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Free Word Templates Resume

Get The Skills You Need To Land The Job

20 FREE Word Resume Templates

If you really want to impress employers, you need the right skills. GoSkills offers a range of bite-sized business courses taught by award-winning instructors to teach you the practical skills you need to thrive in todays workplace.

Learn some of the most in-demand skills that many hiring managers expect to see on your resume with our on-demand online training. Master Microsoft Word, become an Excel ninja, start managing projects like a pro, or learn to code the choice is yours.

If you’re interested in building your resume using another Microsoft product, look no further than this Excel Resume builder.

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What Is The Best Resume Builder

ResumeLab is one of the best resume builders on the market. It has all the necessary features and much more, so creating a resume is seamless and enjoyable. Every account comes with:

  • 21 professional resume templates
  • The option to download and save in multiple formats
  • Multiple resume languages
  • Recruiters’ Tips that will prepare you for the interview
  • Unlimited number of resumes and cover letters

The Stylish Blank Resume Template

This blank resume form is especially easy to read. Small icons direct the hiring managers attention to key sections, making it easier for them to find the information theyre looking for .

Because hiring managers have to flick through dozens of resumes, making your resume easier to scan helps you get noticed.

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Get The Most Out Of Our Resume Templates

Here are a few short tips for using curriculum vitae templates, as they are also called, resourcefully. With these tips, you will get to your own and original resume in minutes:

  • Your touchJust because a template of resume example is set up a certain way, does not mean you have to keep it this way. Play by your own rules and give the document some of your creativity. For example, play with the font, add or remove a border. Divide sections of start combining them. By seeing more and more templates, you will get more ideas flowing through your brain.
  • Make your set-upMany people use the standard Microsoft Word templates, so to stand out you should use other templates . While you work your way through different ideas, you could take the best bits of all CV templates and combine them with your very own.
  • Use resume buildersJob boards generally offer their own resume generators as a service for its subscribers. For some instances, this might be a good way to go, as quite some job applications go through these platforms. However, a fair resume generator can build you a more than a decent resume that will also not lose its shape when rendered to different sites and employers.

We crafted some basic and edgy templates for you to have a great starting point for your next dream job. The examples are all made in Word, so they are easily adjusted to your needs and information.

Free Simple & Elegant Elegant Resume Template Word

45 Free Modern Resume / CV Templates

Shaded sidebar, bold section headers, work and education timeline, and bar graph are among the many highlights that make this resume stand out. This simple and elegant resume is available for free download in Word, PSD and AI file formats. It comes in two variations blue sidebar and white with no sidebar, you can easily change fonts, colors and design elements to suit your needs.

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Free Modern & Stylish Resume Template With Profile Photo

Stylish and elegant border used in this resume template gives it a modern look and makes it visually interesting. Its sidebar has place for your photograph paired with some additional space you can use for your resume objective, career summary or personal statement. Available for free download in .docx format.

What Are The Components Of A Resume

Many fresh graduates and professionals back on the job hunt dread creating a new resume. It’s hard for some of them to know what to include in it or what to exclude. The main components to watch out when doing a resume are:

  • Design. Font, margins, template, spacing.
  • Keywords. Power words, action words, job-specific keywords.
  • Content. Education, skills, and job experience
  • Type. Did you know that not all resumes have a chronological job history? There are two other resume formats: combination and functional resume. Each has their own pros and cons.

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Do I Need A Specific Resume Template For My Job

You dont need a specific resume template for your job. For the most part, almost all industries can use similar resume templates, unless youre a graphic designer then it can help to create a more creative resume.

We do have resume examples by job title and industry, and its a great idea to consult one of our samples while customizing your own.

How To List Engineering Experience On A Resume

How to Create a CV/RESUME template in Microsoft Word Docx : Docx Tutorial
  • Read the job ad carefully.
  • Jot down the most important responsibilities and duties.
  • Use those keywords: tailor your resume to the job description.
  • Dont just list duties. Focus on your achievements.
  • Use action words and verbs, e.g. developed and designed instead of responsible for the design and development.
  • Quantify whenever you can.
  • List experience in reverse-chronological order. Start with your current or most recent position, follow it with the one before it, and so on.
  • Include your job title, company name, and dates worked in each entry.
  • Use up to 5 bullet points for each job.
  • Add a Key Achievement subsection at the bottom. Showcase your best win.
  • See these sampe engineering resume.

    The job ad requires someone experienced in: optimizing efficiency, preparing wiring diagrams, and production testing.

