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How To Write A Resume For College Applications

How To Format Your College Application Resume

How to Make a Resume for College Applications | Coach Hall Writes

Formatting is key to making your resume easy to scan. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Use a professional font
  • Use a limited amount of bold and underlining aim for a clear and clean format
  • Keep your narratives brief but detailed
  • Do not abbreviate the names of groups or organizations
  • Try to keep the resume to one page
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread to avoid typos, spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and punctuation problems and ask a trusted adult to do the same.

Although your resume will be a personalized one, use this sample high school student resume as a template for creating your own.

Remember that your resume is not a do-it-once-document be sure to update it as needed. And let me stress again, you cant proofread a resume too carefully.

You want a college admissions officer to remember you for your accomplishments, not for your typos!




What To Include In Your Resume

Begin with a resume summary statement. A resume summary statement is a list or a few sentences at the top of a resume that highlights your qualifications for a position. It is a great way to quickly show an employer why you are a strong candidate for a position.

Resume summary statements can be useful at any career level, including as a college student.

The summary statement should be located below your name and contact information. In a few sentences , state some of your skills and accomplishments that make you an ideal fit for the job. Try to include keywords from the job listing.

Mention a strong GPA. Along with your school and degree information, include any achievements, such as a high GPA and any academic awards .

Emphasize your teamwork and leadership skills. Employers are always interested in job candidates who have demonstrated personal initiative in assuming leadership roles and who have proven themselves to be productive team members. Be sure to describe all leadership positions you have held within campus organizations or in academic team projects.

Emphasize all related experience. Even if you do not have much employment history, you can include volunteer experiences and any extracurriculars related to the job. You can put all these experiences in a section titled Related Experience, or divide them into different sections.

What Should My College Admissions Resume Include

A successful resume for college admissions should include the following sectionsif applicable to your situation.

1. Contact Information

Youll want to include your full name as it appears on your high school transcript, SATs, etc. This will minimize any confusion, especially if you have a common first and last name. You also need to include your current home address, phone number, and email address.

2. Birthday

Its recommended to include your birthday on your resume for college, but you dont need to actually write out your age. Again, this will help ensure they know exactly which applicant you are.

3. Education

For this section, you only need to include your high school education and any college you may have attended for a dual-enrollment or summer program for credit. Its also a good idea to include your GPA if its higher than 3.0. If you were homeschooled and dont have a GPA, thats okay. Just leave that part out.

4. Consider Adding a Resume Objective for College Admissions

Whats your goal with sending a college admissions resume? Are you looking to stand out as a candidate for an honors program, competitive course of study, or scholarship? Are you just using the resume to boost your general application? If you have a specific goal, you may want to consider adding an objective section to your resume. This is just a brief summary of what you want to get out of attending the school.

5. Activities Outside of the Classroom

6. Accomplishments

7. Skills

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How To Write A Biography For College Application

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Add The Missing Competencies To Your Resume

high school resume for college application template ...

Heres how I might translate my experiences as a camp counselor into resume language.

  • Experience: Safety was always a top priority while I was babysitting, house-sitting, pet-sitting or especially as a cabin counselor and lifeguard.
  • Resume language: Ability to diligently troubleshoot situations to resolve issues or troubling matters efficiently and effectively.
  • Experience: On opening and closing days as a cabin counselor, all counselors were expected to interact and connect with campers families and friends. We were always instructed to be on time, on target and provide the best snapshot to a parent of what a cabin counselor emulates.
  • Resume language: Demonstrate professionalism, strong work ethic, and dedication to camp mission and vision.

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How To Write A Resume For College Admissions

Writing a resume for a college admissions package requires a different approach to writing a job application resume. Here are the five things youâll need to consider with answers below.

  • Do you need to write a resume for college?
  • Whatâs the difference between a professional resume and a college application resume?
  • How to show off your soft skills on a college resume?
  • What you should put on your resume vs. your college essay vs. a letter of recommendation?
  • Other frequently asked questions about college resumes
  • Don’t like to read? Watch the video instead!

    Introducing our expert

    At Everydae we know a LOT about making studying fun so you can ace high school without the stress. But we also recognize that weâre not a specialist on everything

    Thatâs why, for many of our blog posts, we interview an expert. This is someone who has spent years in the field helping hundreds, if not thousands of high school students prepare for the next stage of their lives.

