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What Is The Purpose Of Resume

Skills Relevant To The Job Opening

The Purpose of a Resume #Resume #ResumePurpose #ResumeTips

Finally, include any skills that are relevant to the job opening youre applying for. Keep in mind that this doesnt mean you’ve got to stick only to skills that youve acquired as a result of your education. This can also include other skills that arent related to your job title but are valuable to a potential employer.

Once you’ve got these key resume sections, consider including other sections such as references, volunteer work, language skills, professional affiliations or memberships, and similar. Including these sections depends on the type of job youre applying for. The most important thing is to tailor your resume to the job opening.

With that in mind, its always better to include the key sections first instead of including each professional affiliation or reference contact.

A Resume Speaks A Lot About Yourself Indirectly

There’s a reason why a few resumes get filtered out among the entire lot for the interview session. Because the candidate created the resume in such a way that he was able to ‘sell’ himself in front of the employer. This may sound wrong or irrelevant, but it is what it is.

When an employer picks up the resume paper or looks at the pdf/word document on the computer, he is looking at a stranger. If he is convinced by a document to select the candidate for the next screening process, then it is confirmed that the candidate can communicate well. Not only that but the way the resume is structured and or organized shows how focused the candidate is and pays attention to the important aspects especially if the resume is tailored, it creates a positive impression about the priority.

When To Use A Resume Objective

Again, some career experts find resume objectives outdated, others say they are valuable. However, there are times when a resume objective can be very useful. Whenever you want to emphasize that you are ambitious, that you know what you want in a career, or that you have the skills for the specific job, you could benefit from a resume objective.

One specific time you could use a resume objective is when you are changing careers.

A resume objective can explain why you are qualified for the job, even if you do not have a lot of related experience. An objective can be particularly helpful when you are changing careers.

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Using The Same Objective For Every Job Application


To obtain a job within my chosen field that will challenge me and allow me to use my education, skills and past experiences in a way that is mutually beneficial to both myself and my employer and allow for future growth and advancement.

Your goal is to be the ideal candidate and that means making sure youre exactly what the hiring manager is looking forand unless youre applying to a cookie cutter factory in a cookie cutter job town where every job every employer is listing is exactly the same then I guarantee you 100% that your statement will NOT be a one size fits all statement.


Impress Your Prospective Employers:

Resume Objective Examples for Students and Professionals

Your resume is not a brag sheet for you to hang on your wall, but it does provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your relevant skills and achievements, and hopefully impress your prospective employers enough that they will give you an interview.

Make sure that you tailor your resume for specific jobs by emphasizing your relevant skills for that position and place focus on highlight any previous experience that would benefit you within their company.

Your prospective employers will develop interview questions based on the information on your resume, so make sure that you dont overstretch your qualifications and are prepared to demonstrate or elaborate on your listed skills.

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It Shows Your Command Of The Written Word

You dont have to be an English major to make sure that your résumé is well-written. If your school has a career services department that offers résumé workshops, be sure to participate in them. Ask an older sibling who is in the workplace to review your résumé before it goes into cyberspace or to a future employer. Other options include asking a teacher, professor, or perhaps someone with whom you worked with or for in the past to review your résumé. Whatever the case, it is your responsibility to have a well-written résumé. You can pay for résumé-writing services, but finding someone who knows the basics of solid résumé writing may be all you need, along with this textbook. Remember that if it has one misspelled word, your résumé could easily be dismissed, along with your candidacy. Its critical that your résumé be accurate and well written.

What Is The Purpose Of A Resume That You Can Customize

Because you want to keep your resume one page long, you need to decide what to keep and what to eliminate. You must customize your resume for the specific job you’re applying to. Not only will this help you show you’re a great fit, but HR pros can spot a generic copy-and-pasted resume from a mile away.

So, show you’ve put in some time and effort. Swap in a few skills that are most relevant for the current job. Change up your headline a little. Add in keywords from the job posting. Scour the courses you’ve completed and list the ones that most closely align with the role. Let’s say you aren’t ready to apply for a new job. That’s ok! Find a job posting for your dream position and start rewriting your resume to fit. After you identify any holes in your skills, take a look through our catalog of courses and tutorials to help you fill the gap.

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What Is A Resume And Why Is It Important

A resume is a formal document that shows a potential employer your skills, education, and experience. In most cases, youll make a resume to apply for various job openings. A resume is usually required for a job application within a company or organization that doesn’t rely on application forms alone.

The main purpose of a resume is to land an interview with a potential employer. As such, a resume is as a marketing document that allows you to make a great first impression on HR managers and potential employers.

