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What Should Write In Resume Headline For Fresher

How To Write Resume Headline In Naukri For Experienced Job Seekers

How to Write a Resume | For Freshers & Experienced People (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Even with a lot of experience, relevance can be easily overlooked when your resume headline is not properly structured. Apart from showing how long you have been working in that capacity, you also need to show how well you have done within those years.

In the midst of several achievements, identify and adopt the best ones in your resume headline. Show statistics or quantifiable data to prove your statements and the value you added to your previous companies. Do note that it is suggested to include the goals you reached in your most recent position.

Role Of Resume Headlines

To start with, a strong resume headline helps in clearly communicating your worth as a candidate. It concisely highlights what your profile has to offer. Resume headlines are vital to MBA freshers as MBA is a vast discipline with every student or aspirant specialising in different subjects, with different practical experience, and looking for different job roles.

Resume headlines for MBA freshers, therefore, plays an important role in describing their capabilities and preferences in the very beginning of their profile. It becomes an important medium to convey your message to the recruiter in an impressive way. On the other hand, it comes handy for the recruiters as it helps them decide which resumes to consider for advanced scrutiny.

Model Examples For Mba Freshers

To be clearer on the guidelines, here are 5 model examples for you to consider. You can get the idea of writing a proper resume title from these. Or, if it suits you, alter them to your specifications and requirements.

Result-oriented MBA graduate, looking for a challenging career

This particular resume headline shows that you are confident about yourself and are open to challenges. Employers look for candidates who are willing to sit in front of the computer and do everyday tasks but not restrict themselves to it. They want candidates who are open and even eager to take up new challenges.

Helped previous company grow 15% revenues in 2 months

It need not be a TATA or Reliance, even if you have worked with a small or medium enterprise and helped them grow its quite a lot for a fresher job. Your headline draws the employers attention to further consider your resume. So, keep it simple, precise and say exactly what you need to say to appeal to the sensibility of the recruiter.

HR topper from reputed management school, with 90% overall score

If you have worked hard to get that A+ in your mark sheet, you should get all the chances to flaunt it and use it to your benefit. Yes, skills obviously matter. However, companies never ignore applicants who had been toppers or who have scored brilliant marks. So, if it appeals to them, it can very well be the headline of your job resume.

Distinctive experience in market handling, looking for a career in online marketing

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Tips For Writing A Resume Headline

Katie Kerpel / The Balance

  • Keep It Concise: A resume headline should be one brief phrase it should not even be a complete sentence. The goal is to concisely state your value as a candidate. Anything longer than a phrase defeats the purpose of a headline.
  • Capitalize Your Headline: Capitalize the words in your headline so that it looks like a title to your resume. This is a helpful way to make your headline stand out.
  • Make a Match: After reading the job listing, make a list of the skills, experience, and attributes that make you a strong candidate. Then incorporate these into your headline.
  • Write a New Headline for Each Job: While it will be a little extra work, be sure to create a new headline for each job application. Again, this alerts hiring managers that youve taken the time and care to tailor your resume specifically to their job opening .
  • Use Keywords: Use keywords that demonstrate your skills and/or experiences as related to the job listing. Using words directly from the job listing for which you are applying will demonstrate that you are a good fit for the job. If possible, use the job title in your headline.
  • Avoid Clichés: Because you want your headline to make you stand out as a strong candidate, avoid clichés that employers probably see on every resume. Phrases like hard worker and good communication skills are common on resumes, and do not provide much information on what makes you unique.

Resume Headline Examples For Naukri

Fresher Resume Sample In Usa

Resume headline is the summary of your career profile, stated in a few lines or phrases.

Resume headline is meant to be written in a brief and concise manner.

In fact, the resume headline section on Naukri allows you to write your resume headline within 250 characters.

In this blog, we have listed resume headline examples for different job roles.

You can take a cue from these examples and customize the content as per your individual profile.

So let us looks at the following resume headline examples for Naukri.

All these examples are within the word-limit of 250 characters.

Tip: While you prepare to build a powerful resume, remember to upskill to have a successful career.

Note: If you are fresher, you can also check out Resume headline for freshers.

  • Resume headline for Insurance Advisor
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    Why You Need An Ats

    Here’s the first thing you should know:

    Your average python resume is redundant. You need to raise it from the ashes of redundancy by perfecting it from top to bottom.

    But most importantly, you need to optimize it for the ATS i.e. the Applicant Tracking System.

    An ATS is a software that most companies have started using to eliminate the worst fitted candidates. But even an ATS is just a tool, and it is bound to make mistakes.

    You could be a kickass Python Developer and you can still get rejected by an ATS if your python resume is poorly structured and badly worded.

    This is why you desperately need to write an ATS-compliant Python Resume.

    In other words, whether you’re writing a Django resume, a junior python developer resume, or a java with python resume it has to be ATS-optimized.

    This means that you should write an:

    • ATS-optimized Django resume
    • ATS-optimized junior python developer resume
    • ATS-optimized java with python resume

    If this seems too confusing, don’t worry.