    Heres a tailored engineering resume:

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    How To Find Resume Templates In Word

    When you open Word, go to New. On the bar on the left, select the New option if its not selected already. Scroll down and you will see the resume template options that Word provides. These templates are visually appealing and are ready-made to send with your job application.

    To keep you from hunting the internet for resume templates that are both free and compatible with MS Word, weve listed some options below for you to customize with your own information right now.

    Some of them come with variations so you can pick your favorite design. A few of them cater specifically to marketers.

    Black And White Resume Template

    Download this template here.

    The Black and White resume template below suits professionals who prefer using color and shading to add structure to their resume.

    The black banner at the top contrasts the applicant’s name nicely to help make him/her more memorable to recruiters. The gray banner just below the header is perfect for a summary or career objective it makes one’s goals known but doesn’t overpower the experience listed below it.

    Recommended For: Graphic Designers

    If youre a graphic designer, this is the resume to showcase your art. This template has a monochromatic color scheme, but if you are a designer, you can easily take it to the next level.

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    The Trades Word Resume Template

    Sometimes, nothing can beat a minimally-colored resume. Your trades Word resume templates colors contrast well while keeping it simple and straightforward.

    • Remember this doesnt mean your resume has to look boring. Keep it interesting with contrasting colors, fonts, and letter sizes.
    • Your trades resume is ideal if you’re working trades, such as plumbing, welding, carpentry, electrical work, or machinery. Your job keeps life orderly and functional, so it’s important to reflect that in your resume design.

    Choosing the right resume template is half the battle of writing your resume.

    Doctor’s Orders Word Resume Template

    45 Free Modern Resume / CV Templates

    Your doctor’s orders Word resume is specially designed for those working as MDs.

    • Unique sections allow you to easily input and highlight residency, licenses, and conferences. Use tasteful color in your resume to demonstrate your personality.
    • Your qualifications can speak for themselves, but only great doctors are both brilliant and personable with patients. Show that you are that doctor!

    You don’t need to figure out how to design your own professional resume. The hard work has been done for you.

    Sleek, luxurious, commanding, refined. These are the words that should describe your executive Word resume template. The light ombre blue in the border invites readers in while remaining buttoned up and tasteful for employment at any company.

    • If you’re looking to advance in the corporate world, consider using this resume template.
    • Additionally, there’s plenty of room to highlight your expertise and impressive accomplishments in a professional resume summary.
  • Having trouble figuring out where to start? We recommend checking out our resume examples for insight into creating a resume that lands you interviews.
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    Simple Pages Resume Cv Template

    If you’ve got two pages worth of relevant experience to share, do it in style with a premium resume. This Pages CV resume template turns your work history into a modern timeline. The well-designed layout also leaves plenty of space for you to talk about expertise, awards, and more. Add a brief bio, headshot, and personal logo as finishing touches. Not many free resume templates for Pages have this much quality.

    Essential Tips For Using Your Resume Template

    When you have decided on which resume template to use, you should download it and save a copy to your computer. You can then start to personalize the template content to make it your own.

    Lets take a look at some tips for personalizing your template so it becomes unique to you:

    1. First things first, keep things simple

    Your resume template has been professionally designed for the right balance of style and content. All our templates are easily editable with Microsoft Word so all you have to do is just type in your information in the sections provided for you.

    2. Dont overload your resume

    Your resume isnt a record of your whole life. You dont need to add in absolutely everything you have ever done. Remember that a recruiter will be skimming over your resume looking for their preferred keywords and your relevant information and work experience for the job at hand. Give them the information they are looking for as quickly and as easily as possible. Read our blog post about Powerful Words to use in your Resume.

    3. Unique file name

    Our resume templates are delivered with the generic name resume.doc. Before emailing or uploading your resume, take a second and give it a file name that is easily recognizable, such as your first name initial and your surname. This way it will be easy to spot and open by the recruiter.

    4. Proofread and proofread again

    5. Convert it to PDF

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    The Tech Blank Resume Template

    Need to attract attention? You cant go wrong with this unique printable resume template.

    With a variety of eye-catching skill bars and a sleek, modern design, the Tech resume template is perfect for the next generation of job seekers.

    However, keep in mind that while this template includes a spot for a picture on your resume, adding a headshot isnt common practice in some countries.

    You should only use a photo of yourself on your resume if youre in Europe or most Asian countries. If youre applying for work in the US, you shouldnt include any photos of yourself because its considered unprofessional and a potential cause for discrimination.

    Make The Most Of Your Word Resume Template

    Using Microsoft Word Resume Templates

    When it comes to creating a fantastic resume on Word, downloading the right template is only half the battle. From there, you need to do what it takes to fill the template with pertinent information while giving it a pleasing appearance. There are two keys to making the most of your Word resume template: taking advantage of Word’s available features and being patient as you tweak and perfect the document.