Why Should The Employer Choose You

How to Write a Resume Summary – Plus 5 Strong Examples | Indeed Career Tips

Make a quick statement with one or two sentences. Think about it carefully, the purpose of this is to “hit” the hiring manager. He should have the feeling, “Ok I like this man/woman!” this is mostly at the top of the resume.

Hint, if you know who will do the hiring, try to search on Linkedin or even Google or Facebook, check his/her preferences or the favorite motto. For example, “If you put your mind to it, anything is possible.” Sounds like cheating? No, not at all, he/she makes it public.

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What Is A Good Goal Statement

A good goal statement is similar to an objective statement. It shares your objectives and accomplishments with a hiring manager in the hopes to hook them into reading the rest of your resume.

If youre creating your resume, we can help! Check out our free resume builder.

Originally published May 31, 2018. Last updated February 18, 2020.

Sales And Customer Support Resume Objective Examples

Sales Associate Resume Objective

Charismatic, communicative employee seeking an entry-level sales job at XYX Inc. Tech-savvy, with the ability to pick up product knowledge fast. Previous experience as a sales clerk at Random Retail Store X.

Click here for a complete sales associate resume example.

Store Manager Resume Objective

Experienced employee looking for a job as a Store Manager at XYZ Inc. Skilled in inventory management, having worked as a warehouse manager in two separate organizations. Dependable math skills from working as a cashier at Company X.

Account Manager Resume Objective

Diligent graduate with a B.A. in Business Management at University Y seeking to provide excellent client service at XYZ Inc. as an account manager. Strong communication skills from my job as a Sales Manager at Company X. Outstanding project management skills, having worked on over a dozen business projects in university.

Customer Service Specialist Resume Objective

Multi-lingual employee looking to help XYZ Inc. provide stellar customer experience. Strong communication skills. Fluent in English, French, and Russian. Basic knowledge of CRM systems.

Click here for a complete customer service specialist resume example.

Technical Support Specialist Resume Objective

Cashier Resume Objective

Click here for a complete cashier resume example.

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Putting It All Together

So, there you have it. Weve covered what a resume objective statement is, who should use one, and how to properly execute it. Plus, there are some handy resume objective examples that can serve as inspiration.

While some people might claim that the objective statement for a resume is outdated, if done properly, it can make a difference. Use all of the information above to your advantage. That way, youll be one step closer to your dream job.

Good luck!

What Specific Position Are You Seeking

All Purpose Clerk Resume Samples

Unfortunately for the over-stressed and over-worked, the days of sending out a generic resume for several types of jobs are behind us. You have to design your resume with a particular position in mind. You have to know what keywords, skills, areas of expertise, and qualities an employer is looking for in a candidate. And then you have to make sure you feature them in your resume and show – not tell – that you have them. That brings me to the next bullet point.

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It Represents You When You Are Not There

Your résumé can be uploaded to global job boardsOriginally used to refer to a physical board or case, often located in an employment center or agency. People looking for work might check the job board every few days to see hand-posted offers of work. This term now refers to an online job board site, where individuals can apply for positions. Two of the largest job boards are Monster and CareerBuilder, but there are hundreds of niche job board sites that focus on teaching positions, technology positions, sales positions, and so on. like MonsterOne of the largest job board sites. , CareerBuilderOne of the largest job board sites. , and others in a few minutes. It can be sent to a companys online database with a push of a button. It can then be shared with dozens of recruiters and hiring managers without you even knowing about it. In fact, its a lot easier to get your résumé in front of a recruiter than it is to have a physical presence in their office therefore, make certain its a well-written, well-positioned document that makes an exceptional first impression.

Career Change With New Education

Experienced accounting professional and recent college graduate with a Bachelors in IT looking to leverage mathematical and analytical capabilities in a data analyst role with an enterprise-level employer. Impeccable attention to detail and organizational skills, as well as strong desire to learn and grow on the job.

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Back To The Question What Is The Purpose Of A Resume

Let’s deep dive into this question. If you answer it correctly, you are on the right way, you will for sure have the full attention of the recruitment team. To fully answer it, we need to split it into more parts:

  • Who will read it?
  • What are the values of your skills and responsibilities?
  • What to add, if you don’t have much professional experience?
  • Why should the employer choose you?
  • Who else will apply for this job?
  • Purpose #: To Give A Brief Overview Of Your Most Relevant Qualifications

    How To Create A Functional Resume & Showcase Your Skills | Indeed Career Tips

    Your resume should include just enough information to pique the recruiters interest. It should not describe every single detail of your career!

    Ideally, unless you have extensive relevant experience or long resumes are expected within your field, your resume should be only about one page long. The best resumes are long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest, as Winston Churchill once said .

