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How Do You List Promotions On A Resume

Why Is It Important To Show Promotions On A Resume

How to show multiple positions with the same company on your resume

Showing promotions on a resume can make you a more desirable candidate. Some employers may take it as a sign that you are a strong employee, while others may see you as more consistent or reliable. It could also show employers that you are driven and committed to the company mission. All of these reasons should compel candidates to highlight their promotions within their job experience.;

When people show promotions on a resume, what they are really showing is an achievement. This lets employers know they are a candidate who performs work and develops skills that lead to career advancement. Candidates may be perceived as loyal, company-focused and goal-oriented. These candidates may be seen as more likely to achieve success based on their history of past achievement. In a competitive job market, showing promotions on a resume can offer context that makes a candidate considered a better fit.

How To Show Promotions On Resumesame Company Similar Duties

Scenario one:

Youve been promoted. Your responsibilities grew together with you but the nature of your job remains largely the same.

In this case, the best way to list promotions on a resume is to

Stack your job titles.

Heres how to show a promotion on a resume when your duties dont change much:

  • First, list the company name, start and finish dates, and location.
  • Next, list your job titles in the reverse-chronological order.
  • Finally, add bullet points that reflect your achievements on a resume for all the positions, just like in the example below:


How to List Promotion on ResumeExample


It may be hard to come up with numbers for each and every experience bullet. And honestly:

You dont have to.

Its vital to strike the right balance, though.

So, mix your responsibilities with achievements to create a balanced whole.

Include Old Company Name And Date Of Merger Or Acquisition

If you worked at a company for several years or received a promotion while employed there, include the old company name, merger or acquisition date and new company name. This can show employers you’re committed to the industry and that coworkers and management can rely on you to show up and perform your job duties with consistency. Here are a few examples of how to format this type of company name change:

  • “Colorful Company “
  • “New Media Co. “
  • “Star Strategies Inc. “

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Why It’s Important To Show Your Promotion On A Resume

It is important to show a promotion on your resume because having earned one indicates you are a dependable employee with a commitment to quality work. This achievement shows consistency and reliability and marks you as a suitable employee. Highlighting your promotion on a resume communicates to a hiring manager a dedication to your career and expertise in your field. Having earned a promotion distinguishes you as highly qualified among other employees.

Reweighting Experience Emphasize The Important Details

How to Show Promotions & Multiple Positions on Your Resume

When it comes to the Professional Experience section of a resume geared towards career advancement, it can often help to reweight the responsibilities and overall positioning. By this I simply mean emphasizing the most appropriate aspects of your current and past roles. For example, Richard Wildes leadership roles were somewhat limited, so highlighting his abilities as a change manager, coach, and trainer helped to preemptively overcome any concerns a reader might have.

Another great example is Creighton James, a healthcare operations executive targeting COO positions. He knew that his background was somewhat light on operational outcomes, since his background was largely in the area of patient safety. He spent seven out of nine years at XYZ Hospital as a patient safety officer / safety officer. While certainly relevant to his current COO objective, it made sense to omit many of his patient safety achievements to better emphasize the other work he did such as reducing labor costs and capturing profit gains. His original resume had 11 bullets for this hospital dedicated to patient safety duties. As a result, the other duties and achievements were completely lost in the lengthy entry.

As you can see, this entry excludes all but one bullet directly related to patient safety in order to better highlight the other accomplishments and package Creighton as well-rounded and well-prepared for the C-level.

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Option : Stacking The Two

Stacking the positions into one description is the most common resume format for organizing more than one position at a single company. This method is used to draw attention to lateral moves or progressive responsibilities, achievements, and dedication to the company. There are a few simple rules to this resume format:

  • Include the overall date range at the top

  • List dates for each position next to the job title

  • Place job descriptions and bulleted key achievements directly below each position.

The sample resume format looks like this:

COMPANY NAME, City, State Company Start Date to Company End Date

Position #2 Date to Date

Job Description

Position #1 Date to Date

Job Description

  • Key Achievement 2

  • Key Achievement 3

Place the most recent position at the top, and start each description with Promoted within from store manager to __ and describe your new position. Use action verbs to show your accomplishments, not just your job duties. Also be sure to include bullet points of achievements, which reflect your contributions.

Here is an example of a description using action verbs and “achieving” language:

Incorrect: Responsible for managing operations at 50 stores in the state.

Correct: Coordinated team leadership for 50 stores statewide.

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How Do I Write A Letter Asking For A Promotion

Key takeaways:

In your letter, include the ways your current position makes you well-suited to the new job. Offer specific ways youve made an impact and why youre uniquely qualified to take on the responsibilities required. Find a trusted referral from within the organizationto endorse you for the role or promotion.

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Simon Brothers Inc New York Ny

Content Manager June 2018 to May 2020

  • Developed a content plan based on the companys business goals, which increased audience engagement by 25% and sales by 15%;
  • Distributed tasks between copywriters;
  • Compiled an editorial calendar and monitored its compliance;
  • Checked articles and posts before publication and recommended edits.

Copywriter April 2016 to June 2018

  • Wrote articles for a company blog based on SEO requirements, which increased web traffic by 20%;
  • Designed engaging headlines;
  • Picked up writing techniques for accurate message delivery.

How To Show Promotions On A Resume

How To Write A GOOD Resume – Resume Example Template

If youve been promoted throughout your career, that can be valuable information to show on your resume. ;However, some promotion scenarios may require additional formatting to be clearly portrayed on your resume. This article explains how to show promotions on a resume, offers tips for different scenarios and provides examples and templates.

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How Many Previous Jobs To List For Mid

If you have several years of work experience, you should include entry-level jobs on your resume.

If youve only ever worked at one company, list your different job titles and responsibilities there to showcase your career progression.

On the other hand, if youve had 7 jobs in the past 15 years, only include bullet points under the jobs relevant to the role youre applying for. You can just provide the title, company, and dates for the less relevant positions. Including the less relevant jobs:

  • helps illustrate your career growth to employers
  • reassures them you still have room to progress as a professional

Wondering what transferable skills you can list? There are many skills for your resume you can include to impress the hiring manager.

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First Consider The Role Youre Applying For

Before you determine how many of your previous jobs you want to list on your resume, refer to the job posting for the job youre applying for. The job posting and description will list the necessary qualifications for the role such as skills or experience youre expected to have. The better you understand what the company is looking for, the easier it will be to narrow down how many of your previous jobs to list.

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Most Hunted How To List A Promotion On Resume

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How Far Back Should Your Resume Go

Promotions resume

Your resume should go back a maximum of 10 to 15 years in terms of work experience. This keeps your resume highly relevant for employers and recruiters.

What if you really need those years of

experience on your resume? If you really need to show the experience, which is sometimes the case for higher-level management positions, you could include it. Well talk about other exceptions to the rule further down in this post.

Your resumes experience section should always be able to pass the 6-second resume test when it comes to relevance. Essentially, put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter or hiring manager looking at your resume. Look over the information and determine whether itâs relevant to the job opening and if the hiring manager will be impressed with it.

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How Much Is Too Much Information About Your Promotion

As always, you want to keep your resume brief…but you also want to show off. Bullet points are best for organizing, and youll want to give the bulk of space to your achievements. A general rule of thumb: use two to three bullet points to describe your responsibilities, then three to five to list your concrete accomplishments.

If youre still new to the position and dont have a huge number of notable deeds, you might want to go with an alternate layout. Consider using bullet points to outline your duties, then cap it off with a small section on key achievements.

The Action-Benefit format is perfect if youre in this position and makes the updating process simple and formulaic.

Put it all together and your basic resume job listing will look something like this:

Lightning Marketing

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Jobs That Are Lateral Moves

A lateral move is when you change job titles and functions within a company. They can happen for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • The company goes through a merger.
  • You change roles in the company.
  • You change departments in the company.

No matter why you made a lateral move, you can still use one of the three above strategies to show the change on your resume. The only difference is that you dont have to include a bullet point about why you got a promotion.

Heres an example of how to list multiple positions at one company on a resume when the duties remained the same:

The Acme Printing Company, New York, NYSales Consultant | January 2016PresentSales Support Representative | January 2015January 2016

  • Drive sales productivity and customer satisfaction within clients retail locations
  • Coordinate all outreach and marketing activities to the community
  • Grew the retailers division sales performance and other key metrics through training and marketing promotions
  • Meet and exceed monthly KPIs as well as monthly quota

Heres how to list different positions in a company when the duties are different:

Getting a promotion shows that you are a hard worker who achieves results for your company. With these tips on how to list promotions on a resume, you can clearly showcase your talents.

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How Do You Talk About Achievements Examples

To do this:

  • First, note what the challenge was. For example, I was given the responsibility to
  • Next, say what actions you took: So I
  • Finally, explain what the result was: As a result of my efforts
  • If you can, quantify the result or achievement in dollars, numbers, and/or percentages, Whitfield says.

How To Put Promotions On Resumesame Company Twice

How To Write A WINNING Resume – Resume Examples INCLUDED

Scenario three:

You worked at a company, then got a job elsewhere but eventually returned to the previous workplace.

This isnt uncommon. If thats your case

Create two separate entries for one company.

Simple as that.

Theres nothing wrong with listing the same employer twice if theres something in between.

Take a look at the example below.

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Option #: List The Same Company Twice

You can also just list the companys name and address a second time, but create separate sections for each job title. Then, you can list your most impressive accomplishments from each.

That would look like this:

XYZ Inc. Rochester, NYVP of Marketing June 2017-Present

  • Increased website traffic by 145% year-over-year

  • Managed social media campaign that drove sales by 36%

  • Designed new website layout that was featured on Best SEO of March 2019

XYZ Inc. Rochester, NY

  • Hired and managed a team of 8-12 writers to develop blog

  • Cut costs on development by 36%

  • Organized group pitch meetings and developed 20 new articles each week

This resume format works really well for applicant tracking systems because its the same as listing your experience at different companies. If youre applying to a large company thats likely to use an ATS, we recommend this method.

Of course, it takes up a lot of space, so consider the value of that space and perhaps cut some detail from your more junior roles.

How To Show Promotions On A Resume:

Promotions are tough to list, and theyre more impressive for career growth. One cannot easily earn the promotion to boast of, all you need to illustrate your career progression in the right way to make it worth and better than other candidates contend for the same role.

Three Approaches to mention promotion on your resume:

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Example Of Work Experience Showing Promotions Through Different Companies

Here is an example of work experience showing promotions from one company to another:


  • Managed and engaged 15 employees
  • Managed guest satisfaction by providing exemplary service
  • Scheduled side work for shifts to ensure all front of house duties are complete
  • Performed basic math to deliver guests their change

Show Multiple Positions Or Promotions Using Separate Entries

How to Properly List Promotions & Certifications on a Resume

If you held positions with varied responsibilities and accomplished notably different achievements, separate entries for each role are appropriate. This option allows you to detail your promotions and career progression without deemphasizing your first jobs within the company.

One benefit to separate entries is that its is more likely to be accurately parsed into a digital applicant profile within an applicant tracking system.

How to set it up: List the varying positions beneath separate headings, including the comany name as well as location, job title and dates for each entry.

Because many employers are wary of job seekers they perceive as job-hopping, its a good idea to include a line mentioning your promotion in the section for your most senior role.

ATS Tip: We tried out separate entries in Lever ATS and found that the ATS parsed the information well and made the positions visually appealing, making each stand out on the resume. This format works well for an ATS-optimized resume.

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Abc Corporation New York Ny

Advertising Manager March 2017 to April 2020

Advertising Assistant September 2016 to March 2017

  • Promoted for the development of POS strategy, which increased profits by 20%;
  • Developed a unique selling proposition for the target audience;
  • Choosed communication channels for message delivery;
  • Measured the effectiveness of promotion strategies.

Example Of Work Experience Showing A Change In Title With Similar Duties

Here are some examples of showing promotions at a single company in a work experience section of a resume:


Head Housekeeper | February 2019 to Present

Housekeeper | January 2018 to February 2019

  • Provided exemplary housekeeping services
  • Made schedules for a team of five;housekeepers each week

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Understand How Far Back Your Cv Should Go

As you can see, whilst theres a general rule that most recruiters and CV writers like to see and adhere to, there may be a need to deviate from this for a specific role.

This tends to be if your recent experience isnt relevant, or if you wish to change your career direction and focus on your skills that will be applicable.

Remember a CV should get you to the interview. So, before you prepare it, have a think about what will help you to demonstrate your suitability for the position. Try to keep to two pages, be concise in a bullet point format, and take into account all the advice above.

If you do this then your CV should be one that proceeds to the next stage of the application process and ultimately help you land the job youre looking for.

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How To Show Your Promotion On A Resume

How to Evaluate Job Offers

The way you list your promotions will depend on the type of promotion you earned, the details of the job duties, and whether you stayed at the same company or changed organizations for the promotion. However, there is some basic information that you will need to include no matter the circumstances. Consider these steps to determine the information you should include:

  • Write the company name. This is standard information that can help a hiring manager verify your job experience.
  • Include your new job title and any old titles. Providing official titles you held is professional and gives a clear picture of your experience.
  • Outline the span of time you held each role. Especially if you held multiple positions, providing time spans for each position helps to show the scope of your experience.
  • List any notable promotions and duties. A job promotion typically means you have performed exceedingly well enough to have earned more responsibility and, usually, more authority. You may choose to note this as an advancement of skills.
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