    Additionally, our free customizable resume templates can offer visual inspiration for getting your resume just right.

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    Do You Have Different Resume Format Templates

    Depending on the length of your career, the nature of your skills and work experience, and your life situation, you need a specific resume format to present you as the strongest candidate. We have:

    Chronological resumes: For new or mid-level professionals with a strong career progression.

    Functional resumes: For job seekers with inconsistent work history, or those seeking to change careers.

    Combination resumes: For job seekers with significant work experience, skills, and achievements, or those seeking to change careers.

    + Best Free Resume Templates

    Length: 8 min read

    Landing a job interview is all about standing out from the crowd. Every job vacancy gets hundreds of resumes and applications. Its the design of your resume and the way you present yourself that will ultimately help you land an interview.

    Everything from choosing the right font for your resume, to arranging the content and paragraphs, play a key role in making a professional resume. But, with these pre-made templates, you wont have to worry about spending hours designing the perfect resume.

    For this collection, we handpicked some of the best free resume templates you can easily download and edit with Microsoft Word to create a professional and creative resume all by yourself.

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    Use A Clean And Professional Font

    Choosing the right font for your resume design is arguably the most important decision you have to make. Since a resume is a document filled with text, using a font that improves readability is very important.

    Try to avoid using the default fonts on your computer. Use a modern sans-serif font with a clean design. Pick two fonts, one for your headings and another for paragraphs.

    Subscription For Resume Templates

    FREE Microsoft Word Resume Template â SuperPixel

    By the way, we have started a new subscription service which is called ONE! Let me tell you about this cool phenomenon. For a whole month for only $19 you get any product from the subscription service! What can be better than a whole month of great possibilities to download any item you want to! If you are interested in resume templates, you can visit the link Resume Templates to see which ones you can choose. If you are a blog reader, I recommend you to take this opportunity because with the promo code BecomeThe1 you will get 5% off!

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    How Should A Resume Look In 2022

    In 2022, a resume should look neat and organized. Specifically, your resume should be easy to read, use a clean resume design, and clearly highlight why youre qualified for the role.

    Avoid unnecessary flair popularly used on resumes in the early 2000s like graphics, images, or charts. If your resume looks professional and showcases your relevant experience and skills, youll have no trouble landing interviews this year.

    Top 5 Why Choose A Modern Layout

  • You want to show that youre an up-to-date and innovative candidate
  • Youre applying to a forward thinking and youthful company
  • You want to work in a field like tech or for a start-up
  • Youre looking for a bold layout to make your application stand out
  • You think a modern template will best capture your personality
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    Teacher Of The Year Word Resume Template

    Your brilliant teacher of the year Word resume template is as good as it gets for professional educators. Interesting, engaging, and professionaljust as any outstanding teacher should be!

    • Your teacher resume can demonstrate your professional ability to teach any age group from kindergarten to high school.
    • Bold blue tones emphasize wisdom, confidence, intelligence, and imagination. This type of formatting contrasts well with strong black empty space. It makes for an eye-catching and appealing resume.

    It’ll take only seconds to start working on your own resume, whether using Word or our quick resume builder tool.

    Your arts Word resume is a good option for your creative arts professional masterpiece

    • Usually, we advise against including a photo in your resume formatting, but we can make the case for one here. It shows personality and individuality, which are, of course, important traits for an artistic, creative job.
    • Job titles that will be especially suited to your arts resume include visual artist, musician, photographer, designer, and producer.

    Why Should I Use A Resume Template For My Job Application

    Creative Resume Template Design in Microsoft Word | CV Template

    A resume template simplifies the job-seeking process. The best template provides you an attractive, well-formatted resume layout that conforms to industry standards. Simply fill out your template and start sending it to employers.

    Additionally, using a premade template guarantees that you have an applicant tracking system friendly resume, and that its easy to read.

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    Smart And Professional Resume Template

    Download this template here.

    This is another sharp template that offers a basic but confident design for any professional. The warm-colored panel on the right-hand side is pre-formatted for a written profile, where you can write a summary of your background or a form letter to each employer.

    Just be sure to personalize this messaging to each new recipient so it works for the job youre applying to. This template is available on Freesumes, and is free to users once they share the page to Facebook or Twitter.

    Recommended For: Young Professionals

    This resume is great for someone starting their career who needs a little guidance on how to best display notable experiences related to the job posting. Also, it is an editable template that can easily be personalized to appeal to the HR rep reading the resume.


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