    Todayâs expert is Dr. Genevieve Morgan from Dr. Morgan College Counseling. Dr. Morgan helps families navigate the admissions and career planning process to find the right-fit college for them.

    Before we begin…

    What is a college resume for admission?

    A college resume for admission is a 1-2 page document that describes a high school studentâs notable accomplishments.

    Part 1: Do you need to write a resume for college?

    Part 2: What’s unique about a high school resume compared to a professional resume?

    The resume:

    What Is The Correct Resume Writing Format

    Writing is one thing. Presenting is another. And if the resume you write for university applications does not look pleasing to the eye, youre doing it wrong. So, I suggest you use the following resume writing format-

    • Use a single, standard font throughout your resume.
    • Let all the headings be in bold and have a size of fourteen while keeping the size of the rest of your document as eleven or 12.
    • Leave a margin of one inch on both sides.
    • Keep enough space between each heading, subheading, and text. I know its difficult to fit so much within one page and still have space. But its important because having a lot of text in one document can make it look intimidating and uninviting.
    • When youre done, save your resume in PDF format.

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    Tips For Transfer Students:

    As a transfer student, you are in a unique position. If you have completed an associates degree, it is perfectly acceptable to list only the institution from which you graduated in your education section. If you have not yet graduated with an associates degree, or are transferring before you will graduate, you should include both your current institution and your high school. If you studied abroad, that should be listed as well.

    If you are transferring into a specific program , consider listing any completed coursework relevant to your prospective degree. You can then continue to add to this section as you progress through college and use a similar version of the same résumé when applying for early career opportunities. You may choose to list an objective as well, but it is not necessary. If you dont have enough room for your other activities, skip it.

    For reference, here is a sample college résumé. This blog evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of two college students résumés and offers advice on how to make them stronger. Depending on how far along you are in school and how many activities you participate in, you may want to model your résumé off of either Student Caffés college or high school example.

    What Should Go On A College Resume

    ACADEMIC CV’s/RESUMES A TEMPLATE! | Grad School Applications | How to Write an Academic CV/Resume

    Any of the sections below could appear on your resume for college applications. Pick an assortment that works for you!

    • Heading with your name, address, and e-mail
    • High school information with your graduation date, GPA , class rank, and SAT/ACT scores
    • Academic awards, publications, honors, and other achievements
    • Coursework

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    Organizing Your College Resume

    Organize the information into an easy-to-read document that is no longer than two pages. Below are some categories to consider for your college resume:

    • Education: Your high school, GPA, and test scores.
    • Activities and work. Briefly describe the activity, your role in it, your contribution to it, the school year you participated, any leadership positions you held, and how many weeks and hours per week you contributed.
    • Honors and awards. Provide the name of the award or leadership position, a brief description, why you won it, and the date you received it.
    • Other experiences and skills. Choose those that show your initiative and commitment. Describe the experience or skill, the challenges you faced, the period of time you devoted to it, and the result of your commitment.

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    The Charger Bulletin

    How To Write The Best College Admissions Resume

    College Student Resume Sample &  Writing Tips

    Resumes are important tools for seeking employment but are not usually associated with college admissions. Recently, colleges have become more interested in seeing student resumes as part of the overall application package. College applicants should provide a college admissions resume along with their traditional application materials. In this article, we will explain what a college admissions resume is, what to include in it, how to write one, tips, a template and an example.

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    Essentials Of A High School Resume

    Here is what a common high school resume should entail:

    • Resume header: Include your contact information, resume title, location, name, important links such as LinkedIn, etc.
    • Education details: Write your educational background, academic achievements, GPA, deans merit list, etc.
    • Internships, part-time jobs, or other experience: Include your summer internships, volunteering experience, part-time jobs, etc. along with a few pointers around your responsibilities.
    • Extracurricular activities: Statements showcasing extracurricular activities with all the information around societies, clubs, etc. you were a part of.
    • Skills: Add all the technical tools you are familiar with. Moreover, include transferable skills, core competencies, etc.
    • Additional information: Include a few pointers around your hobbies, personal interests, languages, workshops, seminars, etc.

    See What Else Goes On A Resume For College

    What to put on a college resume?

    Put anything that makes you stand out.

