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How To Include Leadership On Your Resume

Leading A Project Or Task In School

Resume Builder Step 3: Writing Your Skills Summary

This can be any level of school. Choose whatever you completed most recently. If youre a college graduate, pick a project from the last one or two years of college.

If you just graduated high school, choose something from your senior year.

Taking a lead role in a school project is a great example of leadership experience. If you delegated tasks, chose the overall strategy for the project, or anything like that, thats leadership!

Organizing a team presentation can also be considered leadership.

Write An Impressive Work History Section

Your resumes work experience section is one of the most important bits.

Use this section to prove you can use your leadership skills to achieve success.

Heres how to do it:

  • Instead of listing your responsibilities, prove how well you did them by using numbers to quantify your accomplishments.
  • Start each sentence with a resume action word to amplify your leadership skills.

Lets look at an example:

Resume Job Description With Good Leadership Skills

Xerme Inc., Orlando, FL

  • Hired, trained, managed and motivated a team of 10 content writers.
  • Responsible for reviewing, editing and approving all content prior to publishing.
  • Grew consumer market by 20% through online marketing.
  • Helped increase revenue by 500% over four years.


Expert Hint: Make sure to always use resume keywords to make your job application ATS-friendly. Targeting your resume is a simple technique to better your chances of getting the job.

Strategic Planning Example On A Leadership Resume

  • Developed and executed strategies focused on growth and company expansion.

Strategic planning is an overlooked skill thatâs vital to leadership. Without strategies and plans on how to execute them, the company will be unproductive and scattered where there could be organization.

Felicia Tatum, Executive Resume Writer

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Include Bonus Sections To Stand Out

If you want to really increase your chances of getting hired, make sure to include one or two additional resume sections.

This is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd.

Highlight some other activities that will prove that you have excellent leadership and interpersonal skills: volunteer work, languages, certifications, associations, attended conferences, etc.

Leadership Skills in the Additional Sections

  • Spanish

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Quantify Your Leaderships Impact

How To Mention Basic Computer Skills In Resume

When including leadership skills, it is vital to include quantifiable results in your resume. So, when you list your examples, be sure to include actual numerical results.

That adds depth to your example and demonstrates easily-understandable value to the hiring manager. These measurable results can include everything from increasing sales by âxâ percent to reducing customer attrition by ____ amount. In other words, trumpet those accomplishments in a clear and convincing manner.

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Training Teaching Coaching And Mentoring

Even if you have never held an official leadership title, consider if there are any instances where you have directed others through training, teaching, coaching or mentoring. Experience as a tutor, time you spent helping a coworker learn a skill or a day spent coaching a team member can all be described as leadership experience. If you had a new student or a new employee shadow you for a day, this is also a type of mentoring, training or leadership.

The Transition & The Importance Of A Resume

Although many student-athletes grow up lacing their Air Jordans and dreaming of going pro, the reality is that very few go on to be professional athletes. If they do, in most sports it probably isn’t going to be for that long. In fact, according to the NCAA, only 1 percent of college athletes go on to play professionallythe rest enter the corporate world, just a wide majority of the world. The reality is that you have to start preparing one way or another.

But just because youve traded the locker room for the boardroom doesnt mean you should put your glory days behind you altogether. A lot of the thrills and experience you had as an athlete can be replicated in the business world in many ways.

Your resume is your way to take your game to that next level. It is just validation of your experience and skill-set similar to having a highlight film in your sport. Having a well thought out and put together resume can get you into the door of your dream job and get you off on the right foot when transitioning into your next career.

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Ask For More Responsibility

Once youve established yourself in a position and built a positive relationship with your boss you can be open about wanting more responsibility. Ask if there is anything else you can do, or if theres anything coming up which you can take an active role in. Showing youre keen will only make a positive impression.

Wait But What If I Dont Know What My Leadership Skills Are

Resume skills you need to include to land that interview

Relax, thats something you can easily find out by asking around. Approach some of your friends, colleagues, and subordinates and ask for their feedback. Since most people will find it hard to pin down a specific skill right on the spot, ask them to just start telling you about what they think of your abilities to manage, lead, and influence others.This can be a nice exercise to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to leadership.

Speaking of the latter, if you feel that your leadership skills are limited or do not fully match the position you are eyeing, you can always do some learning.

