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Manager Skills On Resume

In Your Resume Introduction

Project Manager Resume: How to Get Noticed (And Invited for an Interview)

Starting a resume with a great introduction that includes examples of your management skills is essential.

Hiring managers begin your resume by reading your introduction, and if they dont see examples of your management skills from the get-go, they might just move on to the next candidate.

There are several introduction styles to choose from when making a resume. However, if youre a manager with several years of experience and various notable career achievements, using a resume summary will suit you best because its the most common introduction style.

Heres an example of a resume summary for a property manager:

When employers read the above resume summary example, theyll notice these three key management skills:

  • Negotiation: negotiated average of 4.7% discount from suppliers
  • Organization: manage a portfolio of 85 luxury properties
  • Leadership: oversee 39 staff members, including a security team

Including your management skills in your resume introduction helps quickly grab the attention of employers and show them youre qualified for the position.

Principal Product Manager Resume

Why this resume works

  • Your principal product manager resume must demonstrate your proven work history, excellent KPIs, and leadership.
  • Highlighting a lengthy career with multiple project management roles using quantifiable data from numerous sources is guaranteed to land you an interview.
  • Even the most thorough professionals make mistakes from time to time, but that’s no excuse on a principal product manager resume.
  • Always check your resume for typos, grammar errors, and inconsistencies before you send your resume off to the hiring manager.
  • Match Your Project Manager Resume With A Cover Letter

    Now that you know how to write an effective project manager resume, theres one more thing we need to address – how to write an impactful cover letter.

    The point of a cover letter is to prove to the hiring manager that youre the full package – a competent project manager and the perfect fit for the company.

    So, your cover letter should be personalized for the position and include any important details that you havent mentioned on your project manager resume.

    Heres how to write a compelling cover letter :

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    Then Intertwine Your Management Skills Into Your Experience Section

    Despite creating a separate skills section, use your professional experience section to sneak in a few of your managerial skills. If, for example, you are applying for a financial manager position, use statements like successfully managed the internal audit process. Recruiters, expectedly, give more attention to this section of your resume introducing your skills in this section is likely to make you stand out.

    How To Make Your Skills Stand Out

    Office Manager Resume Sample &  Tips

    Match Your Skills to the Job: Skill requirements will vary based on the job for which you’re applying, so be sure to read the job posting carefully and review our list of skills listed by job and type of skill to make the best match.

    ADD RELEVANT SKILLS TO YOUR RESUME: Use the skills terms listed in this article to lead off statements describing tasks in your work descriptions or to create a skills section. Whenever possible, emphasize results that you helped achieve that point to effective leadership and management. Quantify results whenever you can. Cite recognition by others that showed you were respected as an effective leader, such as through awards, selection for key roles, promotions, and raises.

    HIGHLIGHT SKILLS IN YOUR COVER LETTER: Emphasize how you used management skills to create value in various roles. Incorporate short statements pointing to key skills and results produced.

    USE SKILL WORDS DURING JOB INTERVIEWS: Keep the top skills listed here in mind during your interview, and be prepared to give examples of how you’ve exemplified each. Each job will require different skills and experiences, so make sure you read the job description carefully, and focus on the skills listed by the employer. Prepare stories and anecdotes that demonstrate how you applied these skills to the benefit of affiliated organizations.

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    Senior Product Manager Resume

    Why this resume works

    • Your senior product manager resume should look just as organized and detail-oriented as you are, so only include the essentials.
    • Get rid of every personal pronoun , as they look unprofessional and waste space.
    • Keep your skills list to four to 10 skills.
    • Keep your bullet points no longer than two lines.
    • One way to help this is by ensuring each bullet point mentions only one achievement or skill.
  • Employers need reassurance that your leadership and product management skills are up to the task, so you must mention those skills as soon as possible.
  • Use reverse-chronological resume formatting to keep your most current senior position at the top of the page so hiring managers can see how you’ve progressed in your career.
    • Include detailed leadership or team management expertise descriptions throughout your older job history.

    Highlight Your Relevant Management Skills

    If you want to be hired at the management level, you need to prove that you know more than just the gritty details of your industry.

    Companies are looking for candidates who have the management skills needed to train new employees, run a successful team, and lead projects.

    Show employers you have the basic skills to be a successful manager by highlighting them clearly on your resume.

    For example, make sure to include bullet points on your resume detailing times you trained people or managed projects to showcase your leadership skills. You should also highlight any times youve had to interact with clients to show youre capable of representing your company and communicating professionally.