    Here are some examples of what to put on resumes for college:

    • Class Rank if its impressive.
    • Jobs. Jobs show work ethic on college admission resumes.
    • Awards. Essay competitions, speaking, chess club, etc.
    • Volunteer Work. Red Cross, bake sales, crowdfunding.
    • Projects. Have you done public service or built a website? Projects show your dedication to a goal.
    • Social Media Followings. Have you built a following on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter? That shows communication and persistence.
    • Passions. Have you done lots of paintings? Read a ton of books? Passions show youve got the drive to learn something that matters.
    • Sports. Dont just list sports on a college resume. Add accomplishments like races won or records broken.
    • Positions. List captainships, Eagle Scout rank, or positions in church or 4-H groups. Those all energize high school resumes for college.
    • Hobbies. Are you good a fishing? Crafts? Hobbies prove you can work toward a goal.
    • Languages. Command of a foreign language looks great on college application resumes.

    Double your impact with a matching resume and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter builder and make your application documents pop out.

    Want to try a different look? Theres 18 more. A single click will give your document a total makeover. Pick a cover letter template here.

    Haven’t written your cover letter yet? See:

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    Submit Resume You Did It

    While my resume has evolved and grown over the last ten years, Ill be forever grateful for the skills that I learned as a camp counselor and babysitter. Those skills were the foundation for effective problem solving, professionalism, and much more. Your experiences have taught you similar skills and now you know how to capture them.

    Focus On Depth And Length Of Commitment

    How To Write An OUTSTANDING? Resume | For College Applications (Tutorial)

    When deciding which activities and accomplishments make the cut, keep in mind that colleges would much rather see you excited about one or two key experiences than sporadic involvement in 20 clubs. If having an after-school job limited your ability to participate in clubs or sports, make sure your resume plays up your work responsibilities, training, and on-the-job skills.

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    What To Share In An Awards And Honors Section Of The College Application Resume

    The last section to include in your childs resume is the Awards and Honors section. However, if your child has specific strengths and areas of involvement, they might choose to give this section a different title. Perhaps they could call it Athletic Achievements or Artistic Recognitionswhatever best represents their unique accomplishments.

    Your child can include academic awards, team awards, competition involvement, and even attendance awards. Dig deep to find any honor theyve received and consider including it in their resume. Just be sure they describe or explain their awards and achievements if theyre not commonly known. And if possible, they should include the number of students they competed with to earn the honor. For example, Named the Most Dedicated Swimmer out of 50 students on the swim team.

    Include Information You Feel Isnt Represented Elsewhere

    As youll find in your career, not every experience relates to the opportunity you have at hand. When you enter the job market, youll learn to tailor your resume to specific positions based on how your work history relates to them. This is true of your college applications, too. For each experience you include, consider how it bolsters your overall profile and only add the ones that do to your resume.

    First, heres the essential info you should include on your resume:

    • Name and email address
    • Education/high school info, like your GPA and test scores

    Other info you may include:

    • Special projects related to your interests .
    • Publications

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    Turn Your Work Experience And Skills Into Assets

    Yes, your work experience does matter.

    Its obvious youre not going to show bags of professional experience on your scholarship resume, but its not the point.

    The point is to show the scholarship committee members

    • Spanish
    • German

    Expert Hint: Double the impact of your scholarship resume with a cover letter for scholarship. A well-written cover letter can tell a story that neither your scholarship application nor resume can.

    Double your impact with a matching resume and cover letter combo. Use our cover letter builder and make your application documents pop out.

    Want to try a different look? Theres 18 more. A single click will give your document a total makeover. Pick a cover letter template here.

    This is how to write a scholarship resume:

    What To Include In The Skills Section Of A High School Resume

    Write Properly Your Accomplishments in College Application ...

    If you search for general resume examples online, you might feel overwhelmed and perhaps a bit discouraged when you look at sample Relevant Skills resume sections. But what youre probably looking at are sample resumes for mid-career professionals. When youre still in high school, youre not expected to have the same advanced career skills as someone in their thirties does. This leaves you with the question, What skills can a high school student put on a resume?

    The answer is: more than you think! When evaluating what skills you might be able to add to your high school resume, its helpful to understand the difference between hard skills and soft skills.

    Hard skills refer to a persons abilities gained through technical knowledge or training. These can range from technology or software skills to interpersonal skills such as public speaking or customer service. As a high school student, your hard skills may be limited, if you havent gained much work experience or training, but youve probably still acquired a few through school and extracurriculars.

    Here are examples of hard skills you might be able to add to a high school resume. You should choose which skills to include based on the type of job, scholarship, or college youre applying to.

    • Customer service

    • Collaboration

    • Leadership

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