Heres how to improve leadership skills:

  • Sign up for a coaching/mentorship session with a senior leader in your space.
  • Pick up a new book from a leader you admire.
  • Get some hands-on training through volunteering.
  • Work more on your communication skills.
  • Start taking a more active part in your team/department social life.
  • Pick up several new negotiation and persuasion techniques.
  • Work on developing better situational awareness skills.
  • Network more actively and learn from others!

Remember: Few good leaders are born. Most are self-made.

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Its Okay If You Dont Have Perfect Leadership Examples

Maybe you just graduated from school, or youre applying for your first job. You might not have work-related leadership experience. Thats okay.

Just pick the most relevant leadership experiences that you can think of.

Do the best you can with the example you prepare. Nobodys perfect, and nobody has every single thing an employer wants in the interview, so you just need to prepare the best you can and give the best example you can when responding to the question.

And if the STAR method isnt working , make it simpler and just focus on the situation, and what you learned from it.

What was the goal, and how did you help accomplish it through leadership? And how did you improve and develop as a leader? Always show what you learned at the end!

Thats one of the keys to answering this type of interview question.

If you dont have any formal leadership experience , here are 9 examples of leadership experience to help you get ideas

What Are Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are talents and abilities that are useful across different jobs, industries, and even different areas of your life.

Everyone gains a set of transferable skills throughout their life. You can learn them in school or from your experience in different jobs, mentorships, or volunteering. For instance, writing essays in college taught you research skills, while you might have learned project management skills in your current role.

Transferable skills are a mix of soft skills and technical skills, although employers often place more importance on soft skills. These human skills like persuasion or time management are more difficult to train because you develop and refine them through real-life practice. As a result, they are very sought-after.

Because transferable skills are useful in different job roles and lines of work, theyre extremely valuable and in-demand with employers. The more transferable skills you can master, the more attractive you become as a job candidate. And the easier it is to transition to different roles or even change career paths.

These proficiencies arent just confined to your work. They can be useful in everyday life. For example, strong interpersonal skills can help you make friends more easily.

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Types Of Experience That Show Leadership

Surveys indicate that employers are looking to hire candidates that show specific leadership skills. Its not so much if you have held a traditional leadership position but how well you can put certain skills into action. More specifically, employers want employees who can:

  • Effectively manage change
  • Think analytically and strategically
  • Be creative and innovative

None of those traits actually uses the word leader. Neither does it imply any sort of management of others. Employers are not necessarily looking for a Lucy Van Pelt to tell the Charlie Browns of the world what to do.

Employers are looking for those specific qualities. You should highlight your experiences and accomplishments related to those qualities. For example, if you helped a former employee solve a major problem, write it among your accomplishments. Focus on your role and the positive outcome. If you were part of a team that developed a creative new product or service, describe your role.

The idea here isnt to focus on titles . Focus on the experiences and accomplishments that have positioned you to be a leader.

Of course, if you have leadership experience, be sure to mention that. If you dont have leadership experience, incorporate the keywords that show leadership to employers. When you land the interview, you can elaborate on your experience and how it makes you a good leader.

What Are Leadership Skillsdefinition

God Leadership Skils Resume

People who hold positions of authority take a huge responsibility, not only for themselves, but also for the functioning of the entire organization.

Some of them are born leaders, but others need to learn how to lead by bringing out the best in others.

But can you really learn how to do that?

Good news to yall:

You can learn how to become a leader by developing key leadership skills and behaviors.

So lets all thank Henri Fayol, who was the first to say that you can learn to be a leader, while his predecessors claimed that it was an innate skill.

What are leadership skills?

Leadership skills are skills and competencies you use when managing other people to reach a shared goal.

Whether youre a business owner or a team manager in a large corporation, you need to use leadership skills to motivate your employees or colleagues in order to make things happen.

Managers, leaders, executives, directors, and supervisors work with people. And by people we dont only mean their subordinates, but also other managers, suppliers, clients, and customers.

Thanks to this complicated web of relationships and the cooperation between these people, leaders are able to efficiently plan the long-term goals of a company and the path to achieve them.

When applying for your next job, especially if youre writing a resume for a manager position, make sure to include leadership skills to show you have what it takes to land the role you’re after.

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Leadership Words To Use On Your Resume

Leaders need many essential qualities to inspire others to follow them. Employees are encouraged to do their best work under a good leader’s guidance. If you’re applying for a leadership position, it’s important to include the right terms on your resume and in your cover letter to demonstrate your leadership capabilities.