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    Resume Layout And Design: Manage Your Image

    The structure of your manager resume also plays an important role in making sure that the most important aspects of your career are noticed. There are no specific rules about which formatto choose, but here is a guiding principle: Ensure that it is visually clean,easy to read and symmetrical. You will have a lot to say about your achievements, but the starring moments of your career will be lost if it is cluttered.

    While you can always design your formatyourself, resume templates can make the process much easier.’s collection of template samples includes a wide range of attractive layouts choose one that you like the look of! For managers of various industries, the Professionaltemplate samples, Modernor even Creativeresume templates might be great choices! By clicking on the editable manager resume example at the top of this page, you’ll be able to adjust our manager sample sentences inside the template of your choice.

    Why Should I Include Management Skills On My Resume

    How To Make Your Product Manager Resume Stand Out

    Any time you are applying for a job, it is essential to tailor your resume for that job.

    Thus, it makes sense to include management skills on a resume being submitted for a management position.

    Including management-specific skills helps you to relate them to the job you are applying for.

    Plus, it is a good opportunity to emphasize key skills found within the job description.

    The inclusion of the right management skills on your resume can drastically increase your chances of impressing employers.

    If you want to know how to optimize your entire resume, read our career advice article on how to Tailor Your Resume to Any Job in 4 Easy Steps!

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    Choosing The Best Cv Format For A Manager

    Youre ultimate goal here is for recruiters to easily garner the information they seek. Thats why we recommend you stick with reverse chronological order. This format shows off your career progression and allows you to build a story of success.

    If your career path is more winding, you may consider a hybrid format or if you are in a highly technical field, a functional resume format may be for you, however, dont make your manager resume too densely technical. A recruiter without a deep understanding might skip over to more readable parts. Including technical terms is good for the ATS, but make sure that they are integrated into the story of your career. Including a huge list of skills is rarely a good idea.

    Identify Your Project Management Skills

    Review your professional abilities and determine the skills that reflect your capacity to manage a project effectively. Consider making a list of project management skills and matching them to your work experience. Review the job description to find the skills the role may require and try to incorporate relevant ones.

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    Project Management Skills To Make Your Resume Stand Out

    The skills section on your resume allows recruiters to assess your qualifications at a glance. Additionally, weaving skills into your work experience demonstrates your ability to apply them. Resume skills often fall into one of two categories: hard skills and soft skills. Both types of skills are important to employers so it’s beneficial to highlight them.

    In this article, we discuss the top project management skills and we provide examples to help you create your own skills section on your resume.

    Write An Impactful Project Manager Resume Summary

    Starting Successful Career from a Great Bank Manager Resume

    The next step is writing an impressive project manager resume summary.

    Your resume summary is meant to provide a quick overview of your professional background to let the hiring manager see whether youre a relevant candidate.

    So, to make sure the recruiter doesnt put your project manager resume aside after taking just a glance , your resume summary has to be effective.

    Heres what a powerful resume summary includes:

    • Your title and years of experience
    • Your most relevant skills in project management
    • Your top 1-2 professional achievements

    And heres an example of an impactful project manager resume summary:

    • Strategic and detail-oriented Project Manager with 7+ years of experience. Outstanding organizational, time management, planning, and problem-solving skills. Met all project deadlines for 5 years straight and increased Company Xs market share by 12% through successful branding projects.

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    Top Management Skills To Put On Your Resume

    Being a proficient manager isnt just about being able to tell people what to do. Likewise, although many good managers are also good leaders, management skills and leadership skills arent one and the same. But what are management skills, exactly? Theres no definitive answer, but the most successful managers have a unique set of abilities that work together to get things done and stay organised.

    In any job, the role of a manager is to run a tight ship and that can mean different things at different companies. When youre submitting a job application, read the job description carefully to see the exact skills the hiring manager is looking for.

    Here are some examples of management skills that are often sought-after for management positions:

    Create A Positive Confident Impression

    Most resumes benefit from a generally positive, confident impression. Resumes are basically a way candidates market themselves to companies, discussing their relevant experiences and skills. A candidate benefits from adopting a tone that shows they believe in their application.

    In your skills section, and the rest of your resume, present information in a way that is both honest and positive. Without deprecating other individuals or organizations, show that you fully believe you have the skills needed for a given position.

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    Boost Your Management Skills With Coursera

    If you are looking to boost your resume, consider the Leading People and Teams Specialization from University of Michigan. Youâll learn from exceptional leaders how to inspire and motivate individuals, manage talent, and lead teams, in about six months.

    If managing projects is more your style, the professional certificate can equip you with the right tools to launch your career in this high-growth field. Prepare to learn technical skills such as Agile project management, how to implement Scrum events, and build Scrum artifacts.

