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Resume For Teachers Example

Professional Resume For Teachers

How To Make a Resume For Teachers | Microsoft Word

This is a creative teacher resume is fully customizable and editable in Photoshop or MS Word.

This resume template is clearly organized and labeled, so you can be confident you’re getting the best results in the fastest way. Clear instructions are included to help you create your resume in a breeze. We think free teacher resume templates can’t win compared to this professional design.

Preschool Teacher Resume Objectives

A great resume objective serves as a fantastic starting point to your preschool teacher resume. These examples will give you more insight into how to write this important part of your application.

With Experience

Preschool teacher with 10+ years of classroom experience and 5 years teacher management experience. Aiming to use my lesson planning knowledge, natural rapport with both children and adults, and classroom management ability to increase the success and popularity of Landon Hills Preschool. Possess a BA in Early Childhood Education.

Without Experience

New graduate with an AA in Liberal Arts and three years of daycare worker experience. Seeking to apply my educational knowledge and love for children toward helping the students of Green Tree Preschool successfully prepare for kindergarten. Passionate and dedicated educator ready to quickly learn the ways of a new school.

What If You Dont Have Work Experience

Maybe youre a graduate who hasnt worked before?

Or maybe you want a career change?

Whatever your situation, there are options.

The main option is to use a portfolio.

Here are several ways to build a teaching portfolio :

  • Use a freelance platform to pick up some private tutoring gigs
  • Use social media to offer your teaching services to friends & acquaintances

For the students reading this, youll enjoy our guide on how to make a student resume!

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High School Teacher Resume Skills And Keywords

School administrators have a lot on their plates, and adding hiring to the mix only makes their jobs harder. To lighten the load, many schools use applicant tracking systems . These filter out applications based on specific high school teacher resume keywords. Administrators only need to look at the candidates the ATS has chosen, saving them time. If you want to make it past these filters, you need to include the right resume skills in your application.

Use Your Resume Summary To Make An Impact

10 Editable Teacher Resume Template Samples

Your resume summary, or personal statement, is the first full paragraph after your header information. Like the introductory paragraph of an essay, this is where you introduce yourself and your skills. Many school administrators use the resume summary to decide whether to keep considering a candidate.

This is a great high school teacher resume summary: Knowledgeable and enthusiastic high school teacher seeking to provide differentiated education at West High School. Seven-plus years of experience include implementing two new AP courses, raising average SAT English scores by 6%, and managing parent-teacher relationships.

The writer has achieved several goals with this summary. It offers a strong resume objective right off the bat, explaining what they want out of the job. It also lists achievements using hard numbers so school administrators understand what the applicant has done. This combination gives hiring teams a solid motivation to keep reading.

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How To Write A Teacher Resume

Before you start writing, make sure you know how to write a resume in a way that best emphasizes your strengths.

Writing a teacher resume that impresses principals isnt always easy. Fortunately, weve compiled a few easy ways you can improve your teaching resume and start landing interviews.

Here are our top tips for writing a strong resume for any teaching position:

S On How To Customize Your Teacher Resume Template

Once you’ve selected a modern teacher resume template, you’ll want to customize it to include your own information. Follow the steps below to change your teacher resume template.

For this tutorial, we’ll be using this premium teacher resume template from Envato Elements:

Let’s get started:

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Teacher Resume Example: Free Template Download

Are you looking for your next role in education and want to stand out with a compelling application? It comes down to two crucial components. A customised and well thought out cover letter and a clear and concise teacher resume that highlights your achievements. Our teacher resume example is designed to ensure you hit the mark every time.

Avoiding common mistakes such as ordering your information in a way that loses the reader, spelling and grammar mistakes, providing irrelevant information and using common resume templates that arent teacher specific is the difference between getting that interview and being placed on the rejected pile.

ClassCover Jobs has collaborated with Teachers Professional Resumes to provide you with a teacher resume example that can be downloaded as a free template to ensure you are always putting your best foot forward.

The teacher resume example is full of tips and tricks and outlines the recommended flow and order of what is needed on your teacher resume. You can download and customise to your liking, following the guidelines clearly stated throughout.

Picking The Perfect Resume Template

How to Format your Teacher Resume | Templates Provided | Kathleen Jasper | NavaED

Because your resume format is so important in creating a great first impression as a teacher, you’re going to want to place a lot of emphasis on its design and style. If you have graphic design experience, you might enjoy designing a CV yourself. If not, professional templates can make putting together your resume a much easier affair. offers a variety of teacher resume templates for all types of positions: Professional for formal workplaces, simple for new teachers or teaching assistants and modern or creative templates for more forward-thinking employers.

Choose the resume template that works for you and then edit the sample sentences inside of our convenient resume builder.Our resume templates are designed to provide a foundation you make them your own!