In this article, we explain 25 leadership words that you can use on your resume and when discussing your skills and accomplishments.

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What To Do: An Example Of Showing Leadership

Heres what a good example of leadership skills on a resume looks like:

Example of how to list leadership skills on a resume.

If youre applying for a leadership role, your accomplishments should be focused on how youve already demonstrated leadership skills. Increasing revenue, coordinating stakeholders, managing a team, and acquiring new talent are all things that employers will want their senior-level staff to do, which makes them perfect additions to a resume.

The majority of your bullet points should focus on high-level outcomes rather than individual responsibilities the purpose of your resume is to show a hiring manager what you could bring to the company, which means every achievement you include needs to be relevant to the specific role youre applying for.

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Leadership Skills Resume Example For A Team Leader

  • Led a productive team in daily operations and projects while maximizing individual abilities and efficiencies to product profits.

Leadership skills should be conveyed all throughout the resume, in the summary, work experience, and achievements. It’s vital to hiring teams looking for their next C-Level hire.

Why Do Employers Seek Transferable Skills

Secrets to a Great Project Management Resume – Project Management Training

Employers place a lot of value on transferable skills.

Many transferable skills are hard to learn and even harder to teach. So hiring someone with a strong set of existing transferable skills saves employees time and money.

Take the teacher from the previous example. Because theyve mastered in-demand skills in their previous role, they already have a solid foundation for sales. Once theyre hired, a sales manager can easily teach them the technical side of sales through a training program.

Even if theyre technically qualified for a job, employers may overlook job seekers that lack certain transferable skills.

Transferable skills also show hiring managers you have versatility. Versatility is the ability to perform many roles and tasks within the organization.

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Trap #: Not Addressing The Language Barrier In Japan

Japanese customers in the software industry aren’t only asking for documentation, of course. They conduct their whole business in Japanesesometimes, even with foreigners.

That may surprise some because English is very much the lingua franca of the software industry. You can usually get by speaking English only with clients in many countries around the world. But anyone that ever visited Japan will confirm that things can be quite different there.

Why is this? Essentially, learning a foreign language is always easier if your target is close to your native tongue. For instance, English and French share many words. They use a similar sentence structure, namely subject-verb-object. They also share the same alphabet, minus a few diacritics.

Japanese uses two sets of alphabet-like symbols while still sprinkling a fair dose of kanjissymbols that express ideas . And while Japanese chose to import phonetically many words from English and other European languages, the pronunciation can be significantly different.

Oh, and the verb goes at the end of the sentence!

That one is tricky. I know. I am a student of the Japanese language. It takes a lot of practiceand a lot of “CPU cycles”to flip the order of words before uttering a sentence!

So, do you need a Japanese website? Probably.

Leadership Skills For Resume

The two sections where you can include your leadership skills on your resume or Indeed Resume are your skills section and the achievements section.

Key leadership skills to include on your resume

The skills section can include leadership skills that you believe any of your professional references can verify on your behalf. Heres how you can communicate your leadership skills on your resume:

*Skills: Leadership, negotiation, conflict resolution, mentoring, communication*

Or if you prefer more detail in your skills section, use this format:


  • *Leadership | Lead, mentored, delegated and managed a team of 50 employees to execute and troubleshoot short- and long-term goals for the company. Hired and encouraged a team to consistently meet and then exceed goals every month.*

Meanwhile, your achievements list can include awards or honors that reflect leadership. A good example for listing a leadership achievement might look like this:


  • Achieved a 40% production rate above goal
  • Won Company Leader and Mentor Award

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Develop Leadership Skills In Your Free Time

You can develop skills outside of your job. You can start your own project, such as a website, or you can help a charity or join an organization. This is a great way to target the key skills which you think youre lacking. This type of experience looks particularly good on a student resume or an entry-level resume.

What To Do Next:

Floor Leader Resume Samples

Now you need to come up with your own examples of leadership experience to share in the interview.

Think about where youve led, what youve learned, and which story will be most relevant to the employer.

Remember the first thing we discussed: Your example of leadership experience should be as relevant as possible, somewhat recent, and impressive overall.

If that doesnt sound familiar, go back to the first half of the article where this is mentioned.

And whatever example of past leadership experience you choose to share, be ready to get specific and share real results. What was the outcome and what did you learn?

Any time an interviewer is asking this, theres a good chance they want to hire a strong leader.

So you need to sound like you enjoy leading and are comfortable doing more of this in the future!

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