    Find Your Bootcamp Match

    How to Write the Perfect Product Manager PM Resume | Tips & Steps
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    But how do you showcase your management skills on a resume? Thats a great question. In this article, were going to discuss what management and leadership skills are, what skills employers look out for in prospective managers, and how you can list those skills on a resume.

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    Assistant Product Manager Resume

    Why this resume works

    • Especially if you’re just starting your career, your assistant product manager resume needs to match the product manager job description.
    • Usually, you just have to tailor your work experience, skills section, and objective or summary .
    • In your skills section, include a list of four to eight keywords you’d feel confident talking about in an interview.
  • If you don’t have work experience, include internships and projects to showcase your skills in product management.
  • You can even go above and beyond by enrolling in certification programs to quickly show hiring managers that you’re more than qualified.
  • Once you have certifications, include a separate “certifications” section on your resume.
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    Soft Management Skill Examples:

    • Lead team to complete a project
    • Communicated with multiple team leaders to ensure the project was completed on time
    • Listened to feedback from team members

    The problem with these bullet points are that they dont show quantifiable change.

    They are better than having management verbs on listed, but they can be so much better, like:

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    Comprehensive Rental Law Knowledge

    To ensure that your lease follows governmental guidelines, you can educate yourself on relevant rental laws. This may involve learning about certain protections that you and the tenants receive in cases of unforeseen circumstances with the leasing agreement. Consider pursuing an education in rental law by researching courses on the subject. Your potential employer may also provide training on relevant issues.

    Refer To The Job Description

    Product Manager Resume Sample &  Writing Tips

    It is imperative to not use the same resume for every job. Read the job descriptions first before applying for the role and pay attention to what managerial skills they seek in candidates. For example, although both project managers and operational managers are described as managers, their job description are different from each other.

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    Pick The Right Format For Your Project Manager Resume

    The reverse-chronological resume format is by far the best option for your project manager resume.

    As weve mentioned above, the reverse-chronological format is the most popular resume format worldwide. Its also a recruiters favorite!

    Heres what it looks like:

    This resume format gives the recruiter a clear picture of your professional background and work achievements by putting your project manager’s work experience in the foreground.

    Now that youve chosen a format for your project manager resume, lets address the resume layout.

    These are the resume layout elements you should pay attention to:

    • Font style. Your project manager resume has to be easily readable, so choose a professional font style that looks good on both PDF and paper.
    • Font size. Keep your font size at 11-12 pts for body text and 14-16 pts for section headings, so that your project manager resume is easy-to-read and fits into a single page.
    • Bullet points. Whenever possible, use bullet points to present information and make your project manager resume easy-to-scan as well as well-organized.
    • Resume length. Recruiters go through hundreds of resumes every day, so its best to fit your project manager resume in one page to make sure they actually read it.
    • Resume file format. If not asked otherwise, always save your resume as a PDF file so that it looks the same no matter the device or OS the hiring manager uses.

    Game Product Manager Resume

    Why this resume works

    • .If you’re just starting or switching careers, we’d recommend using a resume objective to support and enhance your work experience .
    • Your work experience section doesn’t have to include just jobs internships are a perfect inclusion if your work history looks sparse. Any hands-on experience you can mention sets your resume above the competition.
  • A hiring manager won’t spend much time reviewing your resume initially, so bullet points must highlight your capability to score that first-round interview.
  • However, making effective bullet points isn’t easy you can use our resume builder to get AI-powered advice as you write, or you can look up real resume examples from accomplished game product managers.
  • Make sure you’re using action verbs at the beginning of each bullet and avoiding personal pronouns.
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    Example Resume Highlighting Project Management Skills

    Here is an example resume which highlights project management skills that you can refer to while writing your resume:

    Rohit Kumar+91 9999 888 777rohit.kumar@email.comNew Delhi

    Professional Summary

    Project manager with over six years of expertise in data analysis and performance reporting seeking to progress my career with a new organisation that offers opportunities for applying leadership and communication skills.


    Project manager, Aug 2016-May 2022Green-Light Technical Services, Pune, Maharashtra

    • Cooperated with teams to determine project schedule and developed risk mitigation plans


    Master of Business Administration in business management, August 2014-May 2016Veda International Management Institute, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

    • Researched the impact of various communication techniques on workplace motivation and helped the team with data cleaning and analysis

    Bachelor of Science in computer science, August 2010-May 2014Delhi Regional University, Dwarka, New Delhi

    • Participated in the college literary club and won a state-level gold medal in the debate on the impact of automation in the workplace

    • Organised inter-college annual hackathon competition, drafted all official communications and scheduled all events



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