    We will help you make an ATS-optimized python resume in this blog.

    Let’s begin.

    But before we do, why don’t you get your python data developer resume reviewed by our resume experts?

    An extra pair of eyes never hurt anybody. And for all we know, maybe your python resume is not all that far away from meeting the ATS-compliance test. All you need is a push in the right direction.

    Career Objective For A Fresher Engineer

    Here are some of the best career objectives for engineer:

    • BTech in Mechanical Engineering graduate from ABC University looking for an entry-level role to kickstart my career in Automation Engineering. Possess advanced-level knowledge of engineering tools, data science, programming and computer science.
    • Seeking a challenging role at a reputed IT organisation to utilize my engineering skills that can contribute to the companys growth as well as enhance my knowledge by exploring new things.
    • Detail-oriented individual with a BTech in Civil Engineering searching for a suitable role at an established organisation to utilise my knowledge and skills while contributing to the growth of the company.
    • Desirous of the position of Tech Engineer at XYZ Inc. where I can devote my excellent tech skills, analytical skills and problem-solving competencies to promote the growth of the organisation.
    • A highly motivated and deadline-driven engineer with an MTech in Information Technology and 2 years of professional experience. Possess in-depth knowledge of computer technologies and IT management and seeking a suitable role at a renowned organisation to utilise my excellent research and data analysis skills.

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    Examples Of Career Objectives For Medical Professionals And Freshers:

    • “Seeking a challenging role as a nurse in a hospital or healthcare clinic. Willing to work in the morning as well as night shifts and delivering quality service to patients.”
    • Looking for an opportunity as a pharmacist in hospital or healthcare centres. A certified pharmacist with expertise in treating injuries and formulating personalized plans for patients.
    • Experienced surgeon with 4+ years of professional experience at hospital and expertise in handling surgical injuries in stomach, intestine, and gallbladder. Willing to work both day and night shifts for the well-being of people.”
    • Hard-working health professional seeking a reputable position as an examiner at the hospital. Has work experience of 3+ years and is motivated by healing people and making them feel better.
    • Motivated and understanding medical professional seeking the position of dental assistant at clinic. Offering work experience of 3+ years and highly specialized in root canal and dental surgery of patients.
    • A recent graduate in nursing and seeking the position of a registered nurse at a hospital, nursing home, or healthcare centre. Understanding and prioritizing patient comfort.”
    • Seeking a medical position at hospital or healthcare clinic and provide highly professional assistance to the doctors as well as patients.

    Choose A Title From A Recruiters Perspective

    Resume Tips For Freshers | How To Prepare A Resume For A Job | Resume Format | Simplilearn

    Recruiters scroll through our job seeker profiles, scanning resume titles and looking for people who fit their needs. If you were a recruiter, what would you most like to read? What would grab your attention and make you want to open that persons profile over another job seekers?

    A good resume title is specific to your particular skill set and what you have to offer. If the title or resume headline you use is generic enough that it could be about anyone, its not going to stand out to a hiring manager, says Reynolds.

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    Examples Of Career Objectives For A Fresher

    • To work in an organisation which provides me with ample opportunities to enhance my skills and knowledge along with contributing to the growth of the organisation.
    • Looking for opportunities to incorporate my skills and training to help the company grow. I am looking forward to roles that will help me realise my potential by exploring the various aspects of this field.
    • I am seeking opportunities to join a company that can help me in enhancing my skills, strengthening my knowledge and realising my potential. I am willing to explore a wide variety of opportunities that can help me gain perspective.
    • I am looking for an entry-level position to kickstart my career in the . I wish to work in a dynamic organisation that will contribute to my professional and personal growth while I contribute to the growth of the company as well as engage in opportunities to further the companys goals.
    • To explore new areas of work in a dynamically stable organisation.
    • To secure a challenging position in this organisation in order to improve my skill and work for the growth of the organisation.
    • Looking forward to work for my dream which provides the chance to improve my to learn and grow along with the organisation goals.
    • With a BCom in Accounting and Finance, I aim to obtain an entry-level Accounting job position at .

    Skills In Resume For Freshers

    As an individual who is starting their career, you may not know what skills to add. You can talk about your soft skills as well as hard skills. The skills required may change depending on the job you are applying for. However, here is a list of common skills in resume for freshers:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Negotiation
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    Career Objective For Medical And Healthcare Professionals

    • Seeking a challenging opportunity as a Nurse in health centres and nursing homes to facilitate healthcare services and provide assistance to doctors. A self-motivated and energetic nurse willing to take night as well as morning shifts and flexible to assist during for emergency procedures as well.
    • A fresh graduate in healthcare management with internship experience in hospital administration seeking a rewarding managerial role at hospital or healthcare centres.

    What Is A Resume Objective

    10+ HR Fresher Resume Template

    A resume objective or your objective for CV highlights and summarises your skills and expertise. It is an overview of your career goals. It lets the employers know what abilities you possess and if you are an asset. A well-written resume objective will compel the employers to see your potential and hire you.