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What Makes A Good Teacher Resume

Before you look for a teacher resume sample, here are a few guidelines for making a good teacher CV:

  • no spelling or grammar mistakes
  • list certifications to show your skills and expertise
  • look for a resume that allows you to list special awards or languages

Following these guidelines when writing your CV will result in a professional teacher resume that stands out.

Don’t fall for a teacher resume template for free. Let’s look at some of the best teacher resume examples .

Skills To Add In A Professors Resume

Here are the major skills you can use for drafting an impressive career objective and resume of a professor/lecturer:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Expertise in the area of study that you are applying for the lecturership
  • Exceptional verbal and written skills
  • Organisational skills as well as demonstrating a co-operative and professional interest towards working with a faculty, staff and students
  • Interest in curating and design course curriculums
  • Project management and planning skills
  • Interest in mentoring undergraduates
  • Ability to facilitate an interactive learning environment with an integral focus on research and practical training as well.

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How To Show Your Teaching Experience On A Resume

The way you include your experience for a teaching job has to be tailored.

Emphasize test prep and scores to a school that resents the focus on testing in modern education, and you wont be sending the right message.

If youre applying to a school with another focus, make sure you highlight how your experience makes you qualified to address it.

Your teacher resume needs to focus on demonstrating that youre the perfect teacher for that role, not necessarily that youre a great teacher in general.

These examples show what you can do to make your teaching experience more effective.

Examples Of Work Experience For A Senior Teacher Resume

Teacher Resume: Writing Tips &  Sample

High School English Teacher, California Springer High School

  • Assessed students strengths and weaknesses by administering and interpreting standardized tests.
  • Promoted cutting-edge learning methods to encourage cooperation among students and meet their individual needs.
  • Collaborated with peer staff members to evaluate and assess the effectiveness of Arts programs.

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Resume Template For Teacher

Here’s an elementary teacher resume template that’s simple and easy to read. This template comes with a reference page and cover letter. This template comes with two pages so that you can put as much information on your teacher’s resume as you need. This teacher resume template can be edited in Microsoft Word, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Pages. The timeline style of this resume makes it easy to read so that your future employer can read your qualifications at a glance.

Esl Teacher Resume Objectives

Teaching English to ESL students can be challenging. Writing an ESL teacher resume objective isnt especially if you remodel our examples to fit your own resume.

With Experience

ESL/ELL instructor with 12 years experience teaching English to recent immigrants. Trilingual in English, Spanish, and French with basic knowledge of Italian and Portuguese. Wanting to use my language knowledge and strong people skills to help refugees better adjust to life in a new country. Attained an AA in Liberal Arts and a TESOL certification.

Without Experience

High honors graduate student nearing completion of an MA in Chinese Languages and Literature. TEFL certified. Seeking to use my passion for language to effectively teach English to students in China. Hard-working and motivated educator who has experience traveling internationally and is respectful of other cultures and traditions.

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Substitute Teacher Resume Objectives

If you want to come across as a good sub, youll need a professional substitute teacher resume sample with a powerful introduction. Take ideas from our objective examples so you can get your resume started off strong.

With Experience

Retired History teacher with 35 years of high school teaching experience and 5 years of experience substitute teaching at all grade levels. Aiming to provide seamless education during teacher absences to the Sarasota school district. Hold a BA in History and an MA in Secondary Education.

Without Experience

Recent straight-A graduate with a BA in Sociology and two years of part-time non-profit work experience. Seeking to apply knowledge and people skills to a one-year substitute teaching position. Punctual and focused worker dedicated to keeping classes running smoothly and students learning during teacher absences.

Professional Teacher Resume Sample

Sample Video Resume of a Mathematics Teacher

This example shows a basic resume for a teacher. The main sections are the name and contact information, the professional summary, the core competencies, the work experience, and the education. The resume follows a reverse-chronological resume format, meaning the professional experience starts with the most recent position at the top. Throughout the resume, there are several instances of keywords including hard skills, soft skills, and qualifications. The bullet points and consistent line spacing makes this resume easy to skim over.

The next section will go into more detail about these resume sections.

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The Structure Of The Teachers Resume

Generally, as an experienced teacher, you will want to show your vast teaching experience to future employers. So a reverse chronological resume format will always be best. This showcases your valuable experience that schools are desperate for. Start with your current position at the top, and work backwards to your first position.

Inexperienced teachers would use the functional resume format where they put their education and skills at near the top to focus on their biggest asset which is their education. Since you have experience which is more valuable than just education alone, you dont need to do that.

????Sometimes structuring an education resume can be difficult, so you should check out a teacher resume template on our website. Viewing a teacher resume sample is super useful to get some inspiration and to give you a good overview of what your employers will expect from your resume.