    Even if you have lots of accomplishments, your resume should condense them to show the most impressive highlights in one or two pages, max. Photo by Christa Dodoo on Unsplash

    While it may be tempting to go overboard on qualifications, this isnt going to impress your recruiters. Were not telling you not to be proud of the 300 you scored while bowling, but including it on your resume is more likely to frustrate readers than thrill them.

    Most people have significantly more work history than could fit into a readable resume, and recruiters only have a limited amount of time to look through your resume. That means you need to put on your editing hat and present a resume thats easy to skim and understand.

    A skimmable resume uses standard labels, a consistent design, limited bullet points , and appropriate white space. If you can quickly glance through your resume and recognize your most important skills and qualifications within about 10 seconds, then congrats! You have a skimmable resume!

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    It Clearly States Your Abilities

    Focus on the results of your actions. Being results oriented helps résumé readers understand your abilities. What exactly do you do, or what have you done in the past? Your résumé should answer this question very quickly. For example, if you have been responsible for opening and closing a retail store on a daily basis and for managing the register that took in approximately $5,000 worth of merchandise a day, state that clearly and concisely. If you have written three to four sports articles for your school paper every month for the past three years, include that as well. The more you quantify your accomplishments, the more your abilities will be understood.

    Office / Administrative Jobs Resume Objective Examples

    Office Manager Resume Objective

    Experienced office manager seeking to help XYZ Inc. provide a stellar customer experience & take the Portsmouth branch to the next level. Experienced in managing teams of 15+ in several different restaurants, such as Restaurant A and Restaurant B. Handled every aspect of the business, from hiring new staff to managing marketing initiatives.

    Click here for a complete office manager resume example.

    Executive Assistant Resume Objective

    Freelance VA looking to transition to the position of an Executive Assistant. Worked with 5+ online businesses, helping with everything from data entry to customer support. Excellent attention to detail & organizational skills. Proficient in Excel, Photoshop. Intermediate copywriting skills.

    Click here for a complete executive assistant resume example.

    Receptionist Resume Objective

    3rd-year Medical Student looking for a summer job as a receptionist at XYZ Inc. Experience in working face-to-face with customers, having worked part-time jobs as cashier and waitress. Social, positive, and hard-working.

    Click here for a complete receptionist resume example.

    Secretary Resume Objective

    Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

    Click here for a complete administrative assistant resume example.

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    Other Resume Objective Examples

    Warehouse Worker Resume Objective

    Retail worker seeking the position of a warehouse worker at XYZ Supermarket. Previous experience doing several retail jobs, including working as a stocker for produce and groceries at XYZ Family Market. Skilled in stocking, inventory replenishment / tracking, processing relevant paperwork and utilizing electrical pallet stackers / pallet jacks.

    Click here for a complete warehouse worker resume example.

    Housekeeper Resume Objective

    Seasonal worker seeking a Housekeeping job at XYZ Hotel. Diligent and organized, having spent the past 3 summers working in Nantucket. Previous roles include bussing at Restaurant Y and prep cooking at Local Restaurant X.

    Medical Resume Objective Examples

    Student Resume Objective Examples

    Nurse Resume Objective

    Recent RN graduate seeking to help Hospital XYZ provide an excellent level of patient care. Experienced in working in high-stress environments. An excellent team-player who thrives under pressure. Passionate about helping people and making an impact.

    Click here for a complete nurse resume example.

    Medical Assistant Resume Objective

    Certified, energetic medical assistant with volunteering experience for XYZ Hospital looking for a position as a Medical Assistant at ABC Clinic. Dedicated team player with the ability to work both day and night shifts.

    Click here for a complete medical assistant resume example.

    Dental Assistant Resume Objective

    Licensed and enthusiastic dental practitioner with 1+ years of experience working at a private Dental Practice ABC seeking a Dental Assistant position at XYZ Dental Inc. Highly meticulous at carrying out dental procedures and assisting during surgeries.

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    Provides A Snapshot Of Your Career

    The recruiter doesnt want your autobiography they want an overview of what youve done thats relevant to their needs. Having a one-page resume is great for this, but in general, your resume forces you to compact all of your experience into a readable piece instead of a dissertation. Your resume therefore improves efficiency for the recruiter.

    Infographic Video And Website Rsums

    As the Internet becomes more driven by multimedia, job-seekers have sought to take advantage of the trend by moving their résumés away from the traditional paper and email media to website résumés or e-résumés.

    Video, infographic, and even Vine résumés have gained popularity recently, though mainly in the creative and media industries.

    This trend has attracted criticism from human resources management professionals, who warn that this may be a passing fad and point out that multimedia-based résumés may be overlooked by recruiters whose workflow is designed only to accommodate a traditional résumé format.

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