    With countless choices to choose from, writing an explicit objective will turn out to be quite helpful for you because it serves as a first impression on the company. The objective should be written in a way that captures the employers attention.

    It should mainly focus on your skills, education, qualification, work background, or experience .


    Looking for a challenging role in an organisation, which provides opportunities to enhance my skills and expand my knowledge for the growth of the company.

    Why is it required?

    A resume objective is required because it provides the company insights into your work and education background, what quality traits you have that can benefit them, why they should hire you, and what makes you different from other candidates.

    It can turn out to be quite helpful for you and can give you an advantage over those who havent included an objective in their resume. General interview questions will follow next, but the start that your job hunt will need begins with a crisp resume objective.

    This article covers all that you need to know about writing a resume objective for freshers and experienced with examples to assist you.

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    Profile Summary For Freshers: Banking

    Seeing for an entry-level position in a growing financial organization. Passionate about learning business concepts and possess the ability to handle work pressure and customer issues professionally. Have exceptional advisory skills to introduce new schemes and help customers to meet their financial goals.

    The Benefits Of Adding A Resume Headline

    When applying for a job in a competitive job market, you need to set apart your resume from the rest of the competition. Most hiring managers and employers only look at each resume they receive for a few seconds. This means you need to make a big impression right away, which is difficult with just a single sheet of paper.

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    How To Write A Resume Headline That Stands Out

    Although resume headlines comprise only a few words, these one-liners are the first thing recruiters and hiring managers read. They explain at a glance who you are and what you bring to the table.

    A resume headline is a concise description located just below your name and above your resume summary. It quickly communicates who you are as a candidate and, when written effectively, grabs the attention of hiring managers.

    Headlines are an important addition to your resume. Although they comprise only a few words, these one-liners are the first thing recruiters and hiring managers read. They explain at a glance who you are and what you bring to the table.

    An incompatible headline can discourage a recruiter from spending any more time on your resume while a well-written and tailored headline can validate your candidacy and encourage recruiters to read on.

    Resume Headlines Vs Resume Profiles

    How to write an impressive Resume? – Resume Format for Freshers and Experienced Candidates!

    Resume headlines are similar to resume profiles in that both provide a brief summary of an applicants qualifications. However, a resume headline is one brief phrase, whereas a resume profile is a small paragraph or series of bulleted points.

    Remember that resume profiles are different than resume objectives. In an objective, you write about the position you are seeking, not your skills.

    A profile is typically not capitalized like a headline is. For these reasons, headlines are even more eye-catching than profiles. Some applicants may include both a headline and a resume profile, using the headline to attract the reader, and then a profile to provide further information.

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    Python Developer Resume: Key Skills

    The key to an optimized python developer sample resume lies in your skills, as it is your skills that help you show your suitability for a python job.

    If you are a CS Graduate with no python coding skills, there is no point.

    Your skills are important, and they deserve a separate section of their own in your real python pdf resume.

    Hiration Pro Tip: Write this section after the professional experience section so that it is easy to pick your key skills. Distinguish your technical skills from your core python skills and bifurcate them under a distinct ‘technical skills’ subsection under the ‘key skills’ section.

    Doing this is good for the ATS-compliance as the software tends to scrutinize your junior python developer resume for keywords.

    So your resume on python skills needs to be bang-on. It should also have as many relevant keywords as possible.

    Scrutinizing the JD of your target job and looking for ‘required skills’ & incorporating them in this section helps you make an ATS-compliant resume. It also helps you curate a job-targeted python resume.

    Word of caution: Do not mindlessly incorporate keywords into your entry level python developer resume. Use only those keywords that match your expertise.

    Read our guide to skills on resume for a better understanding of efficiently curating this section.

    Here’s a python resume sample showcasing the perfect key skills section.

    Examples Of Career Objectives For Engineers:

    • Seeking a job as an engineer in organisation to put my engineering experience to use and be of assistance.
    • I am an MBA graduate and a dedicated engineer looking forward to working with your well-regarded organisation and put my expertise to use.”
    • Detail-oriented and a creative engineer with 4+ years of experience in mechanical engineering, seeking a reputable position in your organisation and am motivated to provide the best services and quality work.
    • “Desirous for the position of a civil engineer at organisation with 3 years of professional experience to utilize my problem-solving and logical skills and benefit the company.”
    • A goal-oriented and a highly creative engineer, seeking a challenging role to enhance the companys growth as well as expand my knowledge to enhance my performance.
    • With an experience of 3+ years and BTech in Computer Science, I am looking forward to leveraging my skilled expertise to offer the highest quality of service and contributing to the growth of the company.”
    • A highly knowledgeable Software Engineer with an experience of 5 years at company, seeking an entry at a reputable organisation.
    • BSc in mechanical engineering from with an internship experience of 4 months from organisation. Desirous for a position at a reputed automobile company.
    • “A highly technical software engineer with an internship experience of 5 months at company. Desirous of position. Possess extensive research ability.”

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