appears to be recovering well. Everyone who works on the General Hospital set, including actors, camera people, and other crew members must be vaccinated under the ABC/Disney mandate. Steve Burton and Ingo Rademacher were fired after not meeting the mandate and being denied exemption, and Rademacher is currently suing the network over his General Hospital termination.

General Hospital Third Soap Back To Work

Hospital Administrator Resume Samples

Recently, our source at ABC daytime said GH joins the CBS soaps, and set a tentative date for return to filming. Recently, Bold and the Beautiful filmed one day in the week of June 15-22. Then, they shot again the week of June 22-26. Also, The Young and the Restless aims for July 6th after the holiday.

Right now, Days of Our Lives remains on hold. However, they have enough episodes to last deep into Fall so theyre in no rush. So, General Hospitalshould be the third US soap back to work, and theyre shooting for mid-July. No doubt, GH fans are ecstatic to get some good news and wait for new General Hospital scenes.

Frank Valentini May 5, 2020

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Whats Happening On General Hospital

A lot is happening in Port Charles right now. Earlier this week, it was revealed that Luke died off-screen, which caused viewers to lash out. They are confused about why hes dead and Parking Lot Peter is still alive and kicking.

There is some connection between Lukes death and Victor Cassadine , which will likely be explored in the coming weeks. February sweeps are around the corner, which could be a huge part of whats to come.

Sonny is working out his emotions regarding Carly and Nina . Theres speculation that the General Hospital writers may be considering pairing him with Nina. Some of the viewers responses were positive regarding the couple, and with sweeps coming, changing things up might be the way to go.

Peter is still alive and causing chaos. He survived the poisoning and is already plotting his next move. For months, General Hospital viewers have waited for his death, yet he continues to defy the odds. Will Peters demise come in the future?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Struggles With Accepting Sonny For Who He Is

The honeymoon phase is over, kids. We could spot this coming from miles away. Nina Reeves fell in love with Mike, an alter ego of married monster, Sonny Corinthos . What she really didnt take into account was that Mike is only a small part of who Sonny really is.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Nina and Sonny are headed for a slap with the reality stick when Nina realizes that Sonny Corinthos is much different than the man she fell for back in Nixon Falls. The man she convinced herself that she loved so much that it was worth lying to him and keeping him away from his wife Carly Corinthos and their children.

Now that Sonny has had time to settle and get back into the swing of his old life, even amidst the drama, he has been more true to his character than the man back pouring shots at The Tan-O. Nina has manipulated her way into Sonnys heart despite the fact that he was still married to her enemy, Carly.

GH previews indicate that Ninas selfish efforts may have all been for nothing if she cant accept all of Sonny. In the most recent General Hospital previews, Sonny wonders why Nina cant understand, and she admits that Mike is the man she knows, not Sonny.

General Hospital rumors suggest that Nina struggles with getting to know this darker side, and they go back and forth trying to find their fit. Its possible that what happened in Nixon Falls should have stayed in Nixon Falls, and was never meant to continue once Sonny returned to Port Charles.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Willow Has Been Hiding Something

It seems like a slew of lies has been hanging around the people of Port Charles. Currently, the dramatic focus is on the Corinthos family, including Willow Tait .

General Hospital spoilers reveal Willows mother has been lying to her for her entire life. Harmony Miller revealed to Alexis Davis that she adopted Willow illegally back when Harmony was still involved with Shiloh.

General Hospital previews and spoilers reveal Harmony isnt the only one who has been lying. Willow admits to Michael, I wasnt being honest with her. Or with you. Will Michael be able to put Willows lie into perspective and move forward?

Protecting Yourself During An Outbreak

PH General Hospital hopes to resume normal operations in 24-48 hours, appeals for aid | ANC

If you are in hospital when an outbreak happens, follow the advice of hospital staff. They will try and keep you safe. Ask them any questions that you need to.

To protect yourself from getting the virus or spreading it:

  • stay in your room or bed-space as much as you can
  • clean your hands regularly with the hand sanitiser on the ward
  • wear a face mask when you are outside of your room or away from your bed-space. If you can wear a face mask at all times, do
  • do not share your items with other patients

If you develop any symptoms of COVID-19, tell a nurse or a doctor straight away.

Itâs OK to remind staff to:

  • clean their hands
  • clean anything you see that is not clean

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General Hospital Spoilers: Ava And Sonny Butt Heads

Ava Jerome and Sonny Corinthos havent always had a smooth ride when it comes to co-parenting their daughter Avery Corinthos.

Ava Jerome has given Sonny and Carly a lot of grief over custody battles as they have bestowed the same upon Ava. When Sonny was presumed dead, the Ava and Carly came together for the well being of the child.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that now that Carly and Sonny are no longer together, Ava realizes that this will change something in regard to Averys custody.

General Hospital previews and spoilers reveal Ava will get under Sonnys skin and theyll butt heads on the topic. Now that Carly isnt around to share in the parenting duties, new conflicts arise. Will they come to an understanding?

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General Hospital Spoilers: Gh Could Resume Production On June 12 New California Film And Tv Industry Guidelines

General Hospital spoilers say the shows a step closer to getting back up and running again thanks to California Governor Gavin Newsoms newly released guidelines. The film and television industry is obviously a huge deal for the state, so everyones been waiting to hear exactly what those guidelines would entail. June 12 has been revealed as a possible first day back for the General Hospital cast and crew, so thats great news for GH fans.

Lets look at the latest updates from the California Department of Public Health. Music, film and TV production can start back up, but approval from county health officers within the jurisdictions will be required. As for that date we mentioned, the guidelines insist a return to production is recommended no sooner than June 12.

In other words, thats just the earliest possible recommended date. Some productions may resume later, but its good to have a timeframe for when this could reasonably happen. Of course, there are plenty of rules to follow.

The priority certainly has to be the safety of everyone involved, so the cast, crew and other industry workers will have to abide by all the necessary safety protocols.

That means implementing things like social distancing along with testing and anything else to reduce the chances of spreading COVID-19. Local epidemiological data will also be examined as part of these guidelines.

Gh Shut Down Production In March 2020

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“A new year a new start.”#GH

General Hospital

Fans of General Hospital will recall that in March 2020, the soap opera shut down production of the show due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Eventually, ABC ran out of new episodes of the soap opera to air, and from April 3 to May 22, the show aired Flashback Friday episodes on Fridays. Each Flashback Friday episode had a different cast member introducing the show. Fortunately, that doesnt look like its going to happen this time around.

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Twitter Is Furious Over General Hospital’s Rerun Episode

Many fanbases can get out of control when it comes to their obsession of choice. Anyone who’s been on a “Star Wars” subreddit at some point can attest to that fact. And while they may not get as much attention online as Marvel and DC stans, people who obsessively watch “General Hospital” get pretty peeved whenever there are disruptions to their show.

New episodes are supposed to air every weekday from Monday to Friday. But sometimes, delays are inevitable. Holidays are usually cause to push back an episode, and luckily, fans can plan their schedules accordingly. Additionally, breaking news may force ABC to air that instead, moving the entire schedule back one day. However, on October 6, the unthinkable occurred. A new episode of “General Hospital” failed to air for no real apparent reason. Instead, fans were treated to a rerun. And if you peruse social media, you’ll see how fans weren’t too pleased with the development.

General Hospital Has Delayed Production Into The New Year

On Jan. 5, General Hospital announced that it will not begin production of new shows until sometime next week. This, however, is subject to change based on continued COVID-19 outbreaks. Production was shut down thanks to the so-called omicron variant of the virus, which is deemed to be highly contagious.

Alexis and Sam’s celebration of her new career is bound to be short-lived. What wrench is headed their way?Tune into a thrilling, new #GH STARTING NOW on ABC!

General Hospital

According to Deadline, as of right now, new shows should be airing as normal, and there arent any anticipated delays in airing new episodes. Whats more, production has made clear that this move was made out of an abundance of caution and not due to any outbreaks of the disease on the set. We will keep you updated, of course, if anything changes.

As of this writing, General Hospital is the only soap opera to announce such a delay. The Bold and the Beautiful, The Young and the Restless, and Days of Our Lives are still taping new episodes on their normal production schedule. However, the soaps respective networks have made clear that they will consider delays on a case by case basis.

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Hospital Measures To Protect You

Hospital staff will try to quickly find and isolate people who have the virus. They will ask you questions about how you feel and check to see if you have symptoms of COVID-19.

You may need to have a few tests for COVID-19 during your stay. This is to protect you and others from the virus. These tests are quick. You won’t feel any pain.

Inpatient Day Case Procedures And Outpatient Appointments

Health DG: Hospital KL can now resume most services, including elective surgery

The hospital is reviewing planned elective surgery on a daily basis and prioritising urgent time-sensitive procedures. In the event that an elective procedure needs to be postponed, patients are being contacted directly.

Day case procedures and outpatient appointments are proceeding as usual and people should come to their appointments unless told otherwise.

Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19, is a contact of someone with COVID-19 or is awaiting a COVID-19 test result should not come to their appointment and should ring the number on their appointment letter to reschedule their appointment.

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No More Love Scenes On General Hospital

If this plan does away with romantic scenes, its sure to be a bummer for GH fans. So, what does this new plan say about steamy intimate scenes? Shockingly, theyre not banned. However, it does state they should use digital effects to make actors look closer while social distancing. Plus, they need shorter shooting days and non-consecutive workdays.

Additionally, they seek to ban paper scripts for General Hospital actors. But, if they must use them, they cannot be shared among actors. Besides that, the is to be no hugging, high fives, or hand-shaking. However, they did not forbid intimate scenes altogether. They just issued a warning that they will increase the risk of transmission. So, there may still be romance ahead when GH resumes shooting which will hopefully be soon.

Get more of the latestGeneral Hospital updates on the return to filming often at Soap Dirt.

Fans Were Quick To Voice Their Displeasure

The official was quick to inform fans that a new episode of the soap wouldn’t air on October 6. The post read, “Due to ongoing breaking news coverage, today’s scheduled episode of General Hospital will now air tomorrow.” The problem most fans were quick to point out underneath the status update is that there didn’t seem to be any breaking news on ABC when it came time for the show to air. In fact, the rerun was able to resume during its normally scheduled time.

This didn’t sit well with many fans, who took to the social media platform to voice their disdain for the rerun. You see, “General Hospital” has a tendency to end on cliffhangers, so fans wait on bated breath to see what transpires next. A delay only makes the tension worse, so you end up with people like writing, “Can someone please tell me why in the hell General Hospital is a rerun today? It is the middle of the week, and it is not a holiday. I do not understand this.”

Others tried searching for some kind of explanation, like : “I turned on MSNBC to see what was going on. It’s really terrible. Every time GH is preempted by news here we have to watch it on computer later or on demand late at night. Now it’s not preempted by news and they air a rerun.” It may have only been delayed by one day, but when it comes to witnessing Jason and Carly prepare to admit their feelings for one another, a single day can feel like an eternity.

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