How To Delete An Object

When customizing your template sometimes there are objects that you dont like, or think are unnecessary. You can easily delete the unwanted object on your best teacher resume template.

To delete an object, click on the object that you want to get rid of. You’ll know that it’s selected when handles appear around the object. Next hit Delete on your keyboard. This gets rid of the object. If there’s text on top of the object delete or move the text before trying to delete it.

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Use A Resume Template

A decent CV template saves a lot of time by providing you with a nicely formatted CV which you can start filling up immediately. Furthermore, resume templates are developed to go past tracking systems , where you are unable to understand common formatting options that users select. ATS filters out summaries containing such options because they cannot be read.

Software ATS is also looking for keywords for resumes. A decent CV template employs plain text to allow the ATS to locate your CV keywords. You may find the keywords resume in the job ad, so be sure the key terms used in the ad are replicated such skills.

Pick the corresponding cover letter template if you choose a CV template. It makes you stand out for the hiring manager if your application materials match since they look more professional.

Ensure The Ats And Employers Can Read Your Resume

Daycare Teacher Resume Example &  3 Expert Tips

To ensure your resume reaches principals and department heads, you’ll need to pass muster with the ATS. The good news is formatting for the ATS also results in a resume easy to read by employers.

Some resume tips to steer you onto the right path:

  • One page: Not only is a one-page resume faster for recruiters and ATS to scan, but it forces you to be concise and include only what’s relevant.
  • File type: Most ATS don’t recognize documents in Open Office, Adobe Pages, HTML, or even a PDF . The wisest option is to submit your resume as a .docx file and as a PDF to give employers options if one doesn’t work.
  • Font sizes: The standard 1012-point-font is the best readability range for employers and ATS.
  • Fonts: Even at a reasonable size, some fonts are hard to read, unprofessional-appearing, and most aren’t ATS-friendly. Stick to standard sans-serif fonts like Helvetica or Arial.
  • : One-inch margins are standard, but you can be flexible. Although, avoid going any smaller than a half-inch or larger than one inch to keep your teacher resume professional and tidy.
  • Header names: If you have odd header titles, you’ll confuse the ATS and the employer. Use standardized language instead to make each section easy to find .
  • Skills: ATS use keywords to determine candidate eligibility, including skills matching those in the job description.
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    Professional Resume Trends That Work In 2022

    Here, I’ve gathered five trends that’ll help you write an amazing resume to land a teaching job. Did you know that listing your accomplishment based experiences with bullet points is very important? Or that showcasing your soft skills is a big trend in 2022? Here are the details on the latest resume trends:

    Experienced Teacher Resume Sample

    So, you have everything to be a good teacher the certifications, right attitude, and teaching experience. There is just one more thing you must ensure, that recruiters can identify all these qualities with the help of your experienced teacher resume sample.

    You need to show them all your amazing qualities through your experienced teacher resume. Giving the right information in your resume is important. Also, it may be hard to put together a good resume with all the relevant information. So, we are here to assist you with this confusing task.

    Here is an experienced teacher resume sample that will help you in preparing your own teacher resume. This may be the starting point to prepare a great resume that gets you from the interview, to the classroom.

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    Teacher Resume Experience Examples:


    If your teacher resume points out that you created lesson plans, it may as well point out that you showed up for work every day and did your job. Leave off anything thats so obvious.

    Additionally, the other bullets are vague and subjective enough to be almost meaningless.

    The result is an experience section that falls flat.

    Ultimately, no principal or superintendent is looking to hire a teacher who will do the bare minimum. Teachers are expected to make a difference, so its vital to show that on your resume. Your experience section should be where you demonstrate this.

    Pro Tip

    Besides targeting your experience to the exact school and position youre applying to, be sure to only include whats relevant. The person reading your resume is probably as busy as you are, so dont waste their time.

    Additional Information About The Teachers Resume

    How to write a Teacher resume

    A job in the education sector offers a wide variety of average salaries depending on the level of education you are teaching. Below you can find an overview of average annual salaries for a variety of education jobs in the US based on labor statistics:

    • Teacher at Elementary School: $47,000
    • Teacher at Middle School: $49,000
    • High School Maths Teacher: $50,000
    • School Principal: $92,000

    Your first steps into the education sector as an elementary school teacher could result in an average salary as low as $32,000, whereas university lecturers or principals could be earning closer to $100,000 annually! Check out the following examples of annual salaries for different education employers:

    • The Clark County School District pays an elementary school teacher: $46,000
    • The salary of a Teacher at Middle School in Clark County is: $58,000
    • The salary of a Teacher in High Schools at the Department of Education of New York is: $78,000
    • Director of High Schools at Achievement First: